Expanding the Effect

sacredgeomThere are many ways to think of the human as being a midpoint between heaven and earth. In John’s meditation, he is shown the importance of that mediating role. Because a developed human can process much higher energy than anything else on the planet and, therefore, can bring intelligences and essences into life that otherwise would be unable to find grounding here. Yet this also points out why we need development, because we have to learn to manage such higher energies or they will burn us out as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The rest of my dreaming is that apparently I’m not vocal or open enough about something that I feel and know, and I’m just carrying it. And by just carrying it, it’s keeping a certain qualm on a situation so that it can’t fix itself because, somehow or another, whatever it is that I’m carrying, if I get it out in the open I demystify it, and it comes across and people get it. 

They get it in some capacity. It may be peculiar to them, it may throw them around a bit initially when it first occurs, but they can’t catch up with it as long as it sits dormantly.

And so to start this off, I have a meditation dream that makes hardly any sense at all. In the meditation dream I see a destruction or, in other words, a way that things tear things to pieces, coming down into life at a real fast pace, at a real fast rate. And this image of this coming down in, its abruptness and whatnot, shocks me to such a degree that I do a double take.

But in doing the double take there is this attempt to grasp the severity of what it is that I am seeing. In other words, instead of just letting it be, it’s to try to handle it, to accommodate it, to grasp it. I mean, I’m doing a double take, I’m doing a shock. 

Yes, this is the way it’s going to be but, holy cow, it doesn’t need to be like that because even that is stunning and shocking to me. So as a consequence of the double take, that double take is like a shock that throws me into the sequence of what’s coming down, and so I slow down the destruction because I’m taking the energy and making it more tangible and graspable in how it affects manifestation.

And I am told that this is what is known as an east/west effect. We had a dream once before about this in which the spiritual path is in the north, and that energy comes down from the north to the south, which is into manifestation.

And so if you just take the north and the south per se, the north is going towards a spiritual center as far as a flow of energy – and that’s the in-breath, too, that’s going up to the crown. And the south is the direction in which something is coming down into manifestation, which is the out-breath.

And so there are still two other directions. There’s still the other direction, there’s east/west. Well, east/west is the horizontal and that’s how things get accommodated. It’s just very linear when it’s north and south, because if something comes down into life it comes down abruptly, and maybe too abruptly, and can create a lot of collateral damage if it comes down straightaway like that.

And then of course when it comes down it sets off a commotion and whatnot as it comes down into the south and then whatever that is, whatever that effect is, is the reflection that comes back. It goes back to the north, and it could be the result of you just set off a huge explosion of things. 

Now, the purpose of a human being in manifestation is to help facilitate this east/west – and that’s the beauty of the sun. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west and it extends, in its radiance, it extends something that makes life livable. It extends the warmth and the heat that accommodates the growing of things and it accommodates life. 

Without it you couldn’t have life and it’s the biggest expression, in and of itself as a singular event that happens during the day, as grace. And so a human being created in God’s image has the responsibility of working with this energy that is a little mystical in its nature because it’s coming from the other side, so to speak, it’s coming down into life and it’s coming down really, really directly.

And it’s not necessarily accommodated very well. And so the east/west energy, or it passing through and dealing with, contending with, being part of the makeup of a human being and how they carry themselves in their energetic center of themselves, this is what facilitates this so that it comes across into manifestation in a way so that manifestation can handle it. 

And so I see this coming down. It’s so shocking that it’s a double take in my meditation dream, and the double take in the reaction means that that very effect that’s like a spark that throws me into the equation, and by being into the equation of being directly hit and having to contend with that which is coming down, I’m accommodating it or running it through me, so to speak. 

That’s the “vice regency” aspect of a human being. And, in that regard, then it is able to be slowed down so that it shifts into manifestation in more of an accommodating way. Isn’t that an interesting image? 

I didn’t figure that out at the time I had it. The meaning I wrote is, by pulling the energies down into a dormant scenario that needs to be quickened, because it’s very linear, north/south, boom, boom, by taking and running that through me, what I am doing is I’m expanding the effect, making that east/west motion.

Or, in other words, slowing it down so that it isn’t so potent that it tears things to pieces, and that makes things more inclusive or intertwined. So, if what is to happen is too quick for manifestation, in terms of how it’s designed, this is what makes it so that it’s palpable.

So that was the theme so to speak. That’s the dynamic. The dynamic seems to have its components that aren’t quite getting the memo that it works this way. 

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