Beyond Fate

CloudWalker1Is our future predetermined? Perhaps the answer to that depends on whether we are making conscious choices, or we are swayed by internal and external forces that seem beyond our control. Because our choices effect what is energetically attracted to us, we absolutely can draw in a different future of our own choosing. But, of course, only if what we choose is in support of universal processes, not personal ones.(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t remember my dream as a dream so much as just an image, or a sensation, of being on this hillside and pulling something kind of oblong down, and through and out, bringing it down the hillside or something. I couldn’t really get many images with it that I could remember.

John: What do you mean by oblong? Horizontal?

Jeane: The shape was oblong, and it felt like just bringing something down from above and through and out, kind of out within a certain radius and downhill.

John: That was part of the general overall dreaming as a kind of theme. The fact that you didn’t have dream images means that something was kept hidden in the process of doing what you were doing, which corresponds to an understanding that I developed through the sequence of dreaming last night, that you could even apply to what you depicted as an action. 

Of course, I’m adding a little something to it to make that application. And what makes it come alive, in that sense, is that there is the feeling, or presence, of something that resonates in one’s being. And when something really resonates in one’s being a lot, as if it is from somewhere else, that is a mystical influence.

And then the pulling of something down, and through, and into life, the process of doing that is to take that which is visible and make it and cause something to occur in the outer, in what is a kind of invisible unfoldment. Because it’s nearly not seen and, as a consequence, it can be like magic, or it can change, or effect, the way something unfolds. 

You were describing something that is an octave – that is that kind of process. And then I’m putting more words to what it looks like, or is like, in terms of it being effectuated. This is almost like a radical shaking to do this sort of thing. It almost defies the sensibilities of the way a person tends to put a perspective upon things in life. 

What I wrote about it makes the following statement: A mystic is a person who can see a consciousness in the unconscious, while the alchemist can take that which is seen and invoke, in an inner into outer way, what others call fate, an unfoldment that goes beyond fate. 

In other words, fate is a confusing word and, in most instances, carries karmic overtones. So I guess what I’m saying is that one has to understand what appears, and is seen by others, as fate can be done in a way so that it goes beyond fate. 

And that is a unique way of carrying one’s self, and that is how an alchemist in its highest motif operates. It transforms something from one state to another state, and the true doing so is not something as apparent as lead turned into gold kind of thing. It is subtler than that, so that you cannot put your finger on it, per se, because it doesn’t give you something to stigmatize.

So in my meditation dream, what took place seemed quite a bit different and more of an energetic that I then came to describe more symbolically in a dream later. 

And so in the meditation dream, the response of a person is based upon the image they have of how it is that they are able to proceed and be. And this way of proceeding and being is based upon impressions which influence the response. 

Because what I see is something I cannot help but see, I just respond to the image of appearances. That’s how most people are, and this is a pattern that corresponds to an image in a person’s head and not to the situation that exists before one. 

Now I’m talking about a situation that exists before one as a situation that exists outside of time and space. And so if you don’t get to the situation that exists outside of time and space, and you’re responding to something that is a response that rises up almost synaptically or something within, which affects things, it is like being controlled by those synaptic responses and carrying an imbedded defense mechanism mannerism that influences the conduct.

So what it’s like is is you’re responding to imbedded conceptualizations that can be caused by all kinds of things, the nature in which you were raised imbeds certain things in terms of your impressions and reactions, the trauma you go through creates other kinds of traits and qualities that have a reflection. 

However it is that one develops these defense mechanisms, some of them you’re even born with, leads to you being affected not by consciousness but by such perceptions. What I am describing is the reason why a person is not able to see the pure light that exists as a density, as a slower energy, as a slower vibration that, once slowed down becomes manifestation, aspects of manifestation, so that it can be lived through. 

When it’s slowed down like that and it’s in front of you, and you have to contend with it, then you’re responding in accordance to the conditioning that you have adopted. So when I react like this I am not grounded, nor am I conscious – in other words, when you’re responding to the conditions around you.

And grounded is a very peculiar word because grounded implies not only having your feet firmly in terms of what is happening in the here and now in the outer, but also to know the inner of that as well – or otherwise you’re just relating to the outer as something that has been created on the basis of this stuff that keeps repeating, and repeating, that hasn’t been brought into a consciousness. 

So until a person makes the unconscious conscious what a person sees as life is a fate that is in accordance to those inner objective synaptic images that a person thinks makes sense. This is I guess basically a peculiar experience that’s describing how a person that would walk around thinking that we are free and have a choice and all of that in our lives, but we carry inside of ourselves defense mechanisms that are so subtle some of them have an affect or an influence over us that are imbedded from way before we’re born, that are carried down in the tradition of our culture. 

It’s just so many ways that we picked all of this up and we project all of that. And in carrying all of that, we live in a life in which that sort of thing is collectively supported and that keeps us in an unconscious delusion. 

If you were to take all of that out you would see who and what it is that you really are, and you’re not the material. You’re something that has a light component, but you cannot see that because you have associated yourself with those synaptic responses, so that anything and everything that happens goes through that as if that is a preconditioned filter.

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