Expanding the Parameters

supernovaThis imagery seems normal enough – a day of skiing – but its deeper meaning begins to reveal itself when the masculine character takes off his shirt. Then Jeane finds she has removed her shirt and pants, too – in the winter weather. Yet it ultimately is portraying a relationship between the masculine and feminine in the dreamer, and here that relationship is embracing a greater wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my last dream and, in that dream, I’m with you. Even though it doesn’t feel like we live here, we apparently live somewhere not far from the Canadian border. 

And we’ve gone out one day to go skiing in this park that’s in the city. We’ve gone out there and we notice one man has gone to an area of the park and he’s actually taken off a lot of his clothes, so he’s kind of skiing around, it must be like cross country skiing, with no shirt on.

You flinch a little for him because he’s out there white-skinned and no shirt on and everything, and it just feels a little uneasy. But then you and I have gone skiing and then we run into a friend of yours from Canada. We’ve gone into a shelter that’s almost like a cave to sit down and talk to him.

And we’re sitting on a bench talking to him and then I notice that, for some reason, I’ve taken off my pants and shirt so, because of that, and because it’s getting a little chilly while we talk to him, I’ve cuddled up behind you so that I’m kind of looking over your shoulder so that I stay warm enough while we chat.

And it’s just like a benign chat. He’s had a good time skiing and everything, and he’s kind of excited because he’s realized that he’s closer than he thought so he can come down and visit from Canada more often. It’s not that far to come from Vancouver to where we are.

Well, that’s when I realized as we’re sitting in a shelter that I seemed to have taken off my clothes, too, even though I thought the other man shouldn’t have. So when our friend leaves, then I go to put on my clothes, but I have the most trouble getting on my shirt because I realize it’s a man’s shirt, which buttons a little differently.

So I keep turning it this way, and that way, trying to get the front to look the way the front looks on a woman’s shirt, but it looks like the front’s always a little different on a man’s shirt in terms of which way it buttons, which causes me to keep turning it around and around before I can first get my hands through the sleeve and get it on right.

And then I have these kind of buck skin-colored corduroy pants that I put on, too, and that’s like the whole dream.

John: Actually, it’s an expansion. It’s a dream in which you’re expanding your parameters, but you’re expanding your parameters to take into account the masculine energy. In other words, you go to a place to try to appreciate, or enjoy it. And, in this place, you see a person who is totally open with you, a masculine person, and in this openness and in this presence that evolves, it invokes or brings to your attention, from like another space, or state, or world, a whole other awareness opens up.

And when this awareness opens up, it’s something that you take in, accommodate, and in accommodating that you take on whatever it is that needs to be taken on. In other words, you don’t hold yourself off as separate or something and unique. You recognize that this is something that you can embrace, that you can absorb, and handle, as an expansion or greater dimension of what you need to take into account as part of your awareness and world, and you take it on naturally. 

It’s like taking and putting on the masculine shirt, which means that you’re never going to change who you are in relationship to what the feminine represents in terms of a completeness, or wholeness, in manifestation, but in order for that to somehow or another be in a state of joy, and balance, with itself it needs to be able to embrace the masculine element in life, too.

And bring whatever that clarity or mannerism through in a joyful way, in a natural way, and what you’re doing is you’re skiing about in life. As you’re skiing about in life, you have gotten to the point where you could accept things in a masculine domain in terms of energetic mannerisms, even though it’s a feminine overall area.

But the one that most people don’t properly appreciate, you’ve come to appreciate it because the masculine effect doesn’t have any power over you and, as a consequence, you’re then able to introduce, or bring in, from a whole other country, a whole other place, a whole other energy, that you’re able to put on, that you’re able to wear, a whole other input of energetic. And you’re able to bring that forth, or bring that in, in this place.

So the deeper meaning of this dream is that in order to catch up with that which is meant to come through, that you’re meant to be able to embody, that you’re meant to be able to wear and usher forth, you have to first of all become at ease and comfortable with the qualities of power and control of the masculine that you’re able to absorb or take in in a way so that it doesn’t at all affect the space that you’re in.

In doing so, you drop all qualms that you may carry in regards to appearances and mannerisms that are projections and, upon doing that, then you’re able to be receptive and open enough so that something from a whole other world, or state, or country, or who knows where it comes from, is able to come into life and be accommodated, and taken in, and embraced, and shown around because that’s what you do, you ski around.

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