Putting Up Barriers

RowOnRowReactivity in us takes many forms, and it happens to us mostly as an unconscious behavior. But it does have roots in our past experiences and natural survival instincts. Still, when we use our consciousness to be more aware of why we do what we do, it can take the potency out of knee-jerk reactions. This process is how we become more “in the moment,” and how we begin to see things as they really are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then in the next dream, I go into a room where there are two young women. I do not know these two women. I’ve never seen them before. One is on one side of the room, and the other on the other side. They are studying me as if they are drawing some sort of conclusion.

Suddenly, my ex-wife comes in and she is accompanied by another woman friend. I’m joking around in my nature. Now the issue comes out. A decision is to be made if I should get married again to my ex-wife.

These two women vote against it. I, my ex-wife, and this other woman overrule. I then joke that I need to keep my ex-wife’s friend around because she is on my side. In other words, the tie breaker. I know that I’m about to be flooded with questions that delve into what is really going on with me. I kind of look forward to the challenge, even though it can be confronting.

When it doesn’t begin straightaway, because I’ve got so much energy flowing through me, it doesn’t begin straightaway, I have to leave to do something in town. But I can be called back at any time and I know that, at a moment’s notice, I would then have to go through this process. I feel a closeness to this process because I know it gets everything out in the open. In doing so, this keeps the closeness alive and keeps a connection from drifting.

What is going on is, in response to the prior dream where conditions are pent up and a hiddenness predominated over the scene, in this dream, the opposite is occurring and whatever there is that may be a barrier or resistance is to be exposed. This process keeps hidden unbeknownst energetics, which serve no useful purpose, from creeping into the unconscious.

In summation of all of that, it’s like I did the opposite of what you did. What I did was I took and dealt with the raw energy that was over-the-top, beckoning to be heard but wasn’t heard, and took a look to see what was there to be seen in terms of why it did and was carrying on the way it carried on.

In other words, it was seeing something. What was it that it was seeing? Of course what it was seeing was crazy because it wasn’t grounded. It wasn’t brought into a context where it could be properly heard. Instead, it just rumbled and dwelt in its own vibration, separate and distinct from a wholeness.

And in your particular case, you found yourself having to make a shift that apparently didn’t work because you either got tired or the connectivity and the flow of the masculine around wasn’t such to keep something invoked and excitable or alive, and there’s a fine line to how this works.

All of this creates a discombobulation in terms of flow. The dreams are showing it. When I get over-the-top with my energetics, the reason for that is just because I see something so much that I can’t bring it through to where the seeing has any meaning whatsoever, because most people don’t have the ability to listen, or shut down the listening, or react to the raw energy and shut it down that way, and that keeps a certain connection from being able to come together in a flow.

It keeps something from being able to be known, that could be known if you didn’t have barriers like that. So barriers are kind of interesting. Barriers can be caused by a shift that is more than what one can assimilate, they can be caused a stepping into an energetic scenario that you’re not used to, or comfortable with, because you’ve gotten set in something other than that. It can be caused by one having a mood or something that they can’t shake and that then leaves them dense, and therefore they’re not receptive to keeping the flow going. It can be caused by something in the outer that hits them, that causes them to go off on a tangent, where they crack a little bit or something.

And then, as a consequence, they—in the masculine—don’t have the clarity or the sight. And in the feminine, they don’t have the ability to hear. And so this is causing me to see a lot things. Like that is a feminine imbalance when one has to repeat over and over to try to get something to finally hear it. That’s a feminine imbalance. And it challenges the masculine to try to hold the sight in the face of something that can’t quite receive it.

The masculine can get stabbed. It can absorb the mood of this or that other scenario, the density of that scenario. It can get reactive, and then that will shut that off or will contaminate its synaptic aura. It is a very interesting subject.

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