Information in Light

8488031In this meditation dream, John is confronted with one of the greatest challenges of a spiritual life, and that is allowing oneself to become a conduit for higher energies. We often struggle thinking that development is something we do personally, yet it is really something that is done to us by our continual exposure to higher energies. If we can let go to that, then higher energies can use us as a conduit into the physical realms – which is the real nature of the relationship between us and what is higher.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream, I’m confronted with a scenario in which there is a straightforward result that I’m close to, that I can feel. It’s like kind of an input or something that is there that is kind of a sight, even, that I have. 

And even though I’m close to that, there’s something more, like a flip side to that, that is also necessary that has some things that have to be sorted out in order to create a result that reveals by reflection a replicable magnitude or effect. 

So the way I’ve come to understand this is that change always happens upon the inner level first, and the representative vibrational correlation in the outer tends to, we live it in such a dense way that it’s just kind of like symbolically reflective of something that’s information within light. We live it reflectively in manifestation as something that is dense.

But the flip side of that is in the light, is information in the light, and so that’s what the first part is like. In other words, the first part is in catching up with something in the light, but now how do I take and I carry it forth in manifestation to find the one-to-one corresponding corollary? 

Or, in other words, what is revealed from within has its reflective, as I call it, corollary in the outer. And this correspondence seems harder to recognize because you don’t have it in the light anymore, you have it in the density of manifestation. So, a great care is needed to recognize within the overlapping correlation, or overreaching, or however you would say it, or underlying or however you would say it. 

And if you overreach, which means you go beyond what you perceive from within, which means you violate the flow, then that creates a lack of balance and a collapse can follow. 

So in the dream, I looked at that which was made apparent. Then I evaluated what it would take to manifest the same effect right through the planes of limitation. To do so would bring the inner flow right down energetically into the plane of manifestation.

And the meaning is it’s one thing to experience an inner breakthrough. It is another to be grounded consciously in order to manifest it in the outer. That is the challenge, when met brings the inner that is more mystical, that’s seeable from within, into the outer as an alchemical correspondence. 

This inner into outer is like going from light, where the information is made known energetically and vibrationally, to the plane of sound that is alchemically correlated to manifestation. The oneness, as light and sound, is intertwined, and it is like an extension of the light and its imbedded sight, to the correspondence with the planes of sound lived as manifestation. 

That’s kind of an interesting statement isn’t it? 

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