The Big Joke

dtQXFThe universe, in all its incredible expanse, is also a very subtle place. Jeane’s dream image brings one of these facets into focus: Anything that we can imagine or experience is possible only because we are already a part of the oneness of creation. While we see ourselves as separate from all other things, that’s really an illusion which serves a purpose while we are here. Yet it is also an illusion that must be overcome to regain our sense of connection to all things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Again my dreams were kind of hard to pull out. I remember in one dream, and the dreams seemed to be in sequence, it’s like we’re being given assignments and part of the assignment has to do with how something divides.

And so in this case it seems to be represented by a chicken. There’s something about a chicken that can divide, and keep dividing, and keep dividing. Or sometimes the only kind of chicken around is something that’s like Kentucky Fried and then that won’t work. 

That’s the best way I can describe it, because we didn’t really have any images as much as we seem to be being told something. And I would say that I even felt like I was in a divided space when that happened, like if I was in a long rectangular space with just a line running across the middle of it that I was standing on.

From there it seemed like we all went through a series of challenges, and those challenges seemed to involve being in rooms and, either a couple of us or in a group, and like I can remember trying to scale way up to the top of a column and not be seen by someone down below.

And there was one other person that was trying to go with me, and you would try not to topple something over, and try to find your way out of the space before something got you. And I remember even a little Chinese man who seemed to be down at the bottom that was part of those that might try to get us, and I would just get in a room right before him, but then maybe have to evade a dragon.

And, again, we seem to have things thrown at us that we keep multiplying, but I didn’t get enough visuals on things to really pull more out than that.

John: What you’re doing is finding a natural awareness. Even though it’s happening to you whether you like it or not, you don’t seem to be acknowledging, or recognizing, that this is just how it is.

And what you’re doing is you’re doing the principle that is so important for the feminine to take in and see herself as the whole. And so you seem to have caught up with the fact that you have this part of yourself that can expand and expand, which is the nature of the soul when it comes to recognize and realize that it’s not just something that’s caught, or trapped, in the body, that it is as big as the universe. 

So, as your focus of awareness starts to realize that you’re able to come to grips with the entirety of a huge, large, outer area space – which is you – somehow or another you don’t believe that, or you fear that, or you feel that that isn’t copacetic because you’re fighting a type of restrained, dense, rear guard action of trying to look at each of these differently. 

To look at the expansion as if the expansion involves places, and each place is somehow distinct, and separate, and that you can take and make note or draw some sort of conclusion about it. 

And the way you denote that you’re holding on to some sort of veil about things being discrete, or different, is that in the dream you have this problem, or complexity, where in the taking in of things, the part that keeps trying to see what it is as distinct and separate is jeopardizing or threatening to topple it over, or knock it over, or bump into it.

And yet, at the same time, there’s the part of you in which nothing is distinct and separate. You are connected and involved in all things. The fact that you’re connected and involved in all things is the reason why you have the awareness that, on a slightly diluted part of yourself, that you can upset something or topple something over.

If you weren’t connected to all things, you wouldn’t even be able to note that there could be such a distinction. And the dream has you going at this with these two polarities, one part expanding and expanding and expanding, and then another part trying to look at something in its specificity. 

And so you have the expansion and contraction taking place simultaneously. And in the contraction you’re denoting certain things that can’t be denoted if there wasn’t the intertwining. Because you can’t see something that you can’t see, or you can’t notice or realize something in some fashion if you aren’t, somehow or another, already part and parcel of it, or have a connection with that, so that you can denote it. 

So the dilemma you’re having is, in the expansion there is nothing that you cannot be or denote. And in the contraction, you’re playing with the degrees upon which you deal with how something can get toppled, or changed, or affected as if there is separate distinguishable characteristics.

And what is interesting is that your dream is pointing out to you the joke in life, the idea that there is something that can transpire that you need to deal with. In other words, the awareness that something can be affected, or toppled, or knocked over, or bumped into or whatever, and you’re drawing the conclusion about that as if you’re looking from a separate space into another separate space.

But the joke that exists here is that you wouldn’t be able to draw such a conclusion if you weren’t already connected to that which you’re trying to observe better, because it is only through the connection that you could observe that it could be affected, or toppled, or not fully properly appreciated, or however it is you want to say that.

And so this process of contracting and expanding is causing you, little by little, to reconcile that gap to the point where you take the full, overall responsibility – as opposed to have to pretend that there is this dichotomy that exists. 

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