Letting it Live

AdiBuddha_mandalaHere John describes another fundamental aspect of a spiritual life: we don’t do anything. Great, you say, now I’m off the hook. But what that really means is that we are meant to become conduits and anchors for higher things in this planetary space. And so we enable them to act through us. How do we do that? By methodically letting go of everything that prevents us from connecting to higher things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last dream I’ve gone to a restaurant with my father, and some cousins, or other people, and the family that runs it is a little odd. They have a little girl that helps them and a dad and someone else, and when dad goes to pay the bill he points out that they have overcharged him and he leaves me to straighten it out.

And they’ve overcharged him by over I think like 280% or something, some other figure, and so I go to straighten it out and they get very disorganized behind the counter, like the girl goes to get the dad, or goes behind a screen for a minute and comes out, and they’re just kind of not very well organized.

So I’m trying to get them grounded and focused on showing them what we ate and things. Well, I come back and my cousin, in order to expedite things, I guess, or just didn’t want to waste the time, had cleared off the dishes and paid the bill. And then I was annoyed because now we have to retrieve the bill from wherever they’ve put it away once you pay it, and the dishes aren’t there to sort things out either.

I know they wanted to help, but I felt like my dad actually wanted us to straighten it out rather than just do something to save us some time. So we leave there for some reason and we go to the home of the people that run the restaurant.

And they’re kind of like hillbillies. I go in and there’s a woman feeding a kid in a high chair, and she has another kid just barely older than the baby that has a full beard, and another child that doesn’t even seem like it can be another year older, and people sitting around, and then a girl around 10 or 11.

I’m trying to sort it out but then one man identifies himself as the father of one of the children so, I realized, only two or three of them belong to the woman. The whole scene is a little chaotic and I realize you really can’t accomplish anything there. I don’t know because I think you woke up and turned on the light right then or something, so I kind of lost the rest of the dream.

John: That’s what happens when you put your attention upon anything. It just goes around and around and around and around. Nothing is right.

Anything that you put your attention upon is never right. It always is subject to change and variables. Once you start on a particular variable, where do you draw the line? You just continue to have to go on a tangent of the variable as if you’re going to somehow come to an end. And, even if you do come to a point where something is relieved, or seems to be released, all you’ve done is taken your attention into an abstraction and away from the wholeness.

And one spends their entire life dealing with abstractions, one after another, as if that is a meaningful indulgence that is meant to be. We don’t know what’s meant to be. It’s not about changing things outwardly by the manners in which one takes and approaches things with their belief systems and their attitudes and their concepts.

You have to let go of all of that because what is meant to change, what is meant to be, simply changes by holding onto a note and a presence and it is what effectuates things. And you come to know that you’re not doing it right, or that you’re not holding the note, or that you have some wayward part of yourself if the doggone thing acts up, if something goes awry.

And if something goes awry, the idea that you then can take and deal and fix that which is awry is the illusion that a person is under when they live in the outer – and it never works. That’s why you see people having so many marriages and things like that. They always act like they can get it right the next go around, but they have never stopped and dealt with that specific note inside of themselves in terms of how they’re meant to be.

They’ve never caught up with themselves, and so all they do is go from one tangent to the next tangent, to the next tangent, and each time they think they’re making progress. When progress is defined – if you were to define the word progress in terms of what it would look like on the other side, progress is defined as being able to hold on to a quality of an energetic inside of yourself and let it live and be inside of you, let that be there – and that is as good as it gets.

You can’t alter or change things in the outer activity-wise. I suppose it would be possible if the outer could identify and recognize the light upon which you’re coming from, but it can’t anymore. It just doesn’t get it. And so all that is left for you to do is to hold onto that note inside of yourself and it includes everything. It shapes everything.

It doesn’t address the dark energy of activities and densities in the outer, as if you have a right to go and push it this way and push it that way. You don’t have that right. That’s an illusion, and that keeps you identifying with something smaller than yourself.

So you have to take on the big picture and the big picture is this note inside of yourself that includes everything. And if you hold onto that note, then you’re at the epicenter.

Now maybe life used to be played from the standpoint that you would come to a certain kind of consciousness and clarity and then proceed to act out in terms of trying to shape or change things externally, but that external correlation to an internal unfoldment no longer exists. The internal unfoldment is what shapes if there’s anything to be shaped, and you don’t do that with any kind of intentionality. You don’t go ladling on tools and mannerisms that you think are going to help in that process because that’s not how it works.

And everyone seems to have this pattern and mannerism that they think that it works that way and, as a consequence, they never stop and pay attention to themselves, at a depth inside of themselves, that is astir.

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