A Misplaced Priority

scene1When we talk about energies, we’re also talking about the causal realms. Said another way, everything that exists happens energetically before we see it, feel it, or experience it. If we take that idea as a truth, then to understand the world around us, we need to consider what causes what we see – not just stop at the level of appearances. This is equally true for people, places, and events. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I had this next dream that, for all intents and purposes, appears very, very dense.

In that dream, it’s like I’m still going to school. I have this person that I know, who’s kind of an easy going guy, who has a car, and I need to go home to where my mother lives alone. I could try to find another means of transportation, but it’s easier to basically catch a ride from him. I’m supposed to pay him a little bit to go out of his way even though he lives in the area, too, with his mother, I think, or family anyway.

And he feels like he’s all alone in that sense, but he’s just like a good old boy. I mean, he’s just someone that I know, but I don’t know how it is that I know him. I don’t know why it is that he’s a friend, he just happens to be there for convenience purposes as I seek to go home to see my mother, who’s living by herself, who has put the house up for sale.

And there’s a for sale sign in the yard, and the yard has grass grown up, it needs mowing, and there are weeds and bushes growing that need to be cut, saplings and stuff like that, so it’s obvious nothing is being done to care for this thing. Well, when he comes out I say, “Well this is close enough,” and I get out of the car several houses away, going to walk the rest of the way.

And when I get up and I look at the house you could hardly see the “for sale” sign because of all the weeds or bushes and saplings that have grown up, I suddenly remember I forgot to pay him the $10 for giving me the ride. And that suddenly grabs my attention more than anything else as I then go into this spin.

You know, I think I remember what his house looked like, where he lives. I’d seen it once. I don’t know how to get there. I know it’s in the neighborhood close by, and I figure I’ll recognize it when I see it.

So I walk to the end of the block and I see the place that looks very similar to the place where he lives. It has all the appearances of the outer, but I’m kind of confused because it’s all boarded up – so it must be the wrong house. I don’t have any other conclusion to draw.

But then I look over and the house to the right of it is all boarded up, too, and it has landscaping pushed around from a Cat and there’s a boulder in the yard and a bunch of dirt piled up and whatnot from pushing things around, trying to reshape this or something. And for no apparent reason I walk up to get a closer look and up over the hillside from the backside of the house suddenly comes this Cat and its driver is going pell mell in a wild, frenzied way. It’s like he’s disturbed.

He glances over and he sees me. His head does a knee jerk. If I would have expected him to be catatonic like that I would easily hid, but I just stood out in the open to let him see me because I’m not doing anything wrong. I just had meandered over there out of curiosity or something, but that’s not how he saw it and he gets immediately livid. And first he’s turning as if he’s going to try to get the Cat up to where I’m at, but he can’t quite do that because of all that has been pushed up and whatnot.

And he cycles around to cut me off and I said, have I done anything wrong? And he says, “It’s too late now.” And then I look to jump then because he’s carrying on like this that maybe I have got to figure out how to get away.

And he goes, “Oh what the hell,” and he reaches and he grabs a gun that he has in there and, fortunately, I’m able to duck around behind the piles and whatnot because as far as I could tell he has every intention of shooting me. Whatever it was that set him off to such a point that he can’t think straight, he’s just completely livid about taking care of me.

This was like a loud dream that I had and, when I dreamt this, I couldn’t figure out what it meant. And then I started to play with the dynamics of what is going on in this dream. And I had to also look at the theme, which is a very complicated and deepened theme because we’ve suddenly been shifted to having to recognize that we’re intertwined with the vibrations around us, not with things in an animate way.

In other words, it’s a very slight thing. I mean, it’s kind of stupid that one didn’t think of it this way from the very beginning, that you’re entwined with the vibrations around you, the physical objects are lifeless, they’re empty, they’re dormant, they have no aliveness whatsoever. It’s the energetic that you’re entwined with.

