Alone in a Crowd

in-a-crowd-11900In a spiritual journey, there is always a point where a person feels alienated from people and the world around them. That’s a natural result of elevating one’s energies and, therefore, their viewpoint. Still, it is just a phase, as the importance of being human is in relating to the physical world and to other humans – from an elevated place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my meditation dream I see myself amidst a group of people, and I notice that they’re all experiencing something in common. And they’re excited about it, they’re having a good old time with it, they’re enjoying it; I can’t relate to it.

What I am experiencing… well, it’s just energetically different. I can’t have that easygoing, haphazard, lackadaisical look on my face that they have because that just doesn’t fit, that just doesn’t comport to how it is that I’m seeing myself.

And they don’t see me at all. They just see this and everyone in this crowded scenario. It’s almost like a type of convention it’s so crowded. They all are this way. And so I can’t explain in the dream why it is that there’s this discrepancy, in other words, not able to relate to my comrades because, even though I’m amidst them, I seem to be preoccupied or holding an attention upon some other level separate from their collective imagery.

So I cannot share what I see with them, and I’m not interested in paying attention to that which they find as meaningful.

So, there is the awkward sensation that everyone around me is excited about what they are perceiving and looking at and whatnot, but I don’t relate. None of their interests are taken in by me because my attention doesn’t accommodate that. They indulge and are fascinated by what they collectively see, but I see myself acting different because I do not know how to convey the difference that I feel inside myself to them.

So that’s like the first dream. I have to interpret that along with the second dream.

And in the second dream, I am pursued by a man and a woman who are after something that I have. I go down into a cavern hoping to elude them but they catch up, and so there’s a little brief battle, but I’m able to outmaneuver and open a door and drop down even deeper. And plus I’m able to then close the door and lock it behind me.

So as I go into this deeper depth at the very bottom, where I now have to start going through tunnels again, I come across a person who tells me that in order for me to be able to go further I must let my body become less stiff because, as it is, I won’t fit through this area. It’s barely big enough.

I know that it’s big enough to get through because people get through it but, somehow or another, I’m feeling myself in such a way so I can’t imagine how I could possibly crawl through there.  And I have to make it through the space up ahead because that’s what is required, and I also know that this person, who has pretty much given me directions on how to do it, is now going in the opposite direction so it’s only a matter of time before they go up and open the door and help my pursuers after me.

I’d like to tell them not to do it, but I can’t quite bring myself to do that either because it’s the way it has to be.

The meaning is I’m experiencing what it is like to be unable to relate to what I am experiencing. I am unable to relate that to others, and they cannot perceive what is going on with me – so there’s this gap.

Consequently, based upon the two dreams, I am finding myself actually alone in a crowd yet I am seeking to be at a peace from my obsessions. From the two images it seems that I am unable to escape those obsessions. Obsessions are just part of what one contends with on the path and in the process, however I do seem at this point to be all alone in a crowd.

But the meaning of the dream is that a naturalness that I have gotten used to seems to have gotten lost or was taken away. There comes a time when the masculine reaches a type of clarity that what it perceives is no longer able to be communicated to others because their attention is, in terms of issues and consequences of what they see as important, in other words their clarity, is caught up in some other outer consequence.

They don’t perceive this and, as a result, that leaves you alone. When you’re alone you then lose what is important for being able to come closer to things because, even though they are caught in the reflections, those reflections do, in a very slow way, help to guide and shape something towards a depth of what is more meaningful.

And so, if you are shut off from the ability to relate to people who are caught in a reflective world, then you lose a naturalness. And without the naturalness, then you tend to become overly indulgent in the degree to which you obsess over whatever it is that you’re looking at.

So it’s important to be able to lose that, or to have a means that embraces the reflections, that doesn’t deny them, because if you start to deny them as if, okay, the outer is in the way, or meaningless, because the outer is all based upon reflections, then you pinch yourself off from your heart, a heart that is twined and linked to how things are in the outer.

It’s twined and linked to that because that was created and then man was created, and their principle of love was the basis upon which that was created, and you have to catch up with – that that leads to humility and all kinds of wonderful traits. And if you do not catch up with that because you repudiate it as something foreign, then you develop an inadvertency that has consequences. In other words, yes, it’s about isolation, and it’s about indulgences, but how is it about those, the isolation and indulgence?

And in my case, it’s about the isolation and indulgence because I am skewered off to one side and not properly contending with that which lies in front of me reflectively.

