The Greatest Service

spiritualscienceOld habits die hard. Here Jeane is being shown that when something opens up for her on a higher, inner level, she doesn’t need to add to it. We have been trained to always think we can improve things, but sometimes the improvement is meant to come to us – and then we don’t make changes to it, we embody it into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream I remember was more just like a brief image of watching a football game in which it seems like neither team has any advantage. I was just watching the energy of that. And then that goes into a dream…

In this dream I’m a young woman and I’ve gone down to almost like a dock area and I’m going to be given a job where I’m looking for something within oysters. When I walk down there it’s almost like there’s this huge machine that kind of covers you, that you walk under.

And then you get there and you go over the side, of this metallic wall I guess, and when you’re over the side of it then there’s an area where there are oysters that maybe grow there and you pick up an oyster and you open it.

And then they’re showing me how you take your thumb and go through one part of the oyster looking for something, and then you turn and you go and look on the other side of the oyster for something by kind of pushing your finger through its flesh. And if you even suspect there’s a nubbly thing in there, which I guess would be a pearl, then you set that aside.

And then one of the men realizes that I don’t have gloves for handling the oyster shell, so he takes me over to a counter where there are a whole bunch of gloves and picks out a pair for me. And somebody else tells me that I won’t need gloves, and I think that’s odd because it would seem to me like you need something to hold onto the shell with.

And then they’re also looking for a knife, and again this other person seems to think that I wouldn’t need the gloves or a knife, but I feel like I do. I feel like I understand the process now, but then the dream shifts.

John: So what you’re doing is, is you’re recognizing that in order to find anything you can’t be identifying with energetics one way or another. You can’t be taking on any kind of mannerism.

When a situation is such that you let everything be the way that it can be – without having to put and establish accoutrements for it to have to be the way it can be – then you can actually zoom in or come into an understanding of that which is of great value.

Because then you can find something. But if in the finding of that something, you again believe that you have to have at your disposal accoutrements, that you have to take on a way of being in order to facilitate the process – that’s completely not necessary.

In other words, it’s only through an emptiness that you find something. If you can get to that state, you can hold that state, you can come to know things. You can come to find things of value. You can come close to things of value.

But, if in the process of coming close to something of value, that can open up for you, you get the idea that you have to have this as part of the process, and that as part of the process, what you’re doing is you’re undermining the magic of the effect of how you are in terms of a natural force towards finding, towards accessing, towards reaching that which is of value, of great value. And you don’t need the assistance of anything for this to be possible. And the ideas that you have, in terms of what helps and facilitates, are a waste of time.

Jeane: Then this process is kind of interrupted by a man who arrives, and he looks kind of Egyptian wearing a long gown. My mother is with me and we’re kind of dressed in those long gowns, too. We look somewhat Egyptian.

He doesn’t see me, but he has taken her arm and held it up next to his arm and she has some birthmarks on her arm that are like what he has, and this seems to make him curious because he realizes that they’re related.

And he leaves, but he’ll return, and you kind of feel like he has kind of some ill will because he didn’t know about her existence, let alone mine, almost like we’re kind of some illegitimate offspring of the royals or something who he would want to eliminate when he returns.

And I feel like I have to protect against that and my idea of how to do that is I go to this village, and in this village are kind of miniature people and I lift the roof off one of the houses there and take this little girl out, who’s inside, and take her back to my house.

But now I have a problem of how to reassure her so that she can relate and make her comfortable with where I’ve brought her, and figuring out where to put her down where she’s comfortable. I think that was when I woke up.

John: It’s more of the same in that you have a tattoo, or a brand, or a quality about you that you’re meant to understand, or figure out, or comprehend. In the studying of it and trying to delve into it in terms of trying to come closer to it, go to where a little girl is at or whatever, you have to be awful careful of a doingness. Everything is natural.

If you find yourself the way you find yourself, then that is sufficient. You just need to get closer to that, let that unfold. What is the naturalness in that? It’s not a matter of trying to go this way or that way looking to see what the sense of it all is. In other words, you’re not supposed to move about.

You find a pearl of great price. You’re moving about trying to establish well, I guess I better add gloves to the equation, or a knife to the equation, all the time you’re taking it out of its naturalness. If it’s meant to be there for you, it will just be there for you.

It doesn’t require gloves or a knife or anything else. I mean, you got there without gloves and without a knife, now why all of a sudden do you need it? And you have this tattoo or this inflection upon you that is noticeable. You treat it as something that is strange and move about as if somehow or another it will come together in some capacity by moving about.

It is already there. Why not just settle back and see what that is? You’re already cast in a particular image. What is that image? How is it that you’re supposed to be able to just naturally see yourself without all the other indulgences?

The outer involves having to take and act up and be in a particular way to have some projection of one’s self, in some mannerism, that stands out and, in that way, touch or affect things. I’m not sure that you do any of that. It’s looking like you do that by just holding a space.

When you hold the space, you touch the note in all of the overall. And that’s what takes and does things, and that’s what changes things, that’s what shapes things. In other words, you can see where the change agent is at, but all ideas about how to effectuate something go for naught. You go around and around in some sort of psychosis with yourself.

You come to a particular point. You find that particular point, and that’s all that there is. And the greatest service is holding that particular point, it effuses out into all that there is.

But to take that particular point and act in some regard, or to add this to it, or think that it’s a little about that, and to go this way and that way with it, takes away from that point, because the point in and of itself is the service, is the expression, is what is meaningful.

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