Connecting to Wisdom

planet-As we saw in yesterday’s dream (see The Inner House), what unfolds on the unconscious level of dreams is a guide for what can happen in our waking, outer life. Here we find ourselves, born away from home on this planet, seemingly without a road map. Yet when we  begin to look closely, we can see that everything we need has been supplied – even the intelligence to have a “knowing” about something that was unknown before. Great wisdom is within us – it awaits our arrival with infinite patience. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it feels like there’s a scene where I’m in the garage, tinkering with some contraption trying to get it to work or whatever, and that there’s a carload of young guys that come by. They kind of have a bluish energy to them. Blue and white, maybe. 

And it feels like I invite them to a party, and they kind of go off laughing. And I have a feeling they won’t come to the party because I have a sense that they’re actually priests, but I know that they were happy to be invited. They were glad they were invited, but I don’t know that they’ll come. 

Then there’s the scenario, which I think I’m in the house, and I’m talking to several people and they’re relating a story about an older woman, who to me looks like Mrs. T, who on the day she died was being driven somewhere and had said certain things that everyone else thought was delusional.

And I’m looking at this scene. It’s like I can see her in the car and whatever she’s saying I could hear in the dream, although I couldn’t pull it out, and I’m saying, no, she was actually having a vision – they just didn’t understand what she was saying.

John: That’s true of these boys in the car, too, although it’s not a vision per se, it’s a reflection of what that vision is all about, in that they are in a process and a flow in an unbalanced way because they’re just moving this way and that way about. 

They’re not housed, so to speak. They’re outward, but they carry an attention upon both blue and white energy. White energy is an energy of completion, of pristine-ness. As you say, they’re like priests. 

And blue energy is an energy of an awakening through a certain understanding, or clarity, or insight, or even wisdom. The higher element of blue has a connection to wisdom, because it’s in the higher chakra. It’s the fifth, it’s just above the heart. 

The higher element of blue has an element that awakens – and there are two components to that. One is where used in a way that is kept dense in the outer leads to an understanding of things. Used in a way that is part of a higher consciousness that has a wisdom in terms of kind of knowing what is right and what isn’t right about a situation. 

So what you’ve done is you’ve created a flux. You haven’t brought the flux together. The guys that are there in their way have not figured out how to come into the house. And so the quality of the vision is that this has to happen, and how is what you see, and what is in your energetic field, how is this going to happen, or how is this to be? 

And that’s where the Mrs. T dream comes in. It’s no different than a vision kind of thing of Carl Jung seeing himself sitting in meditation under a banyan tree, knowing that some aspect of himself is caught in both places. And Mrs. T’s vision would, in its way, bring all of that together, would see how that is meant to come together. 

Now, it basically is all there inside of you. You have these inflections that are cycling. How do you bring it together? That’s the issue. See how that was? That’s an awkward little dream. 

Jeane: Uh huh, it was.

John: The schematic apparently is, if one was to take an underlying theme of what is being dreamt by the both of us, one would say that the theme has to do with something that is to unfold, that is intended to unfold, that is intended to come into cognition.

And the theme tends to also, by the very fact that the theme has to do with a conduct, or an action, or a mannerism that is sitting latent, that has to be caught up with, that rises like a phoenix from the ashes into a type of way of being in the outer. 

The theme seems to invoke that apparently we have work to do or, in the outer, we don’t just go into a silence or an emptiness. We have to catch up with that silence and that emptiness, but because we’re in the outer, we also are here for a kind of purpose that has to be done in relationship to the whole.

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