Treasure From Above

Molten_GoldThe image of discovering gold and silver in a dream, or perhaps valuable jewelry, points to a greater treasure than planetary riches. In a spiritual journey, the treasure we seek comes from our inner self, or our higher self, in the form of connections, knowings, and intelligence. As this scenario shows, John has found an unknown treasure that has slipped through the cracks, so to speak. So the challenge to us becomes, are we able to hold onto and utilize the treasures that we come upon? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next is a dream that corresponds to your dream. That’s how I was able to understand your dream. 

I have a bed on the top floor of a house. There must have been a grate at the front of the bed because over years things have fallen into the grate, or fallen at the front of the headboard, gone into a grate or something is the only explanation I have, and gone all the way down into the basement.

And in the basement is an area where another person lives. I also seem to have access to this area. I go into the basement and crawl underneath kind of a deck that’s built into this area down there and against the wall there is a lot of money that has accumulated over the years that has apparently fallen down the grate and gathered there. 

And there’s a lot of this that you can see out in the open, but what surprises me is right against the far wall is a huge pile of dust and dirt that has accumulated, and underneath the dirt and the dust – that is where the bulk of it is at. 

They’re mostly things like quarters and whatnot, but then, as I look more closely under the dust, I see proof sets of silver dollars and what looks like to be gold in cases that are sealed. I stuff all of this in my pockets. 

In one pocket I stuff the coin and in the other pocket I stuff the proof sets and gold that are in cases. And suddenly the person who stays here comes home. He has a friend with him. I point out what I am doing and, of course, the idea is this belongs to me because it obviously has fallen from the top to the bottom. 

This guy doesn’t say anything, but his friend gets all excited and crawls underneath the deck to check it out. I must have gotten it all because he doesn’t seem to find anything. And as a result, or as a consequence, neither of them seem all that concerned over what I have recovered or am taking. In other words, it was like it was in their area, so to speak, in this other place, but what this is is technically something I have forgotten about and/or lost.

I make the same connection that I made in your dream. What is interesting is this treasure in the basement. I mean the coins and the proof sets, the silver dollars, and gold, the last place where anyone is apt to look if you basically spend your time above. 

The treasure has fallen unbeknownst to me from above to below. In a way this is like the breath that carries a rhythm to it, that has more going on as an aliveness than I am aware. I reside at the in-breath interval, one part of myself does, and that is the dreamer state where a completeness kind of exists in a quietness, and in a silence, and in an emptiness that is more than I can fully comprehend.

And yet to my surprise, at the furthest point of the out-breath, which is also part of me, which takes me to the dream state, that is where the treasure from above gets revealed. To put the two together completes the cycle of creation.

Or, you could say, what I’ve just portrayed is a mystical dream. However, the awareness of the aliveness of the breath heart is where the alchemy comes in.

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