A Delicate Balance

preview_html_2720064aIn this dream imagery, John is shown how the masculine and feminine aspects within him need to work together. Each of us has these fundamental natures, and these natures each have specific responsibilities in the outplay of life. In other words, neither aspect can do it all – they are designed to work in harmony and balance. Our dreams often show us this state of balance by the type of relationship the male and female characters have. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Everything around me seems in a stupor. It seemed drugged. It seemed unable to keep up, unable to quite correlate. And from seeing it like that, that I was able to see and recognize how it is that the feminine listening center is correlated to the sight. I hadn’t noticed that before.

In the dream that was the loudest towards that, there was this woman who told me she had three or four thousand acres. It was a woman that I didn’t really know, but she was located in a particular area where there was the heath shale deposit and I knew that oil and gas companies were all leasing the area up and she considered her minerals as worthless. And so that was where I had to start – with her idea that it didn’t mean anything to her so she wasn’t at all interested.

So, whatever I did to try to tell her what was going on, initially as I told it in kind of a blasé way, she was listening; she wasn’t really hearing. She wasn’t really getting it. She wasn’t seeing what I needed her to see for her to recognize what was taking place in relationship to what she had.

And so I then proceeded to describe how it was happening in other areas and I even found myself exaggerating, which portrays this passion quality of trying to pull something through that I have, that I can go off and even exaggerate to try to get something to work. It never, ever works that way, because the feminine principle in life, even though it might not be able to take it in, can always tell whether it’s exaggerated or pontificated, in some fashion.

And so, then, what tends to happen is you tend to get an even bigger rebuffing, because even though you may have said something that kind of started to turn the corner, then as soon as you attempted to pull that through, and started pontificating or exaggerating as if this would help facilitate the grasping and the understanding, that is when you lost the linkage, because then the feminine principle would hear that, and then it would cancel out the sense that it had initially because it would hear the imbalance and then nothing would be gained.

The importance of this dream being like this was it took and portrayed something, as a deeper meaning, in terms of why and how passion works. When you have a particular passion, or where you have something that gets heavily affected in a kundalini way, it’s an attempt to bring something through.

The issue can’t be one-sided, however. It has to have the corollary of the feminine receptivity that is able to accept and receive that. That’s then able to balance that, and able to tell whether it is making sense or not. When that’s not there, that creates a derangement for the masculine.

Now, when the feminine can’t receive or understand or cope with what the masculine input is, then it feels like it is rejected or out of the connectivity that it needs to have. The feminine takes and balances the raw energy, or the flow coming from within, for the purpose of creating a linkage and connection upon which she can function as a vehicle which works towards embodying the unfoldment.

If you don’t have that, if something goes awry there, if the input coming in is too much, or if the feminine nature develops a mood or an attitude where it can’t receive and, therefore, can’t receive a sight because it’s taxed out or something, and therefore can’t hear what it needs to hear, then you have the imbalance that way.

What’s interesting is how the kundalini energy seems to work for the masculine. I don’t quite know how that works with the feminine, but when the kundalini energy is firing up where something is trying to come through as a sight—and it comes through really loudly and directly—that doesn’t mean anything if it can’t be brought into life, and balanced, and introduced into an overallness of life. But when it comes through, that can drive a person into being wide awake as if one doesn’t need any sleep because you’re feeding off of the flow. Very interesting dynamics.

The deeper meaning I wrote about that is, I can now understand why it is that I go to extremes in the things I talk about. There is a flow I recognize, but my problem is in bringing it through. Well, the problem actually is on the unconscious feminine side, where the masculine energy is dismissed because it’s tired, or out of place, or can’t hear it, or whatever. And that rejection develops whenever something has the sense of being over the top.

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