A Spark of Hope

a_spark_Everything has an effect on everything else, some subtle, some less subtle. Yet for humans to rise to the promise of their design, we need to consciously take responsibility for the effect we have. Then we can begin to offer higher essences into life, rather than the more coarse emotions of anger and hurt. That’s how real change occurs, and that only really happens when we change our selves first. It’s the most noble struggle, and these dreams show John where he is in the journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The thing that set the stage for this traveling dream was a meditation dream. I’m going to see if I can make heads or tails out of it because I can’t readily remember it. It’s more of a vibration kind of thing or effect, which had me kind of confused as to where it was going.

In the meditation dream I am evaluating the effect of a particular price on things that I see, and that causes a reflection back in terms of how that effects me, this particular price that I’m seeing. 

So I’m wondering what it does, this kind of price action does, to a corporation because this is integral to a corporation, in other words the price of a commodity or the effect of that is directly tied to an entity, which is a corporation that works with this underlying commodity. 

Now, this price or the changes like that are masculine. They’re coming in as an energy coming in, and I’m trying to understand how that which is coming in is going to affect the entity or the corporation. In other words, how does one play with the pattern, or the mannerism, or the central vibration of things in a counter reaction way? 

In other words, you have to assimilate it, is what I mean by that, because when something comes in, if it came in purely and straightaway it would have an immediate effect upon the corporation – but it doesn’t have an immediate effect. It has an effect, but it is something you have to look at to understand. And so meaning, energetically speaking, is I am looking for a resiliency, or general effect, of what is coming in as an energy in terms of how it’s affecting creation. 

I’m looking at that. I’m evaluating that. As I’m looking at that I denote whether the effect is something that is sustainable. In other words, I keep looking at it to see how it is that something coming in is affecting something in the outer and, to a large degree, it may not have any effect at all. 

It can be ignored or something, or in other words not sustained, or it can have a delayed effect. And I seem to be looking at a range of possibilities that can unfold and, as I’m looking at it, I’m actually also seeking to change the outer by the relationship I have with this flow coming in.

In other words, the outer reaction relates to a change, and needs to relate to a change, happening from within. There comes a point when the outer is actually shifted from the inner and the effect should have sustained itself longer. The effect of the inner upon the outer should have sustained itself longer but, nevertheless, I saw the spark of how that inner effect hit the outer – and that excited me. 

In other words, it’s hard to describe but the inner flow created a spark. It created a recognition that was a recognition of it able to hit the outer, and that’s when I realized that I have come up with a way, or finally found a way, in which the inner effect can work in terms of touching the outer. 

Until I hit that spark it was like I was confused or struggling. In other words, it was like that inner energy had a quality to it – I considered it like a price. In other words, it had a movement, it had a motion to it, it changed, and the outer seemed dull by comparison. But from my perspective, the outer needed to be affected and needed to change fairly reflective to what the inner was bringing through, but didn’t seem to be doing it. 

So, on an indulgence level I was trying to figure out if there is a way, since I have an understanding of the inner that I can take and do something in an advantageous way with the outer knowing that the outer needed to ultimately catch up, or get the memo. But I couldn’t get comfortable doing that because there’s no way that I can tell if the outer is ever going to get the memo.

And then all of a sudden I get really excited because, in the end, I finally realize that it’s possible, when all of a sudden the inner comes through and there’s like a spark, or a quickening – which doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily going to be affecting the outer in any long-term or consequential way, but that’s the start, that’s the beginning, that’s important, and that’s enough. 

Well, before I looked and I looked and couldn’t gauge the timing, or when it could happen, or if it could happen, and so I didn’t know how to work the situation. And now, all of a sudden, with that spark, there’s hope. 

That was the initial meditation dream. How does that apply to the travel dream? That’s the good question. In other words, there’s a spark coming along that creates a sense of something. It hasn’t quite come through, and so I don’t know where it is that I’m necessarily going because it hasn’t come through. 

That’s the best I can make out of it, and so I am traveling and I am finding some consciousness, and reaching a certain degree of power, and I’m indulging a little bit too much this way, and not being able to handle the power that’s coming through. So I still don’t necessarily know where it is that I’m necessarily going, but that’s the condition I see myself in. 

And then the other part indicates that my feminine nature doesn’t have the proper boundaries or something about it such that it goes off on its tangents and unpredictabilities, and it isn’t helping me get my act together so I still stay uneasy in relationship to the fact that the inner feminine isn’t encompassing what it is that is trying to come through.

In other words, isn’t functioning as a proper quality in the outer, in terms of what is coming through, so it doesn’t quite ground or come through, so I never can ever get any idea of where in the heck I’m going. Or why I’m compelled to have to travel. In other words, it’s without reason. All of this continues to continue without reason.

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