An Insatiable Need

cosmos1A spiritual path often can seem to be a yearning to reconnect with what created us – and much of it is. Yet we don’t often consider the process from creation’s perspective. As this dream analysis delves into, the outplay of manifestation is the way that creation is trying to fulfill Its need: for greater consciousness, greater connection, and a greater capability to “see” what is happening in its farthest reaches. How does creation do that? Through our consciousness, through the human design. That’s why we are all indispensable to the plans of creation. Or can be, if we choose to play our part. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The schematic apparently is, if one was to take an underlying theme of what is being dreamt by the both of us, one would say that the theme has to do with something that is to unfold, that is intended to unfold, that is intended to come into cognition.

And the theme tends to also, by the very fact that the theme has to do with a conduct, or an action, or a mannerism that is sitting latent, that has to be caught up with, that rises like a phoenix from the ashes into a type of way of being in the outer. 

The theme seems to invoke that apparently we have work to do or, in the outer, we don’t just go into a silence or an emptiness. We have to catch up with that silence and that emptiness, but because we’re in the outer, we also are here for a kind of purpose that has to be done in relationship to the whole. 

In other words, we don’t sit in the inner state of a silence and an emptiness. And even though one can say that they kind of know that, it took a visionary kind of thing in my meditation dream to jar that loose.

I call it a meditation dream, but it’s a type of vision because I’m answering a question and clearing up a misconception. In other words, I looked at certain symbolisms, like the element of four as an aspect of completion, and in the dream I saw the vision of this completeness and felt the vibration of it.

And it was like four pillars, or four columns, and those four columns, when you allowed yourself to feel that and be in the space of that wholeness, that depicted a complete wholeness, a complete letting go. There was no need to have to break that space, to do anything in particular, because it was so soothing.

But once one hits this state that’s soothing, all of a sudden I just realized all I had to do was relax and realize, holy cow, this is totally fulfilling, totally complete. Once I had learned to do that, I realized, all of a sudden, that there is still something else. And it’s like a singular thing. This something else is a singular thing.

And so this something else, first I had to visualize what it looked like on the inside, and then I had to see how it looks on the outside – because the inner and the outer do reflect each other to some degree. 

Without the inner connection, that outer thing could look like an attachment or a haywirism that is functioning and flowing in a particular way, you know, this is the conceptualization, it would be good if it just got the memo to just sit in a state of quietness, which is the state where the depth of God supposedly resides, at least on an inner quality way.

But in manifestation, the counter reflection of that, or the flip side of the coin, is slightly different. And so what I learned was, on the inner, the inner is constantly trying to expand its awareness, or type of wisdom, and it is the one thing that seems to lack a counterbalance. 

In other words, in the consciousness of the whole there is something that has a completeness on the inner, that’s a quietness, a hidden treasure that could long to be known but is hard to see itself because it’s in a state of quietness and silence. 

And out of that arises things that are expanding and in motion. It’s a consciousness that is stirring from the stillness. And that consciousness that is stirring from the stillness leads to a greater being, an expanding of the whole, a greater consciousness, and is aspected, from the inner, as a quality of wisdom. 

Now, wisdom is a form of inner power because that is coalesced and linked to everything that exists. It isn’t deviated in any capacity, and so it is a form of all-pervasive power. 

Completeness reflected in the outer is symbolized by the element called gold. Now, what is interesting is those who are on a spiritual path think that they need to hit this calmness, this state, and that their real home and place where they need to be resides on this other side. But whatever this other side is, is in motion, constant motion of expanding and is insatiably looking for greater and greater wholeness, and greater and greater wisdom of itself. 

I hadn’t expected to see something like this. When you turn that around and you counter reflect that into manifestation, then you have the impetus behind man who is running this way and that way, trying to do this, trying to do that. 

But his functions in this microcosmic way are all discombobulated, but there is a quality about it that is counter reflected, or the flip side of the coin, from this state of a calmness and wholeness that is exuding out, that is man exuding out and acting out in manifestation. 

And so the conduct and the actions of man in manifestation are not as dismissible as it would seem. They are fractured parts of something that functions without a boundary, like the four-pegged thing that was totally complete and totally quiet because, in this particular case, the balance was established as an aspect called manifestation.

So this part acts insatiably with a need to make itself known, or to expand, or to evolve, and the counterbalance to that, the thing that brings that into cadence, is creation where it acts out, flows out in its multiplicities of what appears to be separation and duality that are the flip side of that. 

Now, what is it in the outer that perfectly reflects the flip side of this? It’s the symbol gold. And so when man is taking and doing things, what he’s really doing is he is, in his perverse way of thinking about it, trying to find a balance, or a cadence, or a completeness for himself – even though when he goes out and he gets a job, or he strives to do this, or he strives to do that, in the big picture way of looking at it it’s idiotic, it’s a vanity, it’s trite, it goes nowhere, it’s a stupidity.

But is it really? Because all of those little bits and pieces of this, that, and the other flying this way and that way in an outer-manifested way are aspects of the divine consciousness stretching out, basically becoming a greater whole. 

Well, when I discovered this inside I realized that this kind of defies all kinds of principles in which man has come to define his world. Puritan Christian ethics would have you believing that you have to tilt the perspective towards “getting out of Dodge,” getting from manifestation to somewhere else because that’s where your real home is at. 

You wouldn’t have a breath that comes down into creation, for some reason, and then back up to the Godhead, or the creator, on the in-breath, and then hitting that interval that’s a type of completion up there, or quietness up there, and then back down into creation again where the out-breath in-breath interval has this longing and separation and duality then as a consequence of it in a kind of amnesia – you wouldn’t have this if it wasn’t important in terms of this whole process. And it is counterbalanced, and the thing that counterbalances it is a quality of the heart.

So in my way of dreaming I realize that first of all you reach a state in which you have this quietness, and this relaxation, and total soothingness, and emptiness, and at ease, only to discover that there’s still something else trying to be in motion.

And then that something else that is in motion is counterbalanced between inner and outer, in terms of their being a meaningful correspondence. And then when you discover that, there’s still something missing, which surprised me, and this part I cannot describe, and it has to do with the heart because it’s the heart that has to sort all of that. And the heart of hearts, or the inner depth of the inner depth, or however you would call that, is the next thing from that because in the expansion, and in the action of man in creation, there still is something more. 

In other words, you become empty in order to be able to be of use, in order to be able to catch up with how it is, and what it is, that you’re able and meant to be. But then, when you catch up with that, then you have to also catch up with a linkage and value. You have to pull that together. And that occurs in the heart of hearts, and that is something that I could only sense was something more yet. 

So basically what happened was I hit the state of calmness, which was necessary, which is, from a conceptual position of my being, I guess, deemed to be where one is going, only to find that there is more when one gets there. 

That one has to go from there into the multiplicity of things in an acting out, only to find that all of that has a certain discombobulation about it even though it’s counterbalancing the inner into the outer – but it can’t quite do that unless there is a certain quality of the heart of hearts, or the inner heart, that also opens up then as a consequence of those actions so that that then pulls in a greater cadence. So that was like a whole visionary event. 

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