Image of Change

lightimageHere, John’s meditation dream continues a recent theme: what does it mean for a human to be a conduit for higher things? This question is at the heart of human purpose. Just as our eyes translate light into vision, and our ears translate vibration into sound, the human system, and individual life, can be a translator of higher energies into the physical realms. It’s part of our job description. The challenge for us is, it requires conscious intention to connect to those higher things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream portrays image after image of what I’m able to pick up and see from within, and my take on it is that instead of it being just a nice fish and a consciousness unfolding, my sense is kind of the doom and gloom devastation of things.

And so the dilemma I have is catching up with the timing. I know that what appears as kind of an inner sense that I have, is a generic energy that needs to come down into manifestation in order for something to be evoked. 

However, I also know that it has to be channeled through a human being, this general energetic. And so I’m sitting wondering if what I’m perceiving is going to be as potent in the outer as I’m experiencing it in its generality.

And I guess what I had tweaked as kind of a waking dream was the idea that just because you can have a sense of this within, doesn’t mean that in the final analysis it’s going to be all dire, because what you see is one thing, and how it alchemically comes across having passed through the chakras, or traits, or qualities that are hidden in man, in other words the co-creator of it passing through man, could cause something different to occur. 

Well, it’s almost as if I am potentially raising something that has more power to it, and more importance to it, than need be. In other words, this general vibration. And then how it unfolds by the will of man, and there being a timing gap because it’s perceived in its general way. But then as it comes into manifestation it gets noodled through the elements of reflection in a sequence of time. 

It could be a lot different. My subsequent images, however, portray the continuum of devastation. In other words, it’s almost like I keep looking out over the plane of it so that I can’t say that what unfolds is changed, or compromised, by man because the effect of something that has to change is so preordained that man isn’t going to override it. 

In other words, however they moderate it, it is still going to be – and so very, very different from what had been. In other words, the will of God is not as mitigated as one might mistakenly think. And so what we have been relying upon as a humanity – as if somehow or another change always works out or something – what we’ve been relying upon as a type of security is a false pretense. 

There’s nothing that can be done to avert the consequences. There simply is too much of an overall effect for mitigation. I came to know this because I saw this answered by way of it bouncing through various continuums of time. 

In other words, it wasn’t just a specific thing and then I noodle around and then we see what we end up with, or the consequence of a specific impression. This bounced around to the point where, in the seeing, I had kind of like stretched it out so that there was an aspect of manifestation that was being shown to me in addition to just the seeing of something coming.

Also, in going to sleep, I kind of had a question as to the fact that I realized that a person mitigated this, or brought all of this through themselves, the will of God. We have access. You’re not the will of God – it funnels through you. 

I seem to have the question of: is there any out clause or something? Is there anybody that gets out of this thing without suffering from the capacity of the change? And so I equate that as taking paper currency and converting it into black gold energy to offset the effect. 

In other words, instead of leaving it as paper currency to be devastated, which is, in other words, taking an energy and dressing it up to the idea that the general will of God could be alchemically altered enough to make a meaningful outer difference. 

In other words, this is the attempt to shape something now – generally speaking, that is. Or said another way, what I saw did not indicate that there was room, or to note there wasn’t room, in what was being depicted through me, and to me, because it was so general and large, to note if an exception, or if a shaping, didn’t also exist.

So I guess what I am saying is that the overall image of change does not indicate one way or the other if a conversion of matter into an energetic constant, or energetic construct such as oil energy, within manifestation, is sensible or not. In other words, it’s part of a shaping, like a conversion to something of a greater meaningful that’s more rooted in creation and manifestation. 

It kind of left that up to me to play with as a positive redesign. So that’s the meditation dream.

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