A Quality of Ease

spiralWhen we look at the imagery of dreams, it’s important to consider what is being moved toward or moved away from. In this dream, Jeane is drawn to taking some greyhound dogs with her, dogs that eventually morph into white horses. Animal images can represent a type of energetic quality and, in this case, Jeane’s character is waiting to connect with that energy by the end of the dream. What is important is the sense that she will make that connection. Lost or missed connections often imply that more needs to be let go of before the connection can be made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My very first dream, it seems like I’m visiting a town which is very well landscaped, almost like a fairytale in a way, and it’s right next to a river. So like when you come to the town, you cross to the river and you go into the town. But also if you go along the river you can see how nicely laid out the houses are and which ones must be particularly well kept up and everything.

And when I go in that town I seem to be fascinated by, it’s some kind of animal and it feels like initially it’s maybe like a couple white greyhounds, but then they tend to become white horses at another point, too. So initially it’s more like a dog energy. 

Anyway, when it’s time to leave I know that at some point it feels like I’m going to be able to take one or two of these animals, but the process is I leave the town and I go across the river and then I’m going down the river. It’s more like a canal almost.

And, as I look, I can look on the other side. It’s almost like the animals will be traveling down that side and, as they go by, I can note which houses are particularly the nicer houses of town or anything. And then they come to an area where they go into the woods a bit, and then I’ve gone down to where, it must be where the stream runs out, or something, because there’s an area there where there’s a pasture.

They’re like running down the other side, almost like maybe they’re horses now, and they’re pulling a carriage or somebody’s riding them. And I note that when you get to the end of the trail, but I’m going on the other side of the river or the stream, when you get to the end there, there’s an area where there’s a pasture and they have some horses they’ve put out to pasture there.

And there’s a road that comes up to right there, and then they’ll pass through a gate and they’ll have left the other town. And so I’m just really excited because as soon as I know they come out that trail, then I’ll be able to take one or more of them with me. 

I keep thinking it’s a white horse that I’ll be able to ride. So I’m just anticipating when it comes out so I can ride it now, and ride it home, or take it home. That was that dream.

John: But you didn’t get the horse, or did you?

Jeane: Well, I will. I’m just waiting for it to come out.

John: The nature of the dreaming had to do with a type of amnesia from something. And, in my particular case, I’m trying to breakthrough. Ah, that’s right, so in my particular case I have to breakthrough to understand it because I’ve created a barrier, and therefore have developed crazy antics in my nature as a consequence of being disjointed. 

In your particular case, you just have to catch up with something that is already part of your nature, or naturally there. And it’s like a treasure from some aspect of the in-breath. In other words, something opens up. 

The reason why I say it like that is that the out-breath and the in-breath are divided from each other. The out-breath brings this part down that ignites something, but then releases something from the feminine-manifested nature of life that comes alive and goes back. 

And so you have these two divided from each other, and that in one way of looking at you, you are sitting in a type of light high up in the in-breath, that can feel the flow of the energies going through you, coursing through you. I mean that’s from like a prior dream.

And so I fully expected that when you had these two qualities that you’d go back and you wouldn’t catch up with that. But it sounds like you’re catching up with that. And when you catch up with that, then that brings about a greater awareness. 

That’s a bit of a surprise to me. I never expected you to catch up with that. I expected you to come around the bend and that not be there and, as a consequence, then leave a kind of neediness or trauma in your nature of the fact that you knew that that sort of state needed to be aware, or made aware, or come alive for you.

But in your particular nature it worked opposite. You caught up with that. And so when you catch up with that you also catch up with not having a neediness as a result. It’s when you don’t catch up with something that you know is intended and meant to be, that is something that you have seen and recognized and come close to, and if it somehow or another eludes you, and therefore stays in some sort of separate no-man’s zone, or way, then that leaves you with a quality of a neediness.

But when you do catch up with it, the neediness absolves itself and you come to a quality of a type of completion. And so the dream seems to be portraying opposite the way that mine dreamt. I guess I like to see these things kind of work together, but why shouldn’t it be both – first one way, and then the other way?

In your particular case it indicates that this is proceeding to a quality in which you’re more at ease with yourself as a consequence of things working out.

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