Tightening the Process

gm2From this strange set of images a subtle, yet fundamental, aspect of development emerges: as we progress, we need to become more responsible for the effect we have on people and things around us. Said another way, the energies of our actions and intentions have an effect that we should become more and more aware of. And as we apply greater consciousness to our thoughts and actions, the more positive effect we have on the world we inhabit.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had two dreams that were really hard to remember, and I was going over rehearsing them and then I fell into a repeat dream that was so dominant I forgot my middle dream.

The first dream I had, the main features about it it’s like I’ve gone into kind of a crowded living area and into the room of a young woman who’s psychic. And it’s like when I have to go to the bathroom it’s like she has almost like, they almost look like sacks that go into the ground at certain points, or into the floor, and you can over there and pee.

And if there’s one that’s kind of a little closer to the bed that works out better, but then she suddenly gets fussy and wants us to use one that is kind of around the corner, which I don’t particularly want to do. So I think I’m a little irritable in that. I don’t quite figure out why she keeps changing what she wants.

And then it feels like when I go around the corner to where there’s kind of a divider and then there’s somebody else, a young man, is renting a room or something, and he’s decided that since she has all these people coming and going that maybe he can sublet the back of his room, which doesn’t feel quite right but its like because of what he sees is going on at her place then he wants to do something that brings in more people or differently utilizes his space.

And then that seems to just shift into a dream that the only thing I remember about the second dream was that I would keep shifting whether I was a young man in it, or if I was the man, or I was the woman. It’s almost like I could be all parts in it, but I never got back to pulling out that dream because the repeat dream, or what I felt was a repeat dream, came in that was so dominant.

John: The repeat dream is the dream you’re going to tell next?

Jeane: Yes.

John: So what you’re doing in this dream is there’s something that you feel that is affecting you, that is astir in your nature, that causes you to have to look at how you function, or live, differently.

In other words, it uses a peculiar analogy to get there. In other words, it has to do with whether you relieve yourself in this way, or in that way, or over around this corner, or however, as if you’re following a thread in terms of this process of how you’re releasing things, or as a type of release.

But it’s more than just a type of release. It’s also a way of unfolding to where you get closer and closer to the inner recognition as you are going about outer reflections. The outer reflects the inner, and so what you’re seeing is that you have a different responsibility.

I mean, you have all these other considerations that you have to take in that is like a tightening up of the process, in terms of how you are unfolding, or are relieving yourself, or however you want to say that. And so what you are describing is a spiritual path as perceived by a type of focus and attention that you have with yourself.

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