On the Cusp

mooncuspIt’s amazing to think, when we gaze at the enormity of the universe we inhabit, that we humans so often expect life to work according to our timings, according to our plans. As John’s dream shows symbolically, there is something of value in the ground that needs to be unlocked, but the ground is frozen, making it impossible. In the weeks or months to come, perhaps there will be a dream where the ground isn’t frozen and the time is right. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then when I went to sleep I found that I have traveled into a town, gotten off the bus or something like that, and I have 30 minutes in this kind of wild west old kind of mountainous mining-type town, before I have to leave again.

And there’s another woman that is with me, who was just riding in the same bus. I didn’t know her from before, but she realizes that this is the opportunity to try to uncover something that is hidden in this town. 

And what’s hidden in this town is, this town is known that if you dig down and sort through the rocks and the gravel underneath it, you’ll find agates that are valuable. In this dream I just know that there are valuable things under the ground here. 

However, I’m also traveling in early winter, or something, because the ground is frozen. There had been a snow and there are still some snowdrifts that are apparent in places in the town. The rest of it has melted. You see the ground, but then you see snowdrifts here and snowdrifts there in places yet. But you can’t dig into the ground, like I say, because it’s frozen.

Because things are inaccessible, all we can do is the next best thing. The first thing we do is we get off and we go to the nearest snowdrift, just snow, nothing in it. So then we wander up the hills and around to see if we can find a snowdrift that may have scraped some rock up or something that would be imbedded in the snowdrift that we can sort out.

But that’s just a guess, and it’s the best we can do at the spur of the moment and under current conditions. And, obviously, it doesn’t pan out; it’s a total waste of time. And after 20 minutes or so of the 30 minutes we have left in terms of probing around, I can tell by the way the terrain is, and the town is situated, that if I could dig into the ground there are a lot of possibilities here. There’s a lot of rock and gravel there, from which agates could exist, but our approach is off in terms of timing and such.

So the meaning of the dream is the snow represents a type of purity. The snow reflects a grace, as well, of something that has descended. However, the timing’s not right so I’m unable to find anything of value yet. Conditions just aren’t right. Elements are frozen at this time. 

Isn’t that interesting? Just like you, in your dream, you got a great fish, you know, but you have to get the plane landed and you don’t want to fall off into the drink first. You have to get the islands right. And it’s as if the plane can suspend and something can go down and kind of check things out, but it just samples into the water, it’s not on land yet.

And eventually it’s supposed to get there and then the fish becomes something that becomes edible or awakens in manifestation, consciousness awakens in manifestation.

So in the next dream, I am told that I need to utilize an open area in the center of a town. First of all I’m looking in this town for something important; I can feel it, but I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at. 

And then, all of a sudden, I think I know that, oh, this must be what I’m looking at, because there’s this fairly large area in town, it’s all level, that someone has come and they’ve scraped off the overburden. It’s a really rocky surface. 

It doesn’t lend itself to too much use. They’ve scraped about six inches away, digging down about six inches away and leveled off this whole actually very large space in the center of town. And, then, in order to protect it and preserve it so it isn’t an eyesore, they’ve extended a felt pad over the area.

And I could tell it’s indented down about six inches, and I realize all that one would need to do is remove the felt pad, bring in some good dirt, and the rest of this town is fairly barren even though there are buildings and everything around this town, this little spot would be very prolific and could be used as a means of growing things. 

Not what I had in mind, of course, but that’s what I’m noticing as I’m looking around for something of merit and value, this is the best I could come up with.

The meaning of this is I am exploring from within, looking outwardly, the sense of something that I feel in my bones trying to correspond that attentiveness that is stirring there within, to something I’m able to recognize in correspondence that exists – as above, so below – it exists in manifestation that is able to open up. 

And what is interesting about this dream is I’m actually surprised by what I see, because I’m actually thinking that it’s going to be in some other manner, or something, I end up finding that the correspondence of the inner vibration that I feel within, I’m able to see a whole different way that it is meant to be upon the plane of manifestation.

And it’s in a way that I would not have anticipated or expected. I know it when I see it, but when it’s noodling around inside of me on the inner level, the best I’m able to catch up with it is a projection that doesn’t quite do it justice.

And then the deeper meaning of these dreams, is I’m in the outer, in kind of a cooking pot cauldron of manifestation, at a time when the grace is there for a change to occur, but the conditions are not yet ripe. I can feel the change coming, but until it comes together I need to be attentive. 

What I come to see is what unfolds is not necessarily what my creative imagination may have anticipated, or expected, or envisioned. More needs to come through for me to grasp the opportunity. By opportunity I mean the recognition that corresponds in manifestation to what is welling up energetically within.

And, in the dream, just like in your dream where you were afraid you would drop into the water or something, you could blow it or something, I too am concerned about missing out. I am so eager I could jump the gun too quickly and, from a timing perspective, blow it. 

That seems to be my worry as I feel change on the horizon as coming. It isn’t at hand. It is still germinating. The sensation is quickening from within, but in manifestation the changes are simply on the cusp. 

In other words, there may be a few things that give the hints of the signs of the change, but it hasn’t altered the way things are in some dramatic sense that one can sense inside themselves but has no way of knowing exactly what that means. 

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