Work to be Done

Spiritual-EvolutionJeane’s dream images are showing the struggle to let go and maintain a connection and, in this case, the scene turns into a chase dream. Why would that happen? Because when we try to change, or let go, we meet resistance in other parts of ourselves that we need to overcome. Just like resolving to go to the gym, where one part of us is gung-ho, and another part of us wants to sleep late, whenever we want to make a deep change in our lives we have to get all the aspects of us in line with what we want. That’s why we need powerful intentions to change. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, like you I’m struggling to pull out my dreams and I keep waking up with sinus headaches. 

The early dreams were wispy and the only thing I remember about the early dreams was I was trying to learn transcription shortcuts, which means that like instead of type out the letter “V” you might just put down a T and then you press the bar and the computer types the rest of the word.

So I was going through a whole bunch of shortcuts like that and that’s all I remember of the early dreams.

John: Yeah, you’re using that as a symbolism to show that you have a connection. It’s an abbreviated one. It doesn’t have to be one that over dwells or something. 

You have a connection to an aspect, or to a system, or to a process, or to a connection, or to a linkage and all you have to do, in terms of maintaining the familiarity, is just remember the slightest thing and it links or connects you directly across.

In other words this is an important dream from the standpoint that usually when we go about and we shift our attention from one thing to another we have to start all over, all afresh. 

In other words, we can’t kind of carry two places, or two spaces. In other words, something isn’t necessarily additive between two zones and, in this particular case, you’re showing that between the two levels, or the two zones, there is something that is able to make the journey or come across, and that’s where your abbreviation comes in.

Jeane: In the last dream that I just had, I’m in my hometown and it’s summertime and it’s rather crowded. And there are some people from the mob that are after me, so I want to try to sneak out of town before they can find me. Now my problem is, I don’t seem to have any clothes on, so I have grabbed a pair of sweatpants. They’re kind of funky.

These are funky sweatpants: they’re some kind of dark green and they have got blobs of colored paint on them. I want to try to cover myself up so I don’t stand out, so I’ve gotten one leg in the sweatpants.

And I’m outside a crowded drugstore and I want to get my other leg on, and someone that runs the drugstore – who knows me – walks up and kind of helps wrap a towel around me so people won’t notice. 

And I go in the drugstore with her and she sits me down at a place in the back where people do hair. It’s like a hair salon at that part. And I want to explain to her what I need her to do, which is besides getting some more clothes on without anyone noticing, because mobsters are around looking for me, I need maybe her to shear my hair or something so I look like a boy. 

I want to maybe put on a little cap and see if I can sneak into a cab when somebody else lets somebody out and get to the airport out of town because I need to get away before the mobsters find me.

But before I can explain anything to her, somebody comes up and starts talking to her about a project they’re working on that’s maybe an antiwar project or something, and so I can’t explain to her yet. So I’m just having to think in my mind about what’s going to be the best way to become inconspicuous, and not look like me, and get out of town?

John: So what you’re working with is a part of yourself, that’s kind of like in manifestation, which needs to make a journey home. And so you’re looking at the things that keep that from happening, or I should say, more importantly, is not what’s keeping it from happening, but what is the work to be done, or the transitioning that you’re undertaking, in order to awaken, or be able to awaken, in this whole other part of yourself somewhere else? 

And so what you’re noting is that you’re dealing with kind of figuring out what the formula might be. That’s why you’re near a drug shop, a drug shop that can mix up this, and that, and the other, is kind of like works with potions or something like that. It has its alchemical side to it. 

However, at this place you’re not aware to the degree that you’re using it as a drugstore, or as a place for transitioning, because your attention is upon how you need to dress yourself in order to make a transition from a place in which you still have things that are playing upon you, or haunting upon, your psyche. 

In other words, how do you make yourself invisible, or let go? And you also know, though, that you’re leaving, and that you have to leave as inconspicuously as possible because anything that you do that has a conspicuous nature behind haunts you, or kind of plays upon you, creates a type of war, so to speak, in your nature.

In other words, it’s a density thing that keeps you from being in this other place, or going to this other place. And so that’s why when you get in the cab the person getting out is still a person that has issues yet to have to contend with, like the war zone of life, which is you again. 

Those issues that are still behind in manifestation, that you still have to wrestle with as you then proceed to try to wrap as much of that up as possible, to disappear yourself, so to speak, so that you can go across to this whole new place, at this depth deep inside, which is your home away from home, or your true home, or whatever.

I mean, you’re leaving your home away from home, and going to your true home. You’re going to the airport to go where you don’t have these kinds of issues haunting you. You can’t go there, of course, until you figure out how to let go of the loudness of these issues that play upon your psyche.

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