A Cohesion of Energy

spirit8Here’s a way to think about “being in the flow”: It already exists, it’s naturally there, and we have to connect our lives with it. So what does that tell us so far? That making that connection isn’t about what extra needs to be done, it’s about what we need to stop doing that prevents us from being in the flow. And what prevents us are things such as judgment, anger, fear, and the imbalance between the masculine and feminine natures within us. So, as we become more conscious of these aspects, we inch our way closer to our natural state of flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the first two or three dreams, that I don’t remember very well, seem to have me going around the planet, almost out over the ocean places. And it’s like I’m trying to influence something, but it’s already been pre-programmed or set, and I can’t seem to influence it even though I try different ways.

I don’t remember the specifics of that because there were just two or three scenarios that were all the same – trying to influence something, but it was already set.

John: That’s kind of how we are when we’re off, and we’re off only because we miss one very simple key point and that is that designing can’t happen unless you’re in a flow. And if there’s some part of you that fights the flow, or blocks the flow, or is affected by the flow, so that you’re not in the flow, then there’s no designing.

And the flow comes together when there is a cadence in terms of how the masculine and the feminine energy work together, where there’s the inner into the outer of the nature of life. And just because the outer is reflective and the inner brings in the energy, doesn’t mean that you can’t create a flow between the two. And when you create that flow, that intertwining, that’s when something can be designed, otherwise it cannot. Otherwise there’s friction.

Jeane: So in this dream it’s like I’m looking for something, and it feels almost like at my grandmother’s house, on the outside. And I walk by a man who’s near the flowerbeds, I go into the house except the house now is like a library, and I go in and I’m looking for something.

I don’t seem to find it. As I’m walking back towards the door because I think I remember where I need to go, which would be over to a neighbor’s, my purse vibrates and I realize that I had my phone with me and I had had it turned off so it just vibrates. And I realize my sister had tried to call me and she’s probably going to be confused because when I pull out the phone as I get to the door and I listen to it, I realize that I hadn’t really recorded a new message and I had actually recorded over a phone call so she just would have heard something kind of odd when she called.

Then I continue out the door and when I go by the man who’d been near the flower beds now I see that he’s pulled out a bunch of weeds and just kind of cleared out the flower bed so something can be planted.

And then I continue on down and I walk into a city scene. The energy shifts a little here. In the city scene it seemed like it had started a little bit before in the dream where I had seen some people that were moving and the apartments I’d had before were being broken down into smaller units, and now I am going back.

So the thing about these apartments was they had broken what were apartments into much smaller units and one of the girls is going to show me where she’s living now. And there’s a man that’s kind of come along with me but he seems kind of paranoid, and I don’t know whether he’s even going to go into the place. He always seemed to be looking around to see who’s watching him.

She takes me over to this place and it’s almost like what used to be one room has been broken out into her apartment; it’s kind of like one room and a little kitchen. And you actually kind of scooch sideways through an irregular doorway, almost like it was made out of some concrete blocks and you just kind of bend down and you go sideways through that doorway and you go into the unit.

And you see that she has her bedroom and everything that she keeps right there, and then there’s another small doorway that goes into a kitchen. And the top of the unit isn’t even completely sealed off from what used to be the rest of the apartment, which is now somebody else’s unit because there’s someone up there.

At the very top of her unit I can see that they’d made another apartment unit up there, and maybe that was the bedroom, and there was even a little gap there between the two places where someone up there was actually laying down on their bed trying to spy on what we were doing down below.

The guy that came with me I can see he’s a little freaked out about even being in this confined space. I’m wondering why they did this, like why would they create units that small? Anyway, that was the last dream.

John: So you’ve taken what is kind of the imbalance of the first images, in which there is a need for a flow for purposes of designing, and because you’re still carrying that because there was no breakthrough in that, the next dream has you taking and proceeding and going into a house as you pass by a guy who’s out by the garden, right?

And there’s something about the house that’s disjointed, right? It’s been changed into something. In other words, what you’re needing to find inside of yourself is information about how it is that you’re able to be, or meant to be, in order for a connection to happen.

And you get the hint of that when you come out because the guy’s pulled all the weeds. So, the image is such that it has to do with catching up with a kind of masculine aspect of yourself so that your listening center can come together in a way so that there is a clarity.

Now, the theme of the dreaming last night was a very, very simple subject, and the subject has to do with designing, and you can’t design something unless there’s a flow. And so the house that you went into still had you catching up and learning something, requiring the information about something, in other words, things are still in a flux to get to the flow, and the flow is where the inner and the outer come together.

And so when you came out of that, then something had changed in the outer even. But then there’s still the issue of how it is that you are, in terms of how you have to carry and conduct yourself with the feminine. And so you then go over to a friend’s house and you observe how it is that you’re carrying yourself, how you have to squeeze through tight spaces and such.

So what’s happening is in this image you’re seeing that when you do come into this part of yourself, which is still in the initial evolvement phase, it kind of is held in check yet, in this still initial evolvement stage, because there’s an abuse, or a perceived abuse, in terms of how the masculine works in your nature in cohesion with this as it’s trying to open up.

Something is spying upon you, or probing you, or bothering you, or bugging you, in some fashion, so you’re not at ease. Again, the theme of the dreaming had to do with the fact that a person that designs in life is a person who has the cohesion of the qualities of energy in a state in which they flow.

And what you’re seeing there is, number one, your house is too small. It’s a beginning, it’s a start, but it’s small because there is something imbalanced about how the masculine is because there’s something that’s distrustful, or out of cadence, that the masculine is viewed as alienated yet, spying on the feminine and not working in conjunction with the feminine.

In other words, there’s no flow. So the first part of the dream, the very first thing in the dream shows that there is this huge disjointure, and you’re struggling around trying to break this disjointure.

In the second dream you’re shown the image of how the process works towards a flow, a cadence.

In the last part of the dreaming it shows that a consequence of that may have gotten you into your own small house, but you still have issues with the masculine that keep you from flowing.

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