A Conscious Journey

neuroplasticityIt is said that humans have consciousness, which is true. But in a spiritual journey, the idea of consciousness is about being aware of what is moving in us, energetically, and being able to make a choice to support that energy or let it go. Said another way, are we conscious of what is making us happy, or sad, or depressed? If so, we are in a position to choose to let it affect us or not. If we are unaware of what is taking hold of us – say an old wound, or a fear from long ago – we are basically letting it be in control. That’s a state of unconsciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then to add a little more meaning to that description, I see myself coming into a restaurant. Behind me are friends who are letting me lead the way. 

In other words, maybe I have decided to take people out to this restaurant that they are not familiar with, that maybe supposedly I’m familiar with it, or recommending it, and so they’re going along with it. And as soon as I walk inside, because there’s no waitress directing us to a table, I proceed along as if I know where I’m going. Or, in other words, I’m acting according to my best perceptions and presumptions.

And so I just assume everyone is following accordingly and then, all of a sudden, I turn around and there is no one behind me. All of a sudden I realize that the only way this could have happened is if some waitress had appeared directly behind me, and I didn’t see her, and directed everyone else to, say, a dining room off to one side. 

And I just kept proceeding forward and didn’t see it, so this gap got created between what I’m trying to perceive and what is seeable. And so in the image I haven’t yet got my bearings to determine where everyone else is directed to be. 

The significance of this is, this is an example of my meditation dream. I am constantly relying upon my best guess as based upon preconceived notions, notions that were developed through however it is, defense mechanisms, stigmas, sign of the times, however you would say it, and I’m leaning on that instead of recognizing that I’m out of touch with the situation. 

In other words, the situation is much more speeded up. It’s something other than the appearances. In other words, from the meditation dream, this would be an example of not relating to the specifics of the situation, the specifics meaning something somewhere else that has a deeper energetic quality of meaningfulness that encompasses the whole, but I’m not getting there because my synaptic impressions predominate, which means that you end up with the result, when your synaptic impressions predominate, with an embarrassing unconsciousness.

Also in the dream I notice that when I go somewhere where I need to be, I get twisted around on getting there, or in returning back. In other words, this is like a journey. This is like a reoccurring dream in which one can find themselves trying to go to a place and then completely confused by the way the train looks, or whatever, so that they don’t know where the heck, and how the heck, and they’ve lost all reference.

And then the same thing can happen where you can be at a place and then it’s time to leave and you can’t remember your way back home. Well, as I’ve been noticing, I’m generally finding a place, or starting with the place, which means I must have found it, but in coming back from this place that’s when I have the problem because I am not good at retracing my steps and I don’t carry a map. 

I’m also reluctant to utilize conventional technology, and it’s like I’m always trying to do it as if I can access it from something that is a natural knowing. So I’m always walking, so when I go in a wrong direction this makes things more difficult because walking is such a slow means of getting around.  

It’s almost as if a certain understanding and clarity that I developed needs to be more applicable naturally in other areas – and it doesn’t work that way because I haven’t developed the full spectrum so that that might even be possible, if it’s even ever possible. 

So in this dream, I observed a time when people are categorized and/or stigmatized for the slightest of reasons. In other words, this is a time when it is important for someone who isn’t assigned a metaphor, in other words this is what the dream calls it, a metaphor, and if you’re assigned a metaphor then you have a tendency to be stigmatized, or rounded up even. 

And, of course, I don’t call it a metaphor, I call it a stigma. And if you don’t have that attached to you or, in other words, if you can exist in an invisible way so that it doesn’t get attached to you, or in a way that’s accepted by the collective, you can then even speak up and get others out of an outer bondage. 

In other words, you aren’t labeled by their synaptic defense mechanisms. A person who is able to somehow retain such innocence, this is a state that is able to step up on behalf of others, who are seen as a potential problem, and relieve them of the stigma.

And the meaning of this is, this is the importance of being able to be at ease in all scenarios. This is about reaching an inner consciousness that correspondingly knows how to fit into the outer world – and to do so effortlessly. Those who remain too reactive draw attention to themselves and suffer unnecessarily. 

That’s what the collective does to one, and the collective is always changing and coming up with new ways and means upon which it perpetrates. So if there is a breakdown, or change, in the way the collective society works – and you have paranoias and neuroses that may be nothing more than just slight changes – a person needs to be at peace in terms of that, because those who are losing their heads reactively would be drawing karma upon themselves.

And to be able to simply let that go is a consciousness. To be reactive and acting in an obsessed or righteous way, or however you would say it, is an unconsciousness and, as a result, it draws outer attention, through what is known as fate, from the unconscious and keeps one from being inwardly free.

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