A Greater Appreciation

Milky-Way1Taking everything for granted is a peculiarly human disease. Jeane’s dream images show her developing an insight into this issue, where an awakened consciousness is really the opposite of familiarity. Life and the universe are very subtle. Through greater consciousness we can begin to understand what is really at play, and see the great beauty of it as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a dream in which my cousin, I have a female cousin and her husband, and it’s almost like they had gone through some hard times and they had had to leave a ranch that they were on. It was kind of like a city ranch like it had white fences around it and they had horses. It was a really huge place. 

And meanwhile I seem to be going around looking for a battery. It’s this kind of battery that I get in a box that is a little bit complicated. In the midst of all of this, my cousin and her husband find out that they’re going to be able to move back on their farm. And I go out to visit them and I notice that actually, because the bank had it for a while, they’d even cleaned it up a bit.

But now my cousin and her husband are able to take it back, and so I note that. And then I go to this, it’s almost like a nightclub. I take the battery down to this nightclub because I know that they understand how the battery works. I’ve gone there to figure out more about the battery. 

In the nightclub there’s a black guy who’s kind of in charge but I know over him is a big boss, and it feels like they’re able to explain the battery to me, how to get the battery to work better. That was primarily that whole dream.

John: What you’re indicating in the dream is that – where the parallel comes to the first dream – is that in the first dream is showing that you have something, or that there is something that’s there, that is natural to your nature, that’s just more or less given to you, that you catch up with, or bide your time, or is the part that comes together for you and fulfills an energetic that is a quality of a need that is part of the divine flow. 

It’s not a need that’s part of a type of desire or something – that’s the human inequity that keeps you further veiled. This actually is something that enriches your understanding of who you are, brings you closer – it’s a consciousness thing. 

Well, in this dream you’ve lost it. But what you’re told is that that’s okay because it’s not like it became the lesser or something, that if anything, the appreciation of it was sharpened up. And so, it actually turns out to be a good thing that that happened – as far as you come to understand it. 

The dilemma you have, however, is that to fully take it on you have to increase your energy. You have to deal with the battery, you have to deal with something in terms of how it is that your energetic comes across. 

Now, the thing about a battery is a battery is consistent. A battery kicks out a transmission that functions at a certain steady rate. Well, there’s something about this battery that must not be quite doing what it’s supposed to be doing in terms of its consistency, in terms of the way that it discharges or something. And so that has to be taken in and fixed, or refreshed, or how or whatever that would be to make the battery be more in terms of what it is that it should be that you need. 

That coupled with this other that needs to be coupled with, you need the characteristics of this energy flowing more to be able to take into account that which is meant to be natural to you, that is handed to you, that you’re catching up with again, that you had momentarily lost but you’re not the worse for the wear in the end because when you get it back you have a greater sense of appreciation or something.

So, in a roundabout way, that’s how it’s portrayed for you, portrayed more of something where it’s there, it’s whole, it’s complete. You may have an interlude of time where it fell by the boards, but when you find it again it’s almost like it increased the appreciation. 

It doesn’t suffer from the wear, the missing link has something to do with a way that you carry your energy, however, in terms of this being able to have its reacquired, or reestablished, or naturally coexisting correspondence again.

Jeane: Then I was awake for a while and went back to sleep. And in this next dream it feels like I’m living with my ex, but I’m very independent from him, like I’ve gone out and I’m taking walks with our friend, and talking to him, and kind of have my own life.

Several times I walk by a place where a cat has new kittens, and the kittens are calico kittens and they’re only a few weeks old so they’re just starting to kind of crawl out of this little basket and explore. 

But there’s one kitten that has a lot more white in it, and every time I come around and peek at the kittens some other cat grabs that kitten and hauls it over to where she is. It’s like no one’s going to touch that kitten. I think it’s kind of cute, except I’m not sure that kitten’s ever going to leave the mom. 

But they’re all too young to leave anyway, it’s just that the others are more crawling out and about exploring a bit. And then I go back to the house where my ex is and I find out that he says he wants to talk to me. And I realize I’ve been pretty independent now, so I guess he has his own thing he wants to do. 

But first I think I go and take a shower, and then when I come in to the living room to talk to him he’s laid some stuff out there for me to look at. And it feels like he wants to start studying Jungian psychology, and I’m kind of surprised by that and realize that maybe he just wants to take some money out of our savings to do that.

And, of course, it will have to be fine because I’ve been operating really independently. I’m just surprised that he wants to do that because I realize it may even involve travel to Switzerland and stuff and I hadn’t known it was an interest he had.

John: Well you’re following the protocol of understanding, in terms of the path, that the idea of what enables the feminine to do her work is that there is a certain kind of thing that she tends to need that the masculine provides, and that she has more of a trouble finding for herself, that is more natural to the masculine, and that’s protectorate energy.

And so like the cat is the protector, and the kitten is white which represents masculine, and the kitten has this quality that enables something to feel wonderful and okay in the environment, but each time you try to get close to that, and establish that, and consolidate that, something happens.

In other words, the protectorate or the energy that makes everything copacetic seems to hover, it seems to be close at hand, but not quite realized. And then all of a sudden something comes up to create a quality of disengagement, or a separation. 

And even though it looks like it’s an important or necessary thing – studying something like Jungian psychology, or whatever that looks like, which adds to the greater understanding of life or something, that that however leaves you a little bit on the outside fringe in terms of what you need – bringing in the other dreams – what you need to be able to have a way of settling back and letting things just naturally unfold, or emerge, inside of you.

You need that space for that to happen. And the energetic of the third dream provides that space for that to happen so that something like that comes together. And it’s easy to draw the conclusion, in a type of possessiveness then, to where you try and think that you’re holding on to it, and scramble to hold onto it as if you’re losing it when you see certain variables going on, and you don’t actually really lose it. You just acquire a different sense of appreciation about it that in itself enhances it. 

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