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Defined By the Masculine

Sacred Aspects - Divine FeminineMasculine and feminine energies have a difficult history – but that’s not their natural relationship, which should support and complement one another. And that history can have an effect even in the inner relationship between masculine and feminine in an individual person. Jeane’s dream shows just such a inner resistance on her journey to rebalance these fundamental aspects.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my dream, I’m involved with some people in some kind of a caper where something’s going to be robbed or set up. It feels like we start out with six of us that are involved in this.

I’m not clear if I’m involved voluntarily or have been kind of captured into this. I’m not sure which, but whatever it is we finally pull off the caper, but now you have to get away with it. And we’re in this apartment and this apartment has for some reason a car in the middle of the living room.

It feels like a man that was in charge of it is starting to eliminate some of those of us that were involved in it now. And he doesn’t trust anybody including, I think, his own wife or partner.

And so when he wants to go take a shower he takes her and he places her in the middle of a car that’s upside down in the middle of the living room so that she can’t quite get out. I seem to get into the car with her. It’s like I’m kind of exploring what’s going on while he goes to take a shower.

Well, while he’s in the shower it feels like the police arrive and they realize that one of us women had had a previous record and they ask about that, and we kind of admit to something that happened way in the past. So now you kind of feel like the jig is up.

On the other hand, it feels like just before I wake up I realize that some of us in the dream are much smaller than others of us, so maybe if you’re really small you’re not going to be seen when they’re rounding up everybody involved.

That was all I could remember of the whole dream.

John: The whole dream has the impression that you’re struggling because of a manner of indulgence in terms of how you see yourself having to cater to the masculine. That’s a very strange dream to have.

In other words, it’s like you treat it as a caper, which you have to contend with. Whether you like it or not, you find yourself in this kind of condition. And so you’re subject to limitations in terms of how you’re able to move about. The mannerisms that this can lead to has you struggling to free flow.

You can’t necessarily go about being how it is and who it is the way you naturally are. You find yourself placing your attention upon those limitations, as opposed to letting them fall away. In other words, you actually go into an upside down scenario; technically that serves no useful purpose.

So it’s kind of like you almost have to look at this dream in relationship to the dream you had yesterday, kind of like you’re violating your own station as a consequence of doing this, because yesterday you learned that you had a way of causing something to be able to change – based upon the way that you enhanced how it felt, or resonated, and appreciated things in terms of itself.

In other words, instead of confronting the masculine on a level that would create conflict, and therefore nothing could shift because it would fall back on its defense mechanisms, you learned how to change the environmental feel of things, and then that would just as a consequence some drop away.

But now it’s as if you’re having to take a look at what it’s like for the opposite of that to exist, in which you’re dominated by the environment that you’re in, and indulge, and have no way of getting outside of that.

You see yourself as victimized by that, oppressed by that, and having to figure out how to make the best of that, which is an opposite attitude of a certain joy and freedom that you can naturally look to for shifting whatever it is that is an impediment in the environment.

In other words, yesterday you learned that you don’t confront it directly because that’s not the way of the feminine, when it comes to changing things, because that just engages and creates and makes things worse.

You have a way you can take, and cause something to transition, by working with the overall energetic that enhances the whole so that that which is too limited drops away, and in that process comes to know what is missing by the way that it is now able to feel itself anew.

In this dream, you’re not getting there. In this dream you’re finding yourself restrained, inhibited, because you are having to contend, accept, and cope with the influences of the masculine energy that kind of keeps you defined and therefore unable to be yourself.

That was a complicated dream, but interesting and to understand that one had to look at… it’s kind of like you take and you have a major breakthrough in terms of how you’re shown, the way you’re shown, in terms of how you’re meant to be and how you’re able to function in kind of a highest-quality way.

And so then, to keep it in perspective, you have your, so to speak, kind of take one step backwards kind of dream, to indicate that this tends to be the prevailing condition, however, so it’s not always that easy.

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A Flow That Enhances

energy_flow_by_wakko666-d5yzim0We often associate qualities to people, such as compassion or kindness. But it’s not so commonly understood that qualities exist energetically outside of people – a compassionate person, through a lifetime of repetitive acts, connects to the quality of compassion and can radiate that into the world. Very few people are consistent enough for a true connection, but throughout history such people are often called saints. We are all capable of it, though, if we so choose. Here, Jeane is shown the process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my next dream a woman friend and I have gone in to an auditorium – it feels like a town we’re not familiar with – to watch something. We go near the back of the auditorium and we sit down in these little wooden seats, and when I sit down and I cross my legs, my foot hits the rear end of the person sitting in front of me.

