Defined By the Masculine

Sacred Aspects - Divine FeminineMasculine and feminine energies have a difficult history – but that’s not their natural relationship, which should support and complement one another. And that history can have an effect even in the inner relationship between masculine and feminine in an individual person. Jeane’s dream shows just such a inner resistance on her journey to rebalance these fundamental aspects.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my dream, I’m involved with some people in some kind of a caper where something’s going to be robbed or set up. It feels like we start out with six of us that are involved in this.

I’m not clear if I’m involved voluntarily or have been kind of captured into this. I’m not sure which, but whatever it is we finally pull off the caper, but now you have to get away with it. And we’re in this apartment and this apartment has for some reason a car in the middle of the living room.

It feels like a man that was in charge of it is starting to eliminate some of those of us that were involved in it now. And he doesn’t trust anybody including, I think, his own wife or partner.

And so when he wants to go take a shower he takes her and he places her in the middle of a car that’s upside down in the middle of the living room so that she can’t quite get out. I seem to get into the car with her. It’s like I’m kind of exploring what’s going on while he goes to take a shower.

Well, while he’s in the shower it feels like the police arrive and they realize that one of us women had had a previous record and they ask about that, and we kind of admit to something that happened way in the past. So now you kind of feel like the jig is up.

On the other hand, it feels like just before I wake up I realize that some of us in the dream are much smaller than others of us, so maybe if you’re really small you’re not going to be seen when they’re rounding up everybody involved.

That was all I could remember of the whole dream.

John: The whole dream has the impression that you’re struggling because of a manner of indulgence in terms of how you see yourself having to cater to the masculine. That’s a very strange dream to have.

In other words, it’s like you treat it as a caper, which you have to contend with. Whether you like it or not, you find yourself in this kind of condition. And so you’re subject to limitations in terms of how you’re able to move about. The mannerisms that this can lead to has you struggling to free flow.

You can’t necessarily go about being how it is and who it is the way you naturally are. You find yourself placing your attention upon those limitations, as opposed to letting them fall away. In other words, you actually go into an upside down scenario; technically that serves no useful purpose.

So it’s kind of like you almost have to look at this dream in relationship to the dream you had yesterday, kind of like you’re violating your own station as a consequence of doing this, because yesterday you learned that you had a way of causing something to be able to change – based upon the way that you enhanced how it felt, or resonated, and appreciated things in terms of itself.

In other words, instead of confronting the masculine on a level that would create conflict, and therefore nothing could shift because it would fall back on its defense mechanisms, you learned how to change the environmental feel of things, and then that would just as a consequence some drop away.

But now it’s as if you’re having to take a look at what it’s like for the opposite of that to exist, in which you’re dominated by the environment that you’re in, and indulge, and have no way of getting outside of that.

You see yourself as victimized by that, oppressed by that, and having to figure out how to make the best of that, which is an opposite attitude of a certain joy and freedom that you can naturally look to for shifting whatever it is that is an impediment in the environment.

In other words, yesterday you learned that you don’t confront it directly because that’s not the way of the feminine, when it comes to changing things, because that just engages and creates and makes things worse.

You have a way you can take, and cause something to transition, by working with the overall energetic that enhances the whole so that that which is too limited drops away, and in that process comes to know what is missing by the way that it is now able to feel itself anew.

In this dream, you’re not getting there. In this dream you’re finding yourself restrained, inhibited, because you are having to contend, accept, and cope with the influences of the masculine energy that kind of keeps you defined and therefore unable to be yourself.

That was a complicated dream, but interesting and to understand that one had to look at… it’s kind of like you take and you have a major breakthrough in terms of how you’re shown, the way you’re shown, in terms of how you’re meant to be and how you’re able to function in kind of a highest-quality way.

And so then, to keep it in perspective, you have your, so to speak, kind of take one step backwards kind of dream, to indicate that this tends to be the prevailing condition, however, so it’s not always that easy.

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