Coming in for a Landing

imagesJust as the best ideas mean little if they’re never written down or acted upon, so it is with a spiritual journey. What is opened up on the inner, or higher, realms must be brought into our life, through our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Only then can it be considered “real.” Because we are each unique individuals, we will each manifest higher connections in different ways. That points to the beauty and importance of every one of us to creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only dream I remember from last night was the dream I had this morning.

In this dream I seem to be visiting a foreign country. I’m in a small airplane with a woman pilot, and we’re going to be going to one of a series of little islands that are actually quite close to each other and they have little whitewashed buildings on them. 

We’re going to be landing at some point and eating. And our dinner is going to be this fish that I’m taking care of until we get there. 

Now this fish is the cutest little fish. It’s about the size of the palm of my hand, so I’m holding it. It’s kind of flat, actually, but it will flip its little tail up. It actually almost looks like it’s already been cooked – except it’s alive. 

It bats its cute little eyes at me. It kind of lifts its head now and then, kind of gulping air, and I’m supposed to take care of it until we land the plane. Then I guess we’re going to fry it up and eat it, so I’m taking care of it.

But we have to kill time; for some reason we can’t land just yet. She’s showing me out the window how close the little islands are, and this airplane she actually sometimes turns on its side and flies right between two pillars in the water. And, in fact, at one point she seems to stop and suspend it in air while she gets out and climbs down a ladder into the water and back up. 

Meanwhile, I’m just taking care of the fish and looking at it. It’s just the cutest thing. I kind of like it. Well then we get back into the plane. This time it feels like there’s a man pilot. They’ve already shown me how close the island is we’re going to, and the time is right. I guess it’s a matter of timing. 

I’m looking around wondering, the way we’re flying so crazy, that if the plane ever went into the water, how would I get out? Especially if the pilot was unconscious, because it’s just a little like two-seater plane, three-seater plane. I’m in the backseat. 

And that’s kind of the whole dream.

John: Well, the fish represents a consciousness that’s trying to come down and be brought down into manifestation. 

And in manifestation everything is kind of a swirl. In other words, you have islands out in the midst of the sea, and that you have to land or come down. You have to ground it. You have to reach the ground at the appropriate time.

The fish also represents something that you have an inkling of – in terms of you can feel it in the bones. This of course is something that you can feel in kind of a… it’s kind of a masculine way, but even the feminine, in her overallness of things, can have a sense of it. 

The timing isn’t right yet because you’re still sitting in a feminine state, and there still is a little duality that exists. You need a masculine pilot, or you need a female pilot. It’s kind of like the female pilot to fly the plane should be a masculine pilot, but you’re switching somehow or another to a masculine pilot for landing purposes or something.

And it’s as if things are probing, like the plane suspends and checks something out and things like that, which is the image of getting an inkling of things. And the fear, of course, in dreams like this is missing the timing. 

And, of course, then that fish represents the consciousness that gets grounded and taken in, or reflected, correspondingly in manifestation. So the fish is a consciousness that isn’t yet constellated, that is like something that is astir, and that you have a closeness to this kind of consciousness that’s astir and you just need the timing to be right, and the place to be right.

In other words, the masculine effect corresponding with the feminine in creation or manifestation, in order to bring the consciousness that is from within into the without. The fish is that consciousness. 

And so what’s interesting is looking at the fish, seeing how cute the fish is, almost able to wink at you, and this, that, and the other – you develop quite a rapport with it, and that rapport is necessary because what you sense on the inner you need to cradle and have a closeness to, to such a degree so that you can tell whether you’re on the right attention, in terms of in manifestation, because this fish then has to be cooked or brought into manifestation. You have to live this in manifestation.

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