A Secret Substance

string_theoryWhat is it that brings everything in life together? Well, the higher view of that question would be: Everything is already together – what makes you, or anyone, feel separate? It’s a curious paradox of the spiritual path that creation wants our uniqueness, but it doesn’t want our separateness. The only real way to solve that paradox is to elevate our life, and our energies, into service of the whole. We’re free in how we choose to be in service (unique), but to become part of the bigger picture is a choice we need to make. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had really odd dreams last night. One dream I remember parts of, it’s like I’m leaving the building that I’m in and I go out and I’m walking around what almost feels like a construction area. And it’s very kind of sunny, and dusty, and the buildings look kind of white and everything is actually laying around on the ground.

And I’m going around and I’m finding my laundry, and then I’m trying to sort out whether I need one or two canvas bags to put my laundry in and take it with me when I go. Because if it’s all dirty I may only need one bag but, on the other hand, as I go and wash it I’ll need a second bag probably.

And so I’m just trying to sort that out and find all my laundry, because it seems to be laying around, and I’m gathering it up for when I go to the laundromat. That’s one scene. That’s all I remembered of that dream.

John: It’s the image of, even though we’re cleaning things up, do we really know how and what we’re doing when we’re trying to clean things up? Because we don’t see the big picture in terms of what it is that has to be cleaned.

And, in terms of the big picture, whatever it is that we’re looking at is still like laundry scattered on the ground that’s dirty. And we may think we’re attending to things, but as your image is indicating, that which you’re looking to clean up, that which you’re looking at that you need, is scattered all over the place.

And it’s kind of like you can’t help but wonder that this is actually how it really is in life. I mean, we go around and we might get things in a kind of a copacetic way, for self-edification, where we have a sense of the diligence of this, and that, and the other, according to our parametered references. 

But I have a feeling that an even larger schematic, the perception of where one is coming from in terms of tending to things, is still a heck of a mess. In other words, the laundry really isn’t getting cleaned up because it’s only a concept of ours that thinks that we’re cleaning it, but that’s because we don’t see the bigger picture. There’s so much, so much more.

Jeane: So in this next dream I seem to be with a friend of mine who’s a doctor, a man. We’ve gone into some kind of a building like you go up to a counter to talk to somebody. 

Well, the gal on the other side of the counter is odd-looking, like she seems like she’s only about a foot and a half or two feet tall and she’s part metal, doesn’t really look like a person. And she has some rather odd relationship to a fluid that is in a container. I’m not quite sure what to make out of all of that. 

Then he and I go to another building and we meet a man who also seems to have some features of what this woman had, and we kind of figure out even though he looks fairly different that she must be his daughter. 

Well then I can see that there’s some kind of relationship between my friend, the doctor, and this woman – like they kind of need to get together. And in the same way, I relate some way to her dad, but what we’re relating through is the liquid that they need. And it’s almost like a liquid that you can soak in, whether it’s sugar water, or salt water, or you can put bacon in it? 

I don’t know. You do different things with it. It’s odd. I know at one point the doctor even goes and you feel like he’s kind of lying in this liquid. He needs a certain amount of time, but then we’re joking about how that time wouldn’t work so well for him. 

And then there’s a rough man I meet that’s a healer. Maybe he’s the type that kind of works with alcoholics. He’s really effective at what he does. You just have to accept the difference in his nature. 

He’s just one of those characters that kind of looks rough, but is really effective in the world. And so he, and I, and the doctor, and another doctor I really respect are all sitting in a room together and we’re discussing about how it is that we can get the odd creatures together, especially the one couple.

And the new doctor that’s come in that’s a really pretty wise guy, and he’s joking about it means he’s going to have to keep those kinds of hours like one did in residency where maybe he’s up for four hours and asleep four hours – but he can do it. 

Meanwhile I’ve just been studying how all this works because it’s like they take something, that might even look like a strip of bacon, and they soak it in this fluid and maybe it’s part of the body. They soak it in the fluid and they take it back out, or maybe they get into this fluid and get back out.

And if you become a couple with one of them, do you have to do something like that? I’m just studying all of this out. I’m hearing about the comments, how casual everybody’s feeling about it, how they’re just trying to work out the timing if they’re going to get together with these odd kinds of sorts of critters, or people.

I can’t quite work it all out, but I just seem to be studying it, or supporting it even, but it is very odd because it’s almost like they take things out of the body and soak them for a while, or soak the body for a while in this fluid. I just don’t figure out how it all works. I just know they’re all trying to get together.

John: At least you looked at the fluid long enough and close enough to realize how central that was to the entire dream, in that appearances could be appearances, but still what resonated through all of that was some central vibration, which you called a fluid, that had its effect upon all that there is.

And so because that is the key thing, everything else is just a matter of appearances. Connecting to, being linked to, that fluid makes all of everything else kind of fall away. In other words, in that regard, it’s intertwined. And no matter what something may look like, it’s intertwined, it’s affected, it’s infused through this fluid so that it all has some sort of semblance of sense about it.

It is imaged through the fluid. It has some sort of sense about it that is in common. And so what you’re doing in the dream is, even though these peculiarities exist, that on one level you can see the peculiarities and you could possibly have reverberations in regards to how you contend with all of those awkward peculiarities, when you look at the peculiarities close enough you start to see the intertwining. 

First you see it as a matter of a type of relatability, or relationship to, and then you come to recognize, at a closer examination, that it has something to do with a substance that they all have in common. And then you dwell upon this substance, and dwell upon this substance, until you come to realize that everything is sorted out in accordance with this substance. 

It’s interesting isn’t it? Again, your dream dealt with, in this case, rather than reducing it to a substance, a secret substance or something, which was added as a greater focus to things. In other words, when you were just dealing with the laundry and having to take and contend with something that you needed to still carry with you, your second dream was a higher octave in that it showed that there was something that permeated through all of that. 

In other words, there was a secret substance and everything that you were able to behold, that existed around you in terms of an aliveness – even though it can look metallic and all this, that, and the other  – it still is affected or impacted by this secret substance. 

With the laundry you haven’t yet added that component in there. In other words, you haven’t quite stretched to the bigger equation or picture of things. The laundry is something that is simply, on one level, you might think that what you’re doing is actually making headway, keeping something clean and such, but you’re realizing that on the scope of what you’re looking at that all you’re doing is that, in terms of the dusty road or the path of things, things are scattered all over the place, that your laundry is not as orderly as you might be inclined to think.

And that still misses something because behind all of that, which helps pull it together, is the secret substance that permeates and shows the intertwining and the linkage.

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