Principles of the Whole

A109Eating ice cream in a dream may not seem to point to deeper concepts, yet here, because of the colors of the ice cream and the situation, the implications are profound. The human is the crucible where processes between the inner and the outer can occur. We are unique in creation in this ability. Thus it is part of our birth right to fulfill this potential – but we must consciously choose it. That’s the only way it can happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the dream, I have purchased two kinds of ice cream to take home. And these ice cream containers are like five gallon containers, round containers. And I’m with two friends. There’s nothing special about them, just that I know that there’s another man and a woman. I know that there are three of us.

One of the colors is yellow of the ice cream, and the other is melon, which is kind of orange. So I have a reason for having gotten this ice cream and that is, in conjunction with, it’s part of or needed in some fashion to fixing something back at my home.

Before reaching home I come across, me and these other two that I’m with, the repairman that is needed to fix something back home. So we stop and we enjoy the ice cream together before proceeding to the house. And we, meaning myself and the woman and the guy that I’m with, we all partake of the yellow ice cream, and the repairman he likes the orange-colored melon ice cream.

The thing of it is, is after eating the ice cream, there’s still a whole lot more yellow ice cream left than there is of the orange melon-colored ice cream. At some point in time, obviously, they were both two, full, five gallon containers, but there’s just a little bit of the orange melon ice cream left, and quite a bit of the yellow. 

I don’t know how to explain that because the three of us had the yellow ice cream, and he had the orange, so apparently it’s depleting in life in some fashion. And, of course, this ice cream has gotten soft and we need to get to the house, and get the repair done, and the ice cream put away so it hardens back up again. 

I’m eager to get to the point where I can have a taste of this melon ice cream. I know the yellow was incredible, but just based upon how the repairman is acting I know that the melon has got to be excellent, too, and I can hardly wait. Neither can he, of course. 

Just as we reach the house the ice cream has gotten real soft and, of course, when we got it it was hard so it means it was quite a journey to get there and the ice cream has been melting or getting soft. And then I announce that when the repair work in the house is done, we can all have some ice cream again.

And, of course, the man and the woman I’m with seem to go along with that, that makes complete sense, and of course it’s like they know that, how could it be any other way? This ice cream is melting, and we have to get inside and put it in the freezer or whatever.

But the repairman is not quite getting the memo, and he jokingly comments, and I think it’s kind of a joke but you’re never sure, and he says, “Let’s put it to a vote. Who wants to have more ice cream now?” 

And, of course, he’s the only one who votes for that. And then he says, “Well, I was just joking.” And I keep feeling he had to be joking because he has to know that we need to freeze it right away because if we were to stop and have a little now, whatever it is that we indulge in, there won’t be anything left then because the rest will all be wasted. It’ll all melt. 

And so the work on the house, if something like this were to happen, and had we stopped and partook and indulged, then what needed yet to transpire as far as the work on the house would end up being rather belated, because under such circumstances of taking on what was right in front of us – as opposed to doing what was necessary – the end result would be that there would be nothing to look forward to, or to show, when the task was ended.

This dream has a lot of meaning to it because the yellow ice cream corresponds to the inner consciousness, in which I come to know things from within as if there’s kind of an awakening or speaking of things about life from deep within. That’s the yellow. That’s the deep inner path process of what we’re on.

And, technically, from this place that I know that my house is in need of inner repairs, and that I need to find someone to come over to help. I need assistance to fix this. And then what I need, of course, is someone who understands the earth energies, and the melon, colored orange, is the color of that. 

I mean, it’s also the color that a shamanistic nature reflects, and such a person also carries kind of traits or mannerisms that bring about skills or qualities that the ordinary person doesn’t have. It’s almost like they have an alchemical magic to them, or something, because they can put things together from almost another in-between place.

And, of course, this is the person that I need to find, and I have the ice cream needed as a reward, enticement, connection and bonus compensation that is deemed part of what needs to come together. 

And so, as you look at this you could say that the inner and the outer are represented, the inner being the yellow, and the outer being the orange. Or another way of saying it, the inner being the mystical, and the outer being the alchemical – and then you bring them together.

And the container of ice cream portrays the two qualities that are important, and what’s important is there is a lot of yellow ice cream in the five gallon container yet, but only a little of the melon-colored ice cream. 

And that time hasn’t been good to the melon ice cream. It’s nearly depleted and, if it were to be depleted, then there would be a problem for the yellow ice cream because it would then all totally melt. If the melon was gone then, even though there was so more of the yellow what can you do with it? 

And so, from this dream it’s made clear that if we do not go into the house right away – the house being where the inner and the outer come together consciously – both will be lost. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to fix what is broken within the house. I mean, the bigger deal is this process that has to do with retaining, preserving, and further appreciating the inner and outer, in other words bringing them together, them being the mystical and alchemical principles of the whole. 

In order to appreciate in the future these two traits as one, a consciousness needs to be reached. By that I mean, there needs to be a focus and attention upon the inner and outer simultaneously. 

That occurs simultaneously because one has to take responsibility for where we are at. In other words, we are in the outer, and yet we do this as if we are also in the inner. We become more conscious, and we do this by way of breaking through the outer malaise, through the process of dreams and meditation, for example, and it is this quality that stirs something, that prepares or fixes the conundrum, which in this case is fixing the house. 

So that attentiveness is important in one, sustaining the “as above, so below” correlation, two, thus realizing the inner and outer as being intertwinable, to three, is all being a process upon which the mystical-alchemical come together to a wholeness. 

Other terms that can be also articulated in terms of the process are, one, divine and human becoming one and same, or two, creator and creation coming back together as one in the same.

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