Completing the Picture

silhouette_The natural world, not man-made cities, is a reflection of the divine. It holds our first message of what we have been born into. And since we are born into something that has been ongoing for millions of years, it makes sense that we should find our way to fit into the picture. That’s what creation wants from us – to lift ourselves above the purely planetary and align our intentions with those of creation. It’s not too much to ask. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I am seeing the broad market of things as having this quality that’s opening up, that’s moving up in a memorable way. By moving up and by proceeding out like that, it means that you have to go with that or you get left behind – is about all that it means. It doesn’t mean anything in terms of up and down and right and wrong or anything like that. You just have to go with the way that unfolds.

And so the energetic morphs into trying to establish a view of this in a memorable way. So I try to do this by focusing binoculars upon the image, but you can’t focus enough to understand the overall equation this way. So I’m excited to find a tripod that seems to stabilize, and expand, and better focus my view.

In another image, again a parallel of this, I am reviewing a background scene and this scene is set. In other words, you paint the backdrop of it and the backdrop is one in which there is a kind of a restaurant and sitting area on one side and sitting area on the other, and you look into the restaurant from the outside, or from some angle anyway, and the backdrop is what is meaningful in this restaurant.

Not anything in the chairs, the backdrop, you start with the backdrop, the setting, the scene, because what is missing is what needs to be sitting in that scene, in other words, the individuals. The backdrop is a picturesque setting but it lacks anything sitting there in the booths.

The backdrop is very interesting. All that remains in establishing or completing it is the appearance of the individuals to the image. In other words, what you have is just a backdrop and then you have cut outs, just empty cutout space, outlined cutout space of where individuals would be. You now have to figure out and place the individual within the setting.

In other words, the setting is there, it’s natural, it says something, it has an energetic about it, but it lacks the individual that comports with that. And so to determine what completes the image is what is under review, in other words, that’s what’s missing. It lacks a presence.

As a snapshot the picture needs individuals subbed in with the expression, mannerism, attire, and look that accentuates the setting best in terms of how the flow is naturally meant to be.

The meaning is I am seeking to be at a point of balance or at a point in terms of how it is that I am meant to experience life. Thus I am trying to shape the image that memorably portrays this effect. That is what one does in an outer way constantly trying to shape things. That’s delusional, of course.

Upon a sensation level I’m trying to correspond the outer to comport with the inner energetic inflection that is awakening, or is astir, inside me. That’s what we always do. This awakening has an energetic vibrational quality that, in my dream, I am trying to capture with a snapshot.

In other words, you don’t have to do that. It is natural. In doing what I am doing first I need to establish that I am looking at the setting at the best visual angle, in the most meaningful way, that captures the setting, timing, and moment.

What is causing me to take on the endeavor of trying to shape this image is an imbedded image within that is seeking to find itself in the outer. The picture is meant to be a succinct symbolic reflection of this imbedded energetic quality. In other words, that’s what the outer is. It’s supposed to reflect you back to the imbedded energetic quality.

That’s what a teacher does is he looks at a student and he looks to see what they’re doing and how they’re moving around in the outer – and what does that mean? How is it that that picture speaks 1,000 words in terms of what’s unfolding as simply an energetic.

That’s why a teacher can say that a human being is nothing more than a thought of God, and then they go through all these gyrations that try to make something out it or something. For this to be, the individuals need to be intertwined into the setting. In other words, they are part of that. They belong to that. They are a thought of that, or however you would say it.

To belong naturally with what is unfolding is the purpose behind the dream. I am seeking to inflect a sensation that accesses a vibration from within. I will know this when I see it is the position I am taking. In other words, we’re taking all kinds of positions and then we miss what is right in front of us because the image will portray what belongs.

So what is the dream suggesting? The dream is suggesting that I am taking a designer flow and trying to correspond that with an outer image which portrays the effect. I have yet to find the focus and attention which suits this impulse. Until I do, I am restive. This is a restiveness that has not let go of an effect I am acting out.

Deep down I feel this effect to be meaningful and am doing my best to capture this intangible quality. I am never sure what is intended and/or precisely how it is meant to be. It is all still being shaped, in other words energy’s unfolding, both conscious and unconscious, and we have to try to make it into something. But you don’t do that. That isn’t how the world functions.

In other words, to do this could be a futility that I will come to know in the fullness of time. Until then the image is that of casting my essence into an outer equation to see if what I need to see is there. As meaningful as I am sensing that as being for some level at this time, the probability is, that as I consciously evolve, the design reflection will evolve. I am not seeing my face in the image because the energetic is constantly evolving.

In other words, that’s why it’s a cutout. In other words, I do not yet know where this is going, perhaps I never will. Maybe a steady zeroing in upon the access is as good as it gets at this time, in other words just holding that. In other words, it’s not a question of trying to figure out this and figure out that and build a mosaic towards it – that just is greater confusion. It’s called spiritual illusion.

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