Hearing the Closeness

closenessThis dream image follows the theme from yesterday (see A Mannerism of Doubt) where Jeane is trying to sort out energies on the inner plane – which is a common process in dreams. This sorting during sleep allows our unconscious to make connections for us that would otherwise be blocked when we are awake and in a conscious state. As we see, however, it’s not without its struggles. The different aspects of us have to be ready and have to reach an agreement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: As the dream shifts, I must have either seen a wedding, or attended a wedding maybe, and then I came back to an area and there was a woman there, an English woman, who hadn’t gone to the wedding, and she seemed almost a little peevish about it.

I’m trying to talk to her about how it’s okay. Meanwhile, she’s talking to some other women, who maybe would go to a wedding, and they’re actually sitting at a little table with some wedding cake in front of them. And I think she slices open the wedding cake and, I don’t know, she may even eat some.

I knew in the same movie, I had been somewhere into a theater so it seems that was like the scene right before this. It was like I was in a theater and I was originally watching the movie. It’s on a Saturday morning. The back of the theater is filled with kids, and they’re making too much noise, and I move back a row because I then spot the little boy who’s actually making all the racket and do something to try to shush him a little bit.

He’s just sitting there with a tub of popcorn on his lap and kind of acting out. At the same time, I realize, that that’s not going to work overall because a lot of the kids come to this movie. Maybe it was in the movie I saw the wedding. This is kind of their Saturday morning activity and they’re actually just there to act out in certain ways rather than just watch the movie, so it’s kind of not much point in trying to get them to be quiet.

I think I go from there to the hotel, where the woman is just looking at the wedding cake or slicing the wedding cake, as opposed to eating it or going to a wedding, because she has some attitude about weddings.

And also maybe she thinks she doesn’t have the right clothing. And I’m telling her that all of that doesn’t really matter. I mean I could go with her to her home and come up with something, but it’s almost like she’s already set. For some reason her energy reminds me of the person who isn’t coming to group, partly because maybe they’ve set their mind about certain things.

That’s about all I remember of that dream.

John: Well that’s a lot of trying to sort something out there.

The masculine energy that’s not settled back and taking in the movie, is representing a lot of input that’s happening, that hasn’t been grounded.

The feminine part that’s looking at the movie from the standpoint that there is a wedding, or cake, or something, is looking to try to bring out the opposite, which has to do with a closeness, pulling something of meaning together. You’ve got a gap. Where’s the middle?

Because the masculine’s attention has to be caught to something where it suddenly finds the movie interesting rather than just being fickle and cut up—cutting up and carrying on. And the feminine has to see a flow in something. You can’t just have the cake being cut up or this, that, or the other.

So, it has to have kind of an input flow that comes through in order to make a closeness out of that. So you have the distance and the closeness. You have the raw energy, separate from the aspect of the closeness. So, when you have that, that means that you’re concerned about something. It means you’re worrying about something. It means you’re pondering something.

And so one has to evaluate what that scenario could be. When you have the extremes like that, it means it isn’t disclosed. Because the closeness is the closeness—there’s an identity there—and the cutting up is the cutting up and there’s the recognition of that, and yet you haven’t broken through the barrier. That can leave one feeling kind of shut off, or confused, or out of sync, or overwhelmed, so it’s kind of a continuation of the same thing.

In my case, how that applies is in terms of how you’re able to hear the raw energy, how you’re able to hear things. If you’re having trouble hearing things, or rejecting what you’re hearing, or rejecting what is coming through – it’s hard to say – if you’re rejecting what is coming through, that is a type of sight, and the closeness that you feel is a kind of hearing, isn’t it?

Closeness is a kind of hearing. Sight has to do with the raw energy coming through. If you’re not able to take that in, then you can’t find the flow, then you can’t get it to resonate in terms of hearing the closeness, because everything that is happening is intertwined.

And if you can’t see the intertwining, you can’t find the closeness. So it’s seeing, then the seeing becomes a hearing, which becomes a closeness. The hearing and the closeness are feminine correlated. The seeing and the raw energy of things of the flow coming through is masculine correlated.

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