Perhaps that’s what is bugging you too, in your dream, is that you have to drop this appearance of things and realize that where you’re intertwined, where your attention needs to come to a kind of understanding for shift purposes, is that you encompass the vibrations in life around you. And that the physical conditions have nothing to do with anything at all.

What is alive are those vibrations in the environment, and you’re affected by those. That subtle shift is probably very, very important because when you see the things that are going on, some of the craziness that’s happened, those are all vibrational things.

So then when the dreams last night hit it was like, no more trying to look at peculiarities in the outer, more into realizing that that has nothing to do with anything, that there is the vibration behind that on the inner that is meaningful. And you’re intertwined with that vibration. That’s what you are, that’s who you are, that’s how you are, and that you shift to take that in.

You let go of the outer appearances and nuances – that only keeps you in a trance – and you look at the vibrational effect of how things are around you. And when you do that, you find your identity and doing that enables you to make the shift.

In my particular case, it brings out that which is hidden, because when I go home it’s like I haven’t been there forever. And then when I try to take care of some sort of other attendant detail that’s more important than visiting my mother who’s trying to sell the house, and who knows where she’s going to go to next, it’s almost like, does she have a reason to live anymore to be selling the house?

And I place my attention in terms of, that can wait, as I have to make sure that this person who gave me the ride is properly compensated, that I paid my dues and debts. And instead I seem to run across a renegade raw energy, masculine energy, that’s just livid over something that I have apparently done, that I don’t even know what I’ve done.

I mean, he takes and gets one look at me and he just goes ballistic as I’m just standing out in the open, completely in a trance, have no idea, so livid that he comes directly after me. All of this is in a sequence in which something has been missed energetically because the physical objects around there are, well, the house that my friend probably lived in, that it would be his home, it’s almost like in this dream there’s no consequence of time. That’s all boarded up.

I think I’ve made a mistake, but maybe not. In other words, identification with physical objects has taken me outside of the the shift that’s necessary. The shift is actually a shift into a recognition of energy, energies that one wasn’t recognizing because they were looking at the house, the appearances of the situation, as opposed to the energetics of the situation.

It’s a subtle shift in terms of who you are, recognizing who you are. And in my case, I can’t recognize who I am because I’m still looking, trying to find something specific. I’m still looking at the images per se, but not really seeing something more behind it.

In other words, what really is going on with my mother? What really is going on with my friend who also I think is going to visit his mother or something? Is there a responsibility that I am dropping, or losing, causing then something to fall apart in relationship to the mother?

Well, quite likely, on an energetic level, especially if I’m not catching the memo of something in terms of a sight that is infuriating the masculine because I should just automatically know this stuff. And, in a roundabout way, I do know that it’s all energetic – but I guess I still don’t quite fully believe that or something.

The fact that I’m looking at appearances, and letting the appearances block out the energetic. And, therefore, in the flow of the energetic, the vibrations are everything, there is no such thing as time. But in the appearances there’s all kinds of time. I mean you could be standing there looking at something thousands of years old all of a sudden when it wasn’t thousands of years old. The gap is one of being vibrationally disconcerted, or not connected, or intertwined.

And, in your dream, how can you shift if you don’t get it, if you don’t recognize that that’s the place, that’s the place, and you can’t shift as long as you have your identity haywire.

It is as if I have become so unconscious that wherever I am visible, which means looking at things just outwardly, I infuriate the raw energy of the masculine, which works with energy not with visibility. In its refinement the raw energy goes into subtle vibrations – and that’s what’s important.

So as far as I know, I think I’m just trying to get my bearings in the outer, but I have misplaced the priority. And from the appearance of the environment, things are dead, dormant, seedy, whatever, and that’s where time is at is in the elements that you perceive with your senses.

Vibrationally there is no time. Vibrations are just alive in the moment, so my inadvertent attention upon physical conditions in the outer has caused me to get complacent irresponsibly – as if that’s what’s going on, as opposed to adhering and holding to the vibrations, which is what I’m meant to realize from within and am expected to know which, for some reason, even though it’s apparent, it’s as if I haven’t been properly seeing it because I still fall for the appearances in the outer.

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