A Flashback Effect

reincarnation1In this dream image, Jeane has the feeling of being stuck while on a journey that is moving in two directions. It’s an image that calls to mind the karma of past lives and reincarnation. Yet as John points out, whatever may have been has no true bearing on where we are today, i.e., we still have to let go of it and learn how to be connected to the higher aspect of ourselves. In this sense, the details don’t matter. It’s only about the process of letting go and allowing something higher to be our guide. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So my dreams last night were more of an impression because there was always a motion going on. 

And the motion going on was, first it’s like I’m going forward and I seem to run into people who are in some kind of transition, like maybe they’ve left where I’m just going to. Then when I go there and I’ve left I run into them. Maybe they’re stopped at that point and I’ll have a brief dialogue about where I’m going, or I’ve been, or whether I’m doing some of what they’ve done. 

It’s kind of not specific, but the purpose of it, it seems like I’m trying then to go back in time to a point where my dreams got stuck. And when I go back there, that’s represented by these two little squiggles that are stuck like a valve is stuck. There are two of them. 

I’m looking at what got stuck there, and even having a dialogue with somebody about whether this particular thing got stuck, or that one did or didn’t, and I’m trying to unstick something. And so there’s this flow going on all the time in two directions.

And so it’s not like a dream where I could pull out the details as well, because there was always this kind of movement going on.

John: I had the same kind of dream, and it’s almost as if you’re affected synaptically, as if there’s something still pent up as an energetic to some action, some mannerism, some way that you used to be. 

It’s still somehow or another in your energetic field, or aura, even though things are completely different. It’s as if that was another period of time, like another lifetime even, and yet you still carry around the shadow effect of it.

And you find yourself coming back to that, as if you’re reawakening the synaptic mannerism that you had been involved in from a long time ago. And you have a lot of sight in that particular area from that involvement, and now you are catching back up with that as a faint flicker. 

And as you come back, you’re trying to like reawaken or figure out where you fit in. It’s like finding a long lost home or something in your nature, and that your involvement there, as you come back you’re not sure what your involvement is. If anything you have a sense that whatever it was has ended, but you still carry some faint cognition about it. 

The purpose of a dream like this is to get you to become familiar with the fact that you have lived and been all kinds of different things over the course of your entire growth and evolvement as a person, a soul, having come into a human body. The activities and such that you’ve done have left very vague impressions perhaps that still malinger like as a kind of smoke, or amnesic quality that’s kind of in the air, although you’re not having to do that sort of thing this lifetime. 

That’s over and done with. You’ve worked that through and that’s in the past – but is it completely? Is it totally? Well, the issue is that you still carry some sort of flickering memory to that. 

This is again an alchemical dream because we do carry these flickering memories that can go way, way, way back in time, and that still kind of are part of the fabric of our nature because we went through life in particular ways back then that are different now because all of this got lost in the birth/death cycle. 

But now you’re having some sort of synaptic refamiliarization to some degree or another that’s kind of amnesic in terms of it. The reason why I say this is kind of an alchemical dream is that you can’t go back to those. You can’t do that. You have to let go of those inflections, inflections that are part of you, that are interesting memories because you identified in some way, maybe even had some good memories in terms of that, maybe things worked differently with you in terms of those faint, faint memories, but you have to let go of those. 

In other words, the change that is meant to happen involves you to reconcile all of that sort of thing, too, that you carry as if there has been no passage of time. You have to let go of even that. In other words, you have to be at a point which takes into account other lifetimes even, hundreds of years ago. 

In other words, just like what we did to the American Indian. If things are going to change in the future, we can’t even have that as some sort of qualm because then that qualm, that mannerism, that guilt, that self consciousness, or however all that is, would create a stigma, and an influence, an unfinished-business effect upon that which is destined to be shaped differently.

So you’re having this flashback effect, that’s somewhat pent up synaptically, that conditions or circumstances of your consciousness is causing to come back to the forefront, to have an effect rising up inside of you. And when that sort of thing rises up inside of you, you have a connectivity to it. You have a history with it, and so it can be kind of alluring, and kind of intriguing, and there can be a sense that there’s something left to do. 

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