Who Are You?

vibration1Spending money in a dream often speaks of the effect of spreading energies in the world around us. And whether we acknowledge it or not, the energy we radiate has as important an effect on others as our words or actions. The energetic exchange between two humans is instantaneous, and with it is communicated our current state – whether we’re angry or being critical, or we’re happy and being compassionate. This exchange may not be received in a completely conscious way, yet our system knows, and so it responds to what is being felt. Ultimately, we can be more aware of this. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, it seems like it’s around election time in this dream. I’m fairly young in the dream, but elections are going to be held shortly and people are betting a lot on them – and they seem to be betting heavily in favor of the Republicans.

Well, I want to sneak in some bets and I want to make sure I bet for all of the Democrats running before I bet for the Republicans, but it feels like I’m going to put some coins in these slots for all of the candidates at some point. I don’t even want anyone around me to necessarily know that I’m doing that, and these little betting machines where you put the coins in happen to be in a toilet stall, or the different toilet stalls.

So I’ve gone into a toilet stall and I put my coins in. Whichever candidate I vote for first they must not be doing that well because I don’t get a lot of coins out of the machine I bet on. And then the next one I bet on it feels like a bunch of coins fall out onto the floor, and a couple of them are even like an Eisenhower silver dollar and it might be even an Eisenhower commemorative gold coin as well as some other little coins.

And I’m trying to all do this quietly, but some of the coins fell on the floor next to the other stall so I’m kind of reaching under there to pick them up. Then, in the process of trying to hold all the different coins in my hands, and gather them up, and make sure that I bet on everybody, and kind of hiding out and not wanting other people to know I’m betting on everybody, I find a purse that someone has lost and I open it up.

And it feels like I start collecting a few of the coins or quarters in that purse, but then I also start looking through that purse to see if I can find if I can identify the owner, and maybe what the owner wants known about her and what she doesn’t want known about her.

And that’s about all I remember from that first dream.

John: The thing that’s changed in the dreaming is that there is this idea that: what is it that we’re not? As if we’re all things. But the dilemma that exists is that we’re also all energetic, all vibrational things. I haven’t thought of that before, that we’re all energetic, all vibrational things, and even though we see ourself going around in a physical context there are all of these vibrations out there that also capture our attention.

In other words, it’s not just the physical stuff that you see. I mean we’re inclined to think that we’re just affected by the fact that we live in a dense outer world and our perceptions are affected by that which we see around us in the images of the things that we see around us. And then how we take that back to our senses, and how all of those images change is where our attention is drawn.

And that the world is a world based upon something that has to do with, perhaps, getting out of, or realizing something more than just the images, but there is a vibration behind all of it. And I suppose I guess it’s this vibration that’s the precursor to the images themselves.

And it’s this vibration that we are intertwined with, more so than we realize. In your dream it’s like you’re spreading the energy around to make sure you cover everything that’s perceptible. And then, having done that, you then see where it is that you’re meant to place your attention based upon what comes back.

In other words, what is ready to be awakened, or to be dealt with, based upon how the feedback is from that kind of focus, which means that you’re describing a way in which you’re intended or meant to be playing with the energy. Ordinarily one’s idea of a process has to do with how the outer physical world is rearranged. That’s how one had been inclined to look at things.

But in this dream you’re being shown, no, that your world is being defined in terms of how you conduct yourself in an outer context way by the energetics that are stimulated, or impacted, or affected, and the way that that rises up, or comes back, in response to your attention is, in terms of having spread your interlink connectivity all around, what awakens, what arises, what is quickened from that is where you’re meant to pay more attention.

So this process is actually throwing a new attempt upon you to see who it is that you really are. In other words, the purse represents energy and money. Money is power and energy again. How all of that is you haven’t been paying attention to, or haven’t been recognizing, or quite properly acknowledging, so there is a confusion that exists in terms of what belongs to what, or who belongs to this, or that, or the other.

What the dream is trying to do is to try to get you to realize and recognize that you’re not this physical structure or image that you see yourself to be, that you’re actually like intertwined with the energetics of everything that exists in the environment – and that’s where your linkage is at.

When one is inclined to see themselves as intertwined, they tend to think of the physical objects. But the dreams last night are indicating that one is intertwined with the vibrations in which you are all things. You are all of the vibrations, which means that if you were to take all of the vibrations and pull it together then you would have nothing but light.

So, this dream is almost like trying to tell you who you are, instead of looking at yourself in some very limited, specific way.

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