The Mystical Side

mystical-nightday-treeThese images offer a nice example of how our dreams, over the course of a night, influence and relate to each other. If we consider that dream images are trying to tell us something about where we are in life and what we are struggling with, each image offers information to help us navigate what that situation is. In this sense, understanding our dreams can help us develop more quickly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think in my earlier dreams I just remember taking words and trying to weave them into the right word. Then the word might be spelled one way but have another sound, that was all. I was just trying to get the right word.

John: If this dream corresponds to my dream what you were doing, that’s assuming it corresponds, what you would be doing is you would actually be taking in an understanding, or a knowledge, or a sight of something that is informational before the fact. 

In other words, those words or whatever it is that you could have remembered or picked out could have been the answer, or the solution, to the dream that follows. In other words, if you’re doing the same thing I was doing, what you would have done is your first dream would have been the answer to the second dream. 

And the second dream of course has multiple answers, too, and the reason why the first dream would have been an answer to the second dream, is that the second dream then would be portraying some energetic that has to do with what’s going on in the outer, of which that then, too, could be applied another description in terms of the outer. 

But you would be doing this symbolically, and then be left with the ability, or be left with the responsibility, of seeing how all of this then carries over as a direct macrocosmic meaningfulness as well. 

Jeane: The word was something like “hire” that could be spelled about three or four different ways, and it was like I was trying to find I think the right way of spelling it. Whatever else happened it felt like this final dream was so strong it wiped out everything else. 

In the final dream, I’m almost in an inner cave area, or an inner meeting area of some room. It feels very old, and there’s a spiritual figure there who feels almost Chinese Tibetan. There’s a round table. There’s a woman there. There’s a man there. 

And I have a bunch of beads in my hand, and I’m looking towards this figure and it’s like I’m saying in another form, like looking more Chinese or Tibetan, and I’m saying something like I actually am him, and I’ve taken these beads and they’re very pretty, they kind of glimmer and they change from like blue to pink sometimes, and I hold them up in the air.

And it looks like they’re going to scatter through my hand and fall on the ground but, as they are falling down, they weave themselves into a pattern and a design and form something. They create a form, and it’s almost like to me this form is that they can create him, and it does something that makes me feel like we are each other, in a way.

And I almost want to go over and hug him, but of course you would never do that. And I laugh at that because I say something like, I can see we’re going to have some trouble with this, because it’s like such a difference of how things were and how things are.

And his face is looking different now, almost like it’s also made up of the beads. And then, as he sits down at this table, he says something like he doesn’t want this to be magic. And I’m kind of even annoyed by that because it’s not magic. 

Whatever it is, it’s not magic, and it may have a certain symbolism to it. It may be a way that you do something symbolically, but it’s not magic. Anyway, that was when I woke up. 

John: So your dream did parallel, the pattern, the energetic paralleled like I thought, because what the second dream indicated was that you’ve evolved into something that takes on the qualities and the characteristics and the energetic of that. 

It’s as if that has a link or something that flows through you, or you have found that inside yourself. And so your first dream gave you the answer to your second dream. 

Your first dream said you’ve been hired, in other words you’ve taken it on. Now, like I indicated at the beginning, the dream also indicates something in the macrocosm. And what it indicates in the macrocosm is that you’ve been hired, or you have taken on this particular quality, and so okay you can see yourself as having this particular quality, but how does this correlate now to the outer? 

The way it correlates to the outer is that you have taken upon yourself a trait that can then design. And that designing is like a type of magic in that you are working with the planes of manifestation in order to shape, or to cause, something to take on a particular characteristic or weaved mannerism. 

A trait, or characteristic, or mannerism that, as the second dream indicated, was something that you just found yourself naturally able to do as you played with beads or whatever you played with. They would fall into a prescribed design that reminded you of, and took on the image and quality of, something that just was able to naturally unfold through you.

And then, of course, the answer to all of that was: you’ve been hired. The fact of the first dream.

Jeane: The in-between dream, the parts that I remember, is I’ve gone to like some kind of a naturopath in the city, and when I had gone down there and he had showed me something just before I left and whatever it was it was a potion that you kind of rubbed on your arm and it turned it kind of blue-green and then it made it very smooth, at least to me, kind of smooth and a little shiny.

And then he gave me a second thing I was to take. He gave me the prescriptions for these things, but I didn’t get it filled right then. And I remember when I ran into somebody else later and I had them feel my arm, my arm felt different to them than it felt to me. 

I thought it made it smoother, but to them they may have had a different perception – and I found that kind of odd. And when I go back to this place where there’s a meeting going on, it’s almost like there’s going to be some remodeling done, and the people are meeting and they’ve made a decision on how they feel they’re going to remodel the rooms.

When I come in I realize that all of these people think the decision is already being made, and exactly how it’s going to be done. And I kind of read them and their energy, which I see kind of negatively, and I kind of make some comment like it’s not my understanding that this decision has been made and it’s all going to go one way.

But I realize they all feel that way. It’s almost like it’s already a done deal, rather than somebody meeting to make decisions. And they all have their own ideas about it already, and I’m kind of repulsed by that actually because I just don’t feel like it’s going to be that way.

But I’m also feeling like I should go back and get that prescription filled. Before I do it’s like I walk by a room where they’ve gone – I think a couple of them are outside, and they’re inside and they may be drawing on papers. And I’m looking at the faces that are coming out of that, but I’m also feeling a little distant because I realize they’re all part of almost like this designer world where things were done a certain way in the old times, or in the modern world, and I feel like a meeting has been held where things are going to be done differently, but they don’t even know it. 

They just assume it’s all business as usual, and it’s not. I don’t remember all of it, but that’s the best I could remember.

John: Well, you finished the rest of the pattern of what was in my dream. And basically what you indicated is that what you come to understand, that you know inside of yourself, is different than the way that it’s being put together or understood. 

In other words, everything is always a type of alchemy in terms of a human being. It’s just that it’s very weak, and it’s very self-centered and, therefore, very incomplete when it comes to the unfoldment of man who isn’t awakened in a particular conscious way. And they’re relying upon kind of collective ideas in terms of what it takes to make something work, or come together. 

And the mystical side of you has an understanding that something is going to be different in terms of the fact that everything is not working, and so that side of you gives you an understanding, or a sense of the bigger picture that’s unfolding.

And then the part that has taken it on, that is transmitted through, and has become part of you that has been rubbed into you, so to speak, that part knows something that is entirely different than what everyone else is inclined to believe. 

And so that part acts almost in a state that is separate, or its aloof, or it’s separate or aloof from the standpoint that it is hearing a different consciousness in terms of what’s to take place, in terms of how it’s going to unfold.

That’s a very interesting image because that’s exactly what I ended up having to do. 

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