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0This dream of Jeane’s is a beautiful example of how worries in waking life can become images in a dream – and bring a much greater depth of insight and clarity  than might be usually possible. And when it comes to physical illness, our lack of inner alignment can lead to any number of health issues. As John points out, this scenario discusses both levels, inner and outer, yet is focused on the connection of the inner as the alignment needed to bring greater well being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had a dream early last evening, and I had sat down in the chair and I had gone into a state where I had this dream with a lot of energy. Part of it I think is triggered by the fact if I get overtired right now, then it always brings back a little concern: does that mean the cancer is returning? And so the dream was about that, at least on the obvious. 

So in the dream, it’s like I’ve invited the doctor over that did my surgery. I had at some point loaned her a couple of CDs to listen to, and when she comes over I know in the back of my mind are these questions of, should I have pursued chemo or radiation? 

But I don’t quite bring them out. And I’m thinking about whether I should loan her some more music, but I realize from some comments that she makes that she didn’t like the music I had lent her. So I don’t offer anymore because she didn’t like the ones before. 

And then when it’s time for her to leave I walk out, and there are apparently two ways that you can leave. One is what I consider kind of an interesting way, which is there’s this large craggy boulder and you can climb up the boulder and then there’s a door that opens out.

And I think that’s interesting, but then when I realize she didn’t like the music and things, I just walk her around the boulder up a little grassy slope and out the regular way, rather than the way that I would consider a little more interesting.

And all during this time sometimes I go into these states where I know I’m in the chair dreaming, but I have this energy that doesn’t allow me to completely wake up because it just is vibrating through my body.

And then it feels like I still want to discuss whether I should have done more treatment or not, and so I’ve gone into what looks like a boardroom and a woman comes in and sits down to talk to me. And she’s a woman that I knew in New York that had moved to Seattle, a physical therapist, kind of a brunette woman, and so she sits down at the table and it feels like I just want to talk with her. 

That’s when I wake up.

John: That last part is a mental part that has to do with the neurosis that goes around and around – and it changes the vibe of the whole dream. 

In the first part of the dream, what you’re dealing with is a music of yourself. You’re not making a proper correspondence with this music. It’s not linking the way it needs to link. You’re not hearing it the way you need to hear it. You’re not grounding it, or you’re not doing something in the way that it needs to be.

As a consequence of you not doing that, you’re not able to scale some height. You have to keep taking the easy way out. You keep skirting. You’re skirting. When you go into the outer, you skirt what is in front of you because you haven’t pulled together the points that are required to have the energetic to scale this rock. You’re able to go straight up and over that route.

So instead, because there isn’t a balance or a cadence with catching up with something that is meant to be caught up with, in terms of how you are appreciating something that is evolving inside. In other words, it’s there but you’re not able to properly hear it for how it is and, therefore, you don’t like it.

And because of that, there is a lack of connectivity. And then that connectivity is necessary for you to have the energetic quality that is able to go up and over, or scale the rock, or however you’d say it that has a way of going so much deeper. 

You need both. You don’t have both. You don’t have the parts pulled together because, somehow or another, the music is not being appreciated – in other words, the dance, the joy. 

Music also symbolizes an element that addresses and deals with moods and mannerisms. And one can put spells on themselves with attitudes, beliefs, concepts, moods. And the easiest thing, the thing that works the best to soothe all of that, is music. But you’re not allowing yourself to be soothed, and you’re staying on a spin. 

And the last part, that I don’t really remember because you changed the energy of the first part, is a part that one best responds to by saying that you just need to knock it off in terms of those notions. They don’t help, or add, or do anything at all to your well being. 

It’s like a mental stirring. Rarely does one have a dream in which these mental cogitations and stirrings aren’t meaningful, but in this particular case you really drop the energy. When we start doing that it’s… I almost, as you were saying it, was going, oh boy, neurosis, neurosis.

Jeane: I told you.

John: And yet however, the dream in the chair was not a bad dream because it has you focusing in on how to hear what you need to hear, and knowing that you’re not quite taking it in in a way that you need to take it in. 

But then the neurosis steps in and defeats your purpose, defeats that focus and attention in which you’re looking at this right, and from being able to pull it together. That’s a deep dream, too. And you can see, from a dream like that, how you can make yourself sick.

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