The Epicenter

lathe4In this meditation dream, John is being shown the nature of the dream process itself: it can be an inner source of guidance and intelligence on our spiritual journey. The are many ways to connect to higher intelligence, but our dream state gives us access to our natural connections where our conscious mind won’t drown out the message or override it. Still, to utilize this process we must consciously look at what these symbolic images show us, or the guidance isn’t as effective. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my meditation dream, I am seeing myself able to maintain, in other words, whatever the maintaining means in terms of what is going on around me, even though it isn’t easy. It’s not easy because I am in a situation in which I’m not moving, there’s no motion, kind of like your hillbilly scene, and not doing anything to affect the dull state that I’m in.

I guess what I’m doing, what I’m saying I’m doing, is I’m holding onto a condition that is fixated. And there’s a fine line between being fixated, in terms of caught up in the outer, and being caught and fixated upon something that lets go of the outer and just adheres to the inner, that’s transcendent.

So in this particular image, I am doing the flip side, I am fixated upon the inner. And I can tell I’m close to waking up, in other words, where I’m going to have to come out of the inner back into the outer. And I’m doing my best to maintain my support for the prevailing condition. The prevailing condition is I am in a place where the inner is quickened, and when I awaken, back into the outer, how much of that am I going to be able to sustain and maintain – as the deeper part inside myself?

So when I do awaken, open my eyes, I realize that I am letting go of a focus I had been in, deep within, as I am coming back into creation. And in doing that is when I realize where I am at and why.

By that I mean I realize I’m in creation, which is in an outer, and for a split second there’s the inflection of what there is as a deeper purpose in the outer, but that is such a fleeting inflection that it quickly evaporates because I’m back in the outer – and whatever the burdens and the mannerisms and the traits that are going on in the outer, that dominate over me, is all picked up.

So what I am saying is that, as I’m maintaining the inner state, when I’m in my deep sleep, and therefore situated in its energetic, intertwined focus, on an outer level there is an imagery, more or less a designed condition to that occurrence, but it’s reflective and it can be very slowed down.

What happens as soon as I break the inner link, I come back into my physical senses. In coming back I automatically lose the focus to a deeply entrenched inner awareness. What I’m able to barely remember is what I write up each evening as my meditation dream. I am always amazed by what comes up each time.

In other words, reflect upon, or still carry as some sort of wavering essence, from deep within. And to catch up with it, it has this dreamlike quality so that I can sort it out from the symbolic of the dream. And I’m amazed, over and over again, that what is really going on is this inner energetic flow from deep within.

This inner energetic flow is what shapes creation. The effect from this innerness appears to remain unconscious when I fail to notice the deeply symbolic dream images night after night. In other words, if you just fall asleep and nothing is going on, then you’re just affected by the affairs of the outer and this other is so deep within that you’re amnesiac to it.

So as a consequence, of essentially addressing this mannerism, a distinction between the inner and the outer, I am now realizing that what I am able to notice, which comes across as a dream, is the result of a secret inner substance and its inner message.

I mean, what else is it? It’s something that’s going on from somewhere really, really, really deeply inside, kind of like a teacher would call it that we’re created in the image of a thought of God, so to speak, and that then has a consequence of an action and out of that arises all of this innerness that is quickened.

And then you find yourself in the outer trying to figure out how all of that works out in the malaise where it is dumbed-down and hidden.

So the subject matter of my correlation to this inner aliveness, or awareness, is unlimited because what I am able to perceive, more and more, is this deeper and deeper awakening inner consciousness.

In other words, I perceive more from the epicenter to all that there is, and that all that there is takes in this entire plane of manifestation. When I’m in manifestation, relating to my senses with the mind then correlating itself to those senses, I tend to look at things in such a microcosmic way that it’s very easy for me to not catch this big picture, or the perception at the epicenter.

What I know by the inner vibration and its corresponding symbolic images stems from… well, you could call it a thought of God, or you can call it the secret essence behind all of manifestation. Without this inner secret substance that is at the core to everything, there would be a nothingness.

Perceiving this causes me to notice that the energetic vibration which we perceive to be the inner aliveness originates from within our inner being and is feeding corresponding outer images on the plane of manifestation.

It’s like feeding them, or you might say that the slower denser part of our self is throwing off that kind of remainder effect, in a slower way instead of the faster way, in which it’s all there in the moment at the time, as just this raging wind or something.

If this inner energetic vibration were to cease to exist, there would be no awareness, and without a sense of awareness there would be no creation.

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