The Process of Waking Up

Awaken-To-Your-Highest-SelfLet’s get straight to the point: spiritual development happens in pieces, not all in one moment of enlightenment. Enlightenment can only come to a person who has methodically and intentionally let go of their personal views and replaced them with universal views – about everything one can think of and experience. Because the great truth is, we don’t develop, it is the higher energies we connect to that develop us. So as we become universal citizens, through our continual choosing, we attract the higher energies to us that can bring about the changes we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s so close to my second dream, I’d better tell my second dream because it’s nice when we parallel like this.

And my one line statement about it is: the dream is about revealing the true story of what is going on. I mean, you could say that about what your dream was about, too. It’s revealing the true story of what is going on in terms of how you’re taking in life in a conscious way, or unconscious way.

To start off with, the story of life that I point out to your father is printed in too small a print for him to read. I tell him I could take it back and have it blown up so that it’s more legible. And what I’m seeing is that this whole thing is a huge storyline that has a huge initial beginning section, and then eventually it gets to a part where there are books within books, in other words, repetition upon repetition upon repetition, over and over and over again.

And I realize that these repetitions, or story lines, are addressing points in the story, or what is going on, trying to get something to sink in because what’s repeating is reflecting the joke, or the humor, of what it’s all about.

In other words, each repetition is like an octave of the prior repetition, or a story in itself, that takes a traveler from start to finish. Now this of course doesn’t occur in this main event, or history, or story of life, until you have contended with the detail and the other little nuances of things that are the precursor, that throw you around and have you going off on this tangent and that tangent.

Eventually it gets so that all of those little component things don’t have their sway over you. And I am sitting back reviewing these repetitive stories in the master Book of Life as one and the same – other than the symbolic reflections.

So I print them out and start to distribute them to others so they too can grasp the meaning of life. In other words, it’s a joke. I also realize that not everyone is ready for the punch line that is designed to take a person outside of the matrix, so to speak, from start to finish, so that there is no more mystery that you’re caught up in – in terms of being lost in an unconscious way in the outer.

In other words, not everyone can read this and know what just has been revealed to them. In other words, that’s how life is, it’s always apparent right in front of us, but can we see it? So, for those people, I’m pondering if some initial, or beginning, aspects of the Book of Life, details and stuff from the start, can be pointed out to bring that aspect to a particular point of recognition.

I have to just accept that there are going to be those people who still think outer life is meaningful and are not ready for, nor would they be able to understand at this time, the way things work outwardly to reveal the secret of creation. In other words, how to see the inner happening in the outer.

So what is going on in this imaging is that I’ve reached the point where I believe it is possible to reveal what is considered hidden. To do so is to portray the punch line pattern to what life is all about. I feel I can do this because I am able to relate to the parts of myself that have been taken from unconscious to conscious. In other words, those parts, in that regard, those symbolic inflections, have made the journey.

However, this is not true for other parts of myself – just like you had three parts of yourself there with the final part being something that all of the denser parts were trying to say, okay, what are you doing, this is crazy, bad things are going to happen, wake up. And yet it is woken up. It’s the dense parts that aren’t woken up, and that’s why you have the fear of the glue factory and other haunting things.

Well, in this whole big storybook that I’m looking at, which had all of these little sub-books that could be printed out, and handed out, that were basic repetitions over, and over, and over again, there are those that have to contend with the initial part, with the details and the way you bounce around and have to bicycle this way and that way, and are affected left and right and have to sort things out.

Those parts of me are still in a maze, so they are not ready even for the state in which things seem to just repeat over and over, except maybe they have a slightly different octave in the story line or the symbology in the outer, but the net effect gets you always to the same.

But these parts of myself aren’t ready to embody the punch line to it all, so these parts of myself have to be shown a prior story line where I’m still waking up and have a lot to go through yet before I’m able to realize that I am in a process that wakes up.

And that until I wake up those parts of the whole must act out and be lived out, and so the outer lies before them for that to happen.

So in doing so they come to know what they need to realize before they’re able to shift into what it is all about. Or, you could say as a meaning, that the dream is portraying that my consciousness is spread out over a large schematic known as the Book of Life. I’m at the point where I can take patterns of repetition and reveal what is really going on, use them as examples, whatever, as I portray the symbolic event from start to finish to those who are ready to awaken.

But this isn’t possible all the time. For the parts of myself in the other states and stages, the game is still afoot and has to be portrayed accordingly, in other words in the outer. And outer life enables that to occur as we live this out in order to awaken to what is real.

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