goddess_of_earth_by_phungvulienphuongDreams can provide answers, or insights, or nudgings, or they can simply offer a status report about what is at play in you. And the images will show different aspects, depending on whether it’s a masculine or feminine approach. Here Jeane is being shown that she has the needed remedy for the situation she is in. That’s a feminine perspective. Tomorrow we’ll see how this plays out from the masculine viewpoint. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it feels like I’m at the back of a large audience, seated in some kind of a theater. They want to demonstrate what they do when someone has an emergency.

So they use me for that, and it feels like they take me to the very back and put this long green robe around me. It’s like a dark green, velvet robe that goes all the way to the floor and then they give me a little vial of pills. So that’s what they have when someone has an emergency what they are going to do.

So the robe is a lot prettier than I thought. I’m kind of surprised that’s what they have for something they’ve thrown together.

Then it feels like I’m no longer wearing the dark green robe, but I’m going down a street in my hometown carrying the pills – the pills that are supposed to be for an emergency. And there’s a woman who’s having an emergency, and this time I’m taking the pills to her.

I have to stop for a minute, maybe I’d spilled some and I’m gathering them up, and so what I notice is that even though they’re all supposed to be the same medicine, they’re different sizes and shapes, but I realize that’s because this is what they’ve thrown together as an emergency contingent, so I guess even though it’s the same medicine it doesn’t all look the same.

And I’m taking it to that person, and I’ll only be able to give them a few because it’s just for emergency. It’s for that day or the next day until they get back to their regular routine.

John: So this dream portrays the answer to the problem that I describe in my dream. In other words, the masculine is able to bring a clarity down to see things, but that doesn’t mean that the masculine, just because it sees it, is the best one for fixing it.

And, of course, as I’m seeing this, the conclusion I’m drawing is that, it is what it is, that I can’t necessarily change it, I can look at it, I can perceive it to be what it is, and it’s at a depth and at a level that to try to change it, or to try to alter it or whatever, would probably create more problems than anything else. And it’s better to just leave it alone, kind of make a mental note of it or something like that, realizing that everything has its conditions and its situations and circumstances and mannerisms and these things change very, very slowly. That’s just how it is.

And of course I’m able to look at the problem on very subtle levels plus also on big levels, that affect in the outer and everything, too, as well as things that just affect the microcosm. And in every instance it’s like the force of what’s going on, even on the microcosmic level where it’s subtle, and on the macrocosmic level where it seems overt and all of it can be felt in the bones.

It’s not something that you can readily do anything about because it’s not like it’s readily recognized even by those involved, for it to be what it is. And so all I can do is report it. I can make a report on it.

But in your particular case, your dream is all about fixing it. Your dream is all about where you take and you get the impression of something that needs to be dealt with, and you know how to fix it.

I’m always nervous about you having to try to fix things because, when you do try to fix things, or go about dealing with something, it’s like whenever something is identified as an issue for you, or whenever you come around to realizing it’s an issue, you kind of zoom in on it and plod away at doing that.

You do that in everything that you do, in the way that you feel that you have to cook or make cookies, everything you do. Once you zoom in on something that has to be done, you go ahead and you proceed to do that, and hopefully not too obsessively.

I guess that’s how I always kind of wonder whether you might be getting a little over the top at times in terms of whatever you think your responsibility or your duty is, but you seem to have a good self-corrective mechanism, too, so it’s just me and my having to evaluate everything in detail kind of motif of the masculine because it all seems to be just fine.

I’m saying that in advance in relationship to as you put this together in terms of how my dream comes across because your dream basically indicates that you’re stationed, that you’re more or less sitting in a station, or a spot, which is like a station, in which things are happening and you’re positioned in a way so that you can deal with those things, you know how to deal with those things, you have the pills or the tool chest.

You have the robe on, meaning that you’re holding a station and you have at your disposal the ability to do something from that station, which is the pills. And you wouldn’t be doing that, sitting in that station, and you wouldn’t be sitting with those pills if you didn’t know kind of how to conduct yourself in this sort of way.

So, now you want to know what the problem is? Can you remember the dream if I tell you the problem?

Jeane: Sure.

Tomorrow we’ll continue this exploration…

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