Absorbing the Situation

pranic-tube-big5If we look at nature and the universe, everything has a cleaning process – there is nothing that is not changed and refined and reused over time. Yet energetically, humans have been polluting the planet for thousands of years through their generation of anger, greed, violence, etc., all their strong, negative emotions. So how does that get cleaned up and refined? It can only be done by other humans, and it requires that we take that energy and elevate it – through our thoughts and intentions – to provide a cleaning and healing for the world. Do we do it? Not so much, yet it is one of the great services we all can provide for ourselves and the planet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I struggled with my dreams last night. All I remember about my first dream was that it had to do with aliens. 

In my second dream I was somewhere, it was kind of an interesting building because it had a lot of windows in it, and seemed to just be like a one- or two-level building. I was in this building and there was a meeting going on, and it felt like it was a meeting of people who had problems with alcohol.

And then I’m told by someone who’s in charge that I’m supposed to run the group. Well, the format of the groups usually is that you would only participate or run them if you also had a problem with alcohol, which I don’t, so I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. But I came up with a format. 

There were only about five people in group that day, so the format had a particular focus and each person would take that topic or focus and talk on it for a few minutes because that’s one of the natures also of meetings for people with addictions is that everybody shares.

But then as we’re having a little break, I am told that… well, it’s kind of like I’m aware there’s another woman or maybe other people will come to group the next day, and then I’m wondering if I’m going to have to go through the issue again of, is it okay for me to lead the group if I don’t actually have a problem with alcohol, or not? Will that just become an issue every time we have new people? That’s all I remember of that dream.

John: So what you’re doing is, you’re using that whole scenario of a certain kind of over-the-topness, or drunkenness, or mannerism in which something has an imbalance that takes and cycles through life, of which alcoholism is kind of a direct perverted kind of imbalance that society identifies. 

Well you’re taking this imbalance and you’re showing that it can be approached without one having to have the imbalance. And this is a creative way of showing that the change is effectuated alchemically. 

In other words, the prevailing concept is that everything exists based upon the fact that we are pressured by the outer events to the point where we form defense mechanisms, and reactions, and mannerisms in terms of how to cope with that. And, at the same time, even if we’re not caught up in a similar, or the same kind of, dilemma that we see around us, we still are isolated or isolate ourselves from the conditions of that sort of thing.

And, as a consequence, that kind of action, the fact that we will steer ourself independently and all of that, all of those kinds of actions tend to reinforce everything as it is visualized and seen as existing – it keeps it real. It keeps it there. 

In other words, alcoholism is something that is valid, that you see. Maybe you’re not an alcoholic, but it is something that you perceive, and you recognize, and see out there, and so it all falls in an order of things. 

In order for alchemy to work, you have to create a state of absenteeism, or letting go, or absorbing of the situation. In other words, if you reacted to every little thing, then you don’t have the alchemical process. 

You can understand the need to let go of things intellectually, or mystically or something, but the actual doing of that has to be so complete so that there is no aliveness of that thought energy to affect or infect things any further. And it has to be so complete that there are things that are going on that you’ve taken for granted, like the oil and gas for the automobile and stuff like that, to the point where you don’t realize that one has a role in how that came about, in terms of oil spills and such. 

Or if you’re in the west in this country you have a certain karma, or there’s a certain qualm, that exists in terms of what was done to the American Indian, that we bear as kind of a cross to carry, and that isn’t absolved because that’s an observation, that’s a situation, and one just kind of shrugs their shoulders and views that as a specter of society – and so none of that gets healed. 

So what you’re doing is you’re understanding the alchemical process inside of yourself by taking and, first of all, realizing that even though you don’t have any of that in your nature, you’re able to speak of that as if it doesn’t exist. And, of course, the mental part of your nature that isn’t quite letting go is pondering whether you have a right to do so because you haven’t specifically gone through that.

But, yes, you live in life, you have, and you know how to absorb that, or take that into a state of total letting go to the point that it’s nonexistent. And then you are coming into the equation as a part of yourself that has taken yet a deeper step, in that you can be straightforward across with it as if it doesn’t exist. 

In other words, you can change or absorb the energy that keeps something like that alive. And so you are seeing yourself as not having that condition whatsoever and, because it’s a deviated aspect of things that keeps the world being the world as it currently is, and that is a world that has to come to an end and has to shift, you’re seeing yourself being able to relate in a way that enables that to occur – even though you’re a little surprised that it works that way.

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