Under the Surface

Under_the_SeaConsciousness is a funny thing: with it comes responsibility. Spiritual development involves bringing greater consciousness to our intentions and actions and, simultaneously, taking responsibility for those thoughts and actions. That’s why we need to understand why we do what we do, and to also constantly update the reasons we do things because, as we change and elevate, so must our reasons. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This whole thing starts with my meditation dream in which what is going on might as well be a toy story for children.

Everyone knows the way things are unfolding is ridiculous, yet nothing is being done to rectify the issue. The decisions that are being made, are designed not to rectify the problems, but to drag out what looks to be an inevitable collapse for as long as is possible.

The frustration level for someone who is able to detect, or see, a catastrophe coming and flips out in frustration is, when you ponder that flip-out now, it’s not that peculiar under such a context. In other words, they see it coming and they can’t do anything about it and then they tend to flip out.

And, of course, my dream took that to an extreme (this last dream) and it showed that no matter how hard it was that I tried to bring something through as a sight, in fact I would go to greater and greater extremes, the more that it wasn’t hearable, as if, eventually, I could shock it through. Sometimes that works, but typically it doesn’t. Typically, it creates a shutdown, as a collateral effect, later—almost in a veiled way.

What is shocking is that the problems are being purposely ignored – in the opinion of the person who flips out (or me going over-the-top like in the second dream) – but this is triggered by a particular event that had to do with what happened in this building.

So the person feels righteous to take advantage, or to rebel or however. So, the more things drag out, which should come to closure but aren’t, the more obvious it becomes to such a person. The more obvious it becomes that there is a solution, that the powers that be know, but are not attempting to act adequately or directly address as a problem. In other words, there’s no sincere attempt to resolve it.

What happens is this can drive you crazy. It can get to the point that you find yourself acting in some bizarre, insane, disgust way, like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. The slanted perspective is that the situation is at the point that a person can suddenly start to feel that if it’s going to be like this, then why not make sure that they are not left out, they get theirs, too.

So the pilfering can become righteous and vindictive—something like a free will for all—for all to see, based upon a flip out over the mockery of things. In other words, whenever you hear about strange, uncharacteristic, shocking, odd, and disgusting reactionary behavior, that on the surface doesn’t make sense, that’s when it is time to look in an unconventional explanation and rationalization.

In doing so, I’m able to see that the subtle anger is about the general state of things that have needled away upon this person until they snap. The peculiar snap and the result is the culmination of a steady buildup of what are deemed, by the flip-out person, as unacceptable circumstances. It is as if this person sees more than they are able to naturally assimilate, to the point that they blow up over some little nuance, which is a personal righteousness, rebellion, and deeply intwined venting, acting out in an extreme way. And so then, I point out the scenario.

The scene in the building, where a person who should know better, attacks another resident for interrupting their selfish indignation party, comes to mind. This so-called partier was carrying on like this, on purpose.

In my sleep, I seem to have gone behind the scene to ask the question, what is going on and this is the reply. The deeper meaning is, I too flip out when I get to a point where I just can’t seem to take the absurdity of things any longer. I would like to believe that I am sending a direct message to the powers-that-be that I have had it. However, that is not what comes across.

What comes across is I am out of control and need to be stopped. In other words, that’s how others see it because they don’t grasp this other. They live too much of a mundane world. So as far as the festering underlying issue that promulgated this point, like an over-the-top behavior, it remains hidden from the average person.

There is a slight tweaking of the unconscious. In other words, I could tell that there’s more to it than what everyone talks about, but for the most part, it doesn’t go any deeper than that. As a result, the reaction is judged and the issue festering away under the surface remains covered up.

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