A Divine Purity

harmony4In a spiritual journey, letting go refers to our ability to elevate our viewpoint above personal biases and desires. When we begin to see the world as a process we want to become part of, we can see the wisdom of letting go and can begin to connect with the greater aspects of life. It is hard to let go of our identity yet, as this dream shows, what is gained is worth the sacrifice. As humans we tend to want to have a guarantee of what we’ll “get,” but it’s the universe that needs to trust us with its greater treasures. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I’m seeing example after example of the most incredible accomplishments that are, when completed, full of meaning and wondrously polished. 

And each result is pitted up against a person who is equally skilled, except they do this more with an outward motif. Because in each of those instances, a person still is functioning with kind of a personal prerogative, and the bias or prerogative is personal, small as it may seem at the time, chokes off such artistic or designer quality within that has access and is speeded up to this wondrous accomplishment or meaning. 

In other words, a part of myself has that. I mean, I look and I look and I look. I go through example after example after example. I see a result, the result has a deep meaning to it, it’s wonderfully polished, but there was the other part and the other part didn’t make it. 

So the consequences are slowed down – is what I realized. The consequences in the outer are slowed down by the having to contend with personal mannerisms. And this other, inside, is highly accomplished. Everything in this was meaningful. 

But it was almost like a type of inner contest where I had to find something of the other that prevailed, but nothing of the other would prevail. It was always this inner stuff that came through.

The meaning of this is, if a place is in the slightest way affected by the personal limitations of a human being, then the unfoldment, and because the unfoldment is in the outer, the unfoldment gets slowed down. The end result of something that gets slowed down – because it’s affected by a density in which it’s not taking into account a greater wholeness, so something isn’t conscious then – so as a result there’s a compromise. 

What is interesting is that if you surrender to the freedom, found in the inner reflection, it’s like it has a divine purity. And, if you can do that, if you can bring that from within to without, or live it outwardly, what you see outwardly is enlivened by the wondrousness of this presence.

And this presence is there all the time. It’s imbedded in creation. It’s just not something that we see. We don’t look at life like we need to, or we would see it all along. 

So as I go to bed now, I have to look at the components of this, various components.

And in this dream, it’s like there’s a trap shoot contest. What that is is it’s like you throw skeets or things that are made out of clay up in the air and you shoot them. And the key is, is what kind of acuity do you have? In other words, the contest is the skeets are going to get shot out at a lower and lower level all the time so that they hit the ground quicker. The contest is to see who can keep from having three misses in a row. 

If you have three misses in a row when they’re shot out like this, then you lose. In other words, this requires extreme focus and concentration because you have so little time to react, there’s no time to let your mind wander. 

So what’s the purpose of this? Where does this lead? Well, it turns out that the winner of this skeet shooting contest is given the freedom to serve the others a drink in a bar. 

Isn’t that a strange one? They have liberties to do something that normally they couldn’t do because otherwise if they were in that kind of a setting on their own, without the ability to maintain a certain focus and attention, they would get lost, or confused, or veiled.

And so if you can show that you can do this, then you can actually go then into another kind of scenario that normally you wouldn’t be able to capably function in and you could hold your own.

It’s like in the first dream. You have to be able to recognize or bring something through, into the outer, in such a way so that you see the outer as an inflection of the inner. And when you’re able to do that, then you naturally are part of a design and shaping of something as it’s meant to evolve. 

If you can’t do that, then all you can do is marvel at the difference between the outer, which you are going too slow and too dense, and you’re disassociated from what you can see on the inner where you’re polishing and shaping things wondrously all the time.

And the meaning here is, those who are able to get out of their ego head and flow with life are free to enjoy the wonders. Such human beings are not contaminated by the outer that captures the attention of those who do not have the required pristine focus and attention to see their way through.

See how that was?

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