A Closer Recognition

moonIn these dream images, the process of awakening is being portrayed using the forms of a teacher, a man and a woman, and the dreamer who, ultimately, is everyone in the dream. The scenario also points out that the awakening process proceeds differently for the masculine and feminine aspects of us, while both seek to lift the veils that obscure the bigger picture of creation and the intertwined nature of all things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now I have to add to the process, I have to describe the process better. The process of pulling something together is portrayed in the following image. 

A teacher is standing over in one spot and then people are gathering and getting closer to the teacher, as the teacher is kind of explaining, or describing, the process to a number of us who are standing there.

And in terms of doing that, asks us to gather closer around him so we can hear him more clearly. And it’s like all of a sudden it’s like there’s this woman and this man, who are a little further away, and they just kind of bolt through – the woman leading the way – and she almost bumps me out of the way to stand next to the guy that would normally be to my left.

And so it seems as if, in order to note, to hear, to see what the teacher has to say, being kind of cut off like that, and it’s okay because they did it kind of anxiously, I find myself from the back putting my head on her shoulder, my chin on her shoulder so I could see through. 

And she’s looking at this guy as if she’s recognizing him from far long ago, and he’s looking at her and all of that seems to be kind of coming together as a consequence of whatever it is the teacher’s explaining. 

And the guy that she was with, who would be to her right, there’s a gap now and it’s kind of like he’s just kind of hanging out there as if he’s just been completely forgotten. And this whole goofy little oddity thing that has taken place here makes it very hard for me to see between those two to observe the teacher.

And when I joke that I would my put my chin on her shoulder to keep from being blocked out, she doesn’t pay any attention to me whatsoever, just like she’s not paying attention to the guy to her right whom she had come with. 

And it is as if this guy who had been to my left and her know each other, from long ago, and whatever the teacher is awakening, with what he is saying, is bringing them back into a recognition.

Whatever it is that I grasp, or learn, or take in from all of this, I need to send a certified letter back to home to complete the revelation. So this certified process is different from how you send a certified letter in the outer or, in other words, what I’m familiar with. 

In other words, the letter that I’m using naturally has certification numbers on it, but does not require a return receipt that attaches to the letter and gets mailed back when it’s signed at the other end by the recipient to acknowledge that it was received. 

There’s also no tracking receipt, so I’m pondering if I need to go get one at the post office before sending this, or if I should just realize that it wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t meant to be this way and that I’m just to trust the process – because this is the process, not necessarily how I see it. This is how it works.

The meaning is, is the teacher represents the process by which that which had been dormant is reawakened and made familiar again. The reawakening is happening to me because everything in this is all part of the dream. I am part of everything in the dream and, as I become complete to all of those parts, to my surprise I realize that there is no one to notify. 

In other words, I’m everything, even though I see myself as trying because that which I have awakened to is found to be all within me. 

The feminine way of struggling with something is so different from the masculine way of struggling with something, because the feminine way is she just comes to recognize more of the expansion/contraction and, at some point, realizes that in the expansion she’s taking on a greater wholeness, and in the contraction she is aware of it only in bits and pieces based upon a connection.

At some point she realizes that the veils to the rest of that, which she has an awareness of, or connection to, have to be lifted and then she has the wholeness. So you have this expansion/contraction dynamic with the feminine, as opposed to the masculine where you have things catching them by surprise because the conceptualization, or the expectation, can be entirely different than the end result. 

It’s as if, somehow or another, even though the masculine can understand that everything is intertwined, they can be affected by things and then react to that which they’re affected by as if it is genuine or real – and lose a certain cadence or balance that they had held before.

And it’s the result of getting caught as if you’re dealing with two distinct things, and you never are dealing with two distinct things. Everything is always meaningful in an intertwined way. But the masculine has a hard time with that, and the feminine can kind of have it seemingly a little easier knowing that she is more of a wholeness.

So this last dream is hazy to me because it kind of plays with that principle a bit. 

And what I remember is that from the place I am in, I am trying to bring about a consciousness. I am aware that to do this I need to recognize and realize something deep within. 

This deep within has a sense about it of being in a whole other place. And trying to make sense out of what has happened, to my surprise, I find myself noting I have no reference in this place that I suddenly find myself in. I seem to need a familiar reference in order to draw any conclusions. So as I try to reconcile what has happened, and where I am at, I wake up.

And all you can say, in terms of what’s going on, is I’m surprised to denote how I am, and where I am, as this is not what I seem to have conceptualized the awakening state to be. 

See, that’s the problem with the masculine. It constantly has to evaluate things as if there are things that have to be evaluated as distinct and separate. And it actually has a certain adamancy about that. When the feminine kind of knows how to let that hang out, because it knows that it’s never that serious and that, somehow or another, there’s a meaningfulness in terms of everything that happens. Which means that she just naturally has a closer recognition of the intertwined nature, as opposed to the masculine constantly can understand it intellectually but still goes through the reactivities.

And so what we’re describing, of course, is the back and forth mannerism of bringing the inner into the outer, or the transcendent into the eminent, or the “as above” into the “so below,” or the pulling together of the mystical and the alchemical. 

What we’re doing is we’re dealing with the complexities, the systemology delirium in terms of that just becoming the naturalness that it is.

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