Enough is Enough

Ruby_SlippersJeane’s dream images call to mind the words from the Wizard of Oz when he tells Dorothy and her friends that what they have been searching for has been in them all along. And so it is with a spiritual path. Whatever we need is already in us. There’s nothing about life on a spinning planet in a spinning galaxy that signals that we are adrift and alone in the universe. What we are in is a wholeness that evolves together and, as such, we have our return journey coded in us, like our DNA. Yet for the human it is always a matter for us to choose the journey, or not, because we have not been created as slaves to the system. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I keep losing my dreams from last night. I know I lost the very earliest one, but the second one kind of repeats. 

Anyway, the dreams seem to have to do with traveling somewhere to find something. The dream that’s the loudest I seem to have traveled into the jungles in Mexico, I think, and I’ve gone into a hut and I’m talking to a dark-haired girl who had traveled with us in Egypt. 

And she is someone who is also a good shopper, and she has these little items around her and she tells me there’s a place in the jungle where they’re made – that you have to go past a real obvious part, and you have to go into this little village at just the right time of day because they just lay out there the things that they make at a certain time, and then they take them all away at another time. 

Well, I go into the jungle, but I get there early to the little village and I go wandering around the little huts and I actually wander in and I see how and where they’re making them. But I can only peek in for a moment because I think the tourists are just supposed to come and go to the village area where they lay out the wares, where I’m actually peeking back into the huts to see who, and how they’re made. 

So then I go back out into the square at the right time when they’re laying things out. And I remember she told me maybe you can even travel to another village, or a special place, where they make the best things, the most unusual little items. 

But I seem to travel the whole length and even hit an hour when they’re starting to wrap everything up, and I see how that is very precise, but my interest doesn’t seem to be in buying anything. It seems like my interest is in just finding them, and looking at them. 

Seeing what they’re like and getting very close-up and examining – even if it’s a little purse or whatever it is, little objects someone had been painting a face on that I had seen them make. I’m just curious about where they are, and is there another place where they make things even more? 

That dream seems to repeat some, and then also it’s followed by a dream where I’m going and I’m again looking for something. I’m traveling. It almost might be like looking for the headwaters of the lake where I grew up, or something like that. 

But each time I go look for it I overshoot it in a sense, or I overshoot where I’m supposed to turn. And when I overshoot I go up a mountain and it’s a real green mountain and I get so far up it and I realize I’ve overshot where I’m supposed to turn, and I turn around. 

The second time I do it, I even note that this mountainside is really kind of lush and you could probably find morel mushrooms there. They grow in that kind of environment. But there’s no time; I feel a certain sense of urgency so I’m not concerned as much. 

Even though the mountainside looks slippery, I’m not concerned much about it because I’ve done this before, but I want to get turned around so I can get to where I’m really going. 

Those were the only two parts of the dream I really pulled out. I know there were more, but it was really slippery – it would keep ebbing away.

John: The thing that the dreamings of the evening had in common is both of them involved journeying, or traveling. And the difference is, is that I had no idea where I was going, and you seemed to be able to find things. But, at some point, at the end, it’s like you didn’t know when to stop. 

It’s like you could easily stop, but you wouldn’t stop, and you just kept going and going and going. And, at some point, you were getting stretched out and you needed to just stop. 

It’s interesting that the dreams had this pattern of traveling, that they twined together, with you seemingly just continuing to go and go and go, and seemingly satisfied by what you were discovering.

But, you know, that whole last part it was like, as I was laying in my fog delirium, I kept saying when are you going to stop? When are you going to stop? You need to stop. There was something in the dream that just kept saying that you were stretching something too much, that you needed to stop. 

You traveled and you traveled, and you were going somewhere and going somewhere, but it was almost like all you had to do was stop and behold the path or something.

You had an indulgence, and the way things were waking up and waking up and waking up, and then the question became: enough is enough, or when do you stop? Just the finding of it seemed to be sufficient. It seemed that if you were to stop you would live it in some capacity, or do something different with it that would make it all make more sense.

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