Side Effects

sun-shaftsIn many ways, this series of images cuts right to the heart of the matter: as humans, we know better. We know better than to treat each other, or animals, or the planet, the way we do. We have to know better because we are created by a universe that does know better, and it is embedded in us – right down to our cellular structure. But do we listen? Our dreams are constantly trying to guide us with their imagery, or give us insights that can help our journey. It requires reducing our inner noise to hear it, but it’s there whenever we are ready. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That’s a very interesting image because that’s exactly what I ended up having to do. Everything that’s going on in the outer is not going to work, and something is going to have to switch, or change, and is being designed differently – and I’m aware of that. 

The only difference between your dream and my dream is, it’s a very slight difference, is that you have more of an orientation in your dream to something taking place and being reshaped. In other words, you’re a little more direct in the reshaping, and the partaking of the reshaping, that is different from how everyone else is conceiving that things are going to go.

It’s all precursor, of course, to you having to do something in a direct, hands-on involved way. In my particular case, because I’m masculine and off the ground, I don’t see myself actually doing it. Instead, I’m more defiant. 

In other words, whatever others see as taking place, I just recognize it’s not going to take place. It’s not going to be like that. In other words, it’s like, I beg to differ, so to speak, attitudinally, or energetically. I support something that is entirely different.

In my particular case, I’m accentuating the knowingness of the mystical, but I don’t actually implement. But I do know, based upon what I feel from the big picture of the mystical, or the other side, I do know that what everyone is doing is not going to work. I do know that. 

And, just like you, the way I dreamt this was the first part was the answer to the second dream. It’s very strange. I’ve never done this before where in my meditation I take and I write up the answer to something. 

And I sit there after I’ve written it up and I don’t know what in the dickens it is. I mean, it was like a dream, too, and what I wrote up is so esoteric in its nature that a person trying to understand what this means – it makes no sense whatsoever.

Then I fall back in and I have a scenario. Now the scenario is a dream, but it’s like a scenario as the answer to what I wrote down already. In my first dream I write down the answer to the second dream, and then I take and I apply that to the big picture – in terms of what’s going on in the outer. 

In other words, it doesn’t just apply in the symbolic way. The symbolic way is how it relates to me in kind of a microcosm, but then that’s applicable to the big picture.

So the prevailing opinion is that it is not possible to reverse a trend that is predominantly against me in the outer, though I am not readily letting go of the need to change that general flow. In other words, I can’t reverse it, but I’m not letting go of the need that has to be changed.

In other words, I have that adamant part. So I see this as an issue in which everyone is against my opinion and this simple feeling that I have. Thusly, I am the only one who is seeking something else, in other words, like I’m all alone on this. I feel like I am purposely blocking the flow. 

In other words, everyone else wants something else that is strange, so I am purposely blocking the flow trying to effectuate something different. I’m not changing anything. I just won’t go along with what they all want to do. I’m fighting it. When I give in, I choose to redirect the focus. 

In other words, I’m still trying to get to another way, so I give in, but that doesn’t mean that I agree. I still know that that’s wrong. I feel I am right, so I refuse to actually give up. I may get away with this misdirection and deception on the surface, but deep down I know that this is still a prevailing problem. 

In other words, I’m a little insincere in the eyes of them because, rather than create friction and fight them and hostility, I settle back, I go quiet, dormant, I don’t say something, so I allow what I know is wrong to continue to go through. But that doesn’t mean that I agree with it. I’m still fighting it. I still reject it. 

So I seem to spend the rest of the dream seeking a different approach for the inner psyche of life, because I know that I am ultimately doomed if I do not find it. I mean, everything is doomed, so obviously I am doomed, too. 

So I may be able to delay, or redirect, the outcome for a while with such antics. However, this is only delaying the inevitable because everyone believes this is against them and so it has got to come through. So I am just delaying the inevitable, over the long-term, if I am not able to cause my position to be appreciated.

The subtle little meaning of this is, I am feeling what it is like to be up against an outcome that is determined to be other than what I believe to be important. 

So then I have the scenario. None of this scenario is true, although it’s like the answer to this. It’s all symbolic. The scenario I am shown inside has to do with the approval being sought for a drug in the industry, which I am told has serious side effects. 

In other words, the industry’s going forward. They’re going to approve this and I know that they shouldn’t because this drug appears to be an answer, but it’s not. It’s going to have serious side effects for people if they take this drug to heal, or cure, whatever illness or issue it is that this drug is supposed to fix. 

So I do not know any of the issues, the scenario is just brought to my attention, so I don’t know the arguments about this, that, or the other. I am just dreaming an applicable scenario to a prior answer. I am not part of the matter. There isn’t anything like this that is occurring in my life – as far as I know. 

I have yet to be introduced to the issue. In other words, I don’t even know what the drug is or anything, I just know that it has serious side effects and so it will not work. To familiarize myself I need to contemplate and read up on the issues.

And then I settle back a bit and I’m suddenly of the opinion that what I wrote down, which in and of itself seems unintelligible to the average person who is not aware of the context, is an understanding that I am getting pre the fact, in other words before something is actually unfolding. If it continues this way, it can’t work. 

What is interesting is that this scenario fits my answer, and after dreaming it I am directed to denote the parallel. So, correspondingly, that is what I am doing by writing this up as a scenario.

And so the deeper meaning is, I am meant to take a close look at myself and how it is that I really feel about an issue from having noticed this general overallness of things inside, and I’m not at odds with what I sense inside. I’m just at odds and know that there’s going to be a collateral effect of what is being attempted in the outer flow. 

In other words, I’m at odds because I know that there is a misconstruing of something that others feel is important to life, but the unfoldment is going to cause an imbalance. And so this answer that I got is a type of guidance, and attempt to awaken accordingly, the means to adjust it because if it continues to unfold that way it’s not going to work. 

In other words, it’s going to have side effects, or collateral damage. It’s not the resolution. To dream the answer prior to the dream is a first for me. I’ve never done something like that. And so deep down, this would not have been possible if I hadn’t already experienced the issue even though my outer nature has yet to catch up with my psyche. 

In other words, we carry everything in ourselves that’s complete, and so when something is going on and it doesn’t quite resonate intuitionally or whatever, it’s because deep down we have a greater overallness that’s just hidden from us. And so we get the sense, some would call it intuition or whatever, that isn’t quite right in terms of what’s going to work.

So accordingly, in the outer, the recognition is that what’s going to take place, this idea of course in the dream is to support a drug that’s going to have side effects, but then I have a greater understanding of what’s going on in terms of the overall outer that’s not going to work either. 

The observation is because we live in a world in which everything is intertwined, it is important to be able to denote how it is that a dream can also address, or be an answer to, a macro effect in life. 

Significance: to experience an issue in an inner way like this, as a vibration, and to denote that this has to do with what is going on in outer life is potent towards shifting the consciousness, although I’m not the one that does that.

I have become aware just how powerful a dream can be in terms of affecting my way of being. It is said that one second of a dream – pulled through from inner into outer – can change years of having to repetitively go through things in a dense way, or in a habitual way, those kind of consequences in the outer. 

In other words, you do not have to go through those. You can know better. And then I am told that I have imbedded in my nature a correlation, and thus an understanding, to that which is happening outwardly. I have this connection even if I am not yet aware that this exists. Consciousness involves coming to grips with that part of myself.

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