Well, I look up and there are two or three Arab men sitting there in their long white robes and one of them starts really causing a fuss because I kicked him in the rear end, and women aren’t supposed to touch men, so he’s turning around and causing a fuss.

Other than apologize I feel like the best way to deal with this is for me to just ignore it because I can’t do anything about it, and to me it was a little thing and it’s just culturally he’s fussing. So I scooch my chair back a little and then I just am not looking at him because I’m not going to deal with his fussing.

And he must have gotten up and I look to the right and there’s some other people that must be the women and children from his family that have come and they’re talking there, so I put my attention on what’s going on on the stage because I wasn’t sure if we were going to watch a movie or what. But instead I see there’s a group of people that have gotten up to sing.

And that’s all I remember about that dream.

John: So even though you have the station, and you have the pills, you don’t quite know how to use them yet. That is, not in the way that you might be inclined to think that that sort of thing is literally done.

You do introduce an answer in the dream, however, and that is that you put your attention, you redirect the attention, to something that’s alive and quickened, almost as if that is something that’s missing. You have a sense to know where the problem is by being able to address something that draws the attention, that quickens the energetic, as the solution. That’s very interesting.

Let’s see how that would apply. Let’s use your dad as an example. You can see where your dad might be bothered by something in some subtle way. Well, rather than address the manner in which he’s bothered, because that would be like inappropriate behavior, the feminine doesn’t go up and do that sort of thing.

The feminine has to have a better, subtler approach to changing things. So what you do is, in feeling the awkwardness that you know is troubling him, you figure out what is it that you can energetically do that sparks the energy so that that just goes away?

Because it’s almost like the feminine, from her understanding of the mood of things, can see the energetic imbalance and turn that mood from an energetic outer imbalance, she now knows how to take and spin the interest level, the excitement level of what can be done, activity wise, or just changing the way one is going about and that that relieves it – like maybe one takes a walk or maybe one goes for a swim, or whatever.

You’ve developed an understanding of how you can use a tripwire, so to speak, energetically, that kind of takes it into a whole other level of flow, and thus brings out the brilliance, and the quality, and the genius that underscores the depth of what your father is really all about.

And that the other is just some sort of stickiness, we all have our little stickiness areas, and you don’t go touching and dealing with the stickiness areas – that just invites a huge reaction. So that’s how you use your station and your pills.

Jeane: And in this last dream it feels like I’m a little frustrated because I feel like I’m flying around in a circle in a confined space, perhaps in these small planes, there are two of them.

It feels like we’re circling around and I want the planes to land but there’s something that they’re supposed to do or bring in or land that we just seem to be flying in circles and it doesn’t quite come together yet for a landing.

So it has a slight frustrating feeling to it.

John: So this is a warning dream. It’s saying that you can’t let your impatience get the best of you. As you see this stuff continuing to continue, if you get worked up and agitated about it, you can’t hold your station and apply your pills.

Actually, this quality where you change the tone of something rather than address the specific problem, and you have to do this from a point in which you’re not agitated or worked up because otherwise that doesn’t come across because the masculine senses this kind of thing and draws the wrong conclusion, so you have to be as naturally smooth and rhythmic about this as possible so that there’s no sense that you’re challenging anything, or trying to manipulate in some fashion, or have a reactivity in any regard.

It all looks quite natural. If you think about it, that’s how the Naqshbandi tradition is meant to work. In other words, when you meditate it is said that you place your attention upon the principle of love, or the quality of what you feel inside, and you hold that and dump everything else into it.

Because if you don’t do that, then what happens is that your mind races out to whatever it is that’s bothering you, that’s agitating you, that’s a predicament and you just make that to the point where you drive yourself bananas, crazy, insane.

But if you can then take all of that stuff and dump it into this quality, this depth inside, it gets absorbed and goes away. And that is a quality of meditation, that’s the principle upon which everything actually works. And what you dreamt, in terms of your station and your elixir pills, is how to apply that in terms of where you find yourself.

In other words, there’s one way of applying it on the inner, and there’s another way of applying that so that that innerness comes through into the outer, and that is the state and sense of pills that you carry. You know how to do that.

You put your energy upon a flow that enhances, that’s excitable, that’s of interest, that also, by the fact of a certain focus that’s involved in all of that, heals. And who would have guessed: it’s kind of invisible.

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