Filing a Report

Connecting-with-True-SelfIn this dream, Jeane makes a stand against an injustice she feels strongly about and ends up in a chase dream trying to flee her pursuer. What’s interesting is to follow the relationship between the masculine and the feminine in this dream, because what is being shown is an injustice happening on the inner level, yet with the same familiarity of what happens between the genders in the physical world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last dream I go with a carload of family or friends, it feels like mostly women, to a small town. And we stop, and we look around, and we go in a building and it feels like this building is where there’s a lot of gambling going on.

And the owner and his cronies, they seem really nice but it’s actually kind of rigged like they kind of pull you into this really friendly place where people win and stuff, and then they take you over to their other building and it’s really to get people hooked on gambling – and they particularly do this to the Indian tribes that live nearby.

And I feel some need to expose what’s going on, so I start going around agitating and stirring things up a bit. And in that process I’m separated from the group I’m with and the man in charge starts to pursue me.

And I remember once I’m going down a long hallway that actually comes one way, and then it turns to the left, and all along this hallway are what look like phone stations where you have to reach up and pull down the phone. So I could call my friends, or try to get some help, but every time I pull one it’s only acting like a bell or an alarm. It won’t act like a phone like it’s supposed to.

So I just have to give up on that. Then I decide that one of the wisest places to hide is the guy that’s chasing me has a loft bed and, you know, loft beds are built such that when you’re up in them other people are down below and they can’t see you. So I go hide in his loft bed and he comes down below after awhile with his girlfriend.

And I feel like I’m going to make problems for him, so I fuss around so she becomes aware there’s someone else in his bed. Then I want to make a getaway, but my feet are a little tangled up and it takes me awhile. I almost get caught because I have trouble getting my feet out from under the covers.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten his girlfriend mad at him and I use that as a distraction to kind of get a little more distance and hightail it, looking for my friends again. I thought maybe they’d gone to the first casino or building we were in and they’re not there. And again I’m looking for a place in town that feels safe, I think, and that was when my alarm went off and I woke up.

John: It’s kind of a complicated dream in which it’s the feminine’s way of disclosing a frustration that it feels, but doing it in a very courageous way. In other words, you can tell that around you life has gotten to the point where the innocence of things, like the indigenous tribes, is being contaminated by the influence and the power of the environment.

And that you, while you’re with your friends, are kind of in a state of amnesia to that, or just living incoherently to it, but as you break yourself free from that you find yourself taking on a righteous reaction.

That righteous reaction is like a type of reporting of the issue. Even though you are functioning in what looks like outer images, you’re actually complaining and reporting this issue in an inner-capacity way even though the living of it as a dream image is taking that vibration and putting images to it.

So what you’re doing is you do this in two ways. One is you have to get very sober and by yourself to contend with the fact that you consider this gambling indoctrination that is going on, which is sucking in the indigenous helplessly, is too much. It’s horrible.

And, in the same token, you recognize this to be kind of a masculine problem because you actually, in terms of doing what you did, you went to some inner depth of yourself, which was like going into an upper loft of a masculine setting or foundation. And so the masculine thinking that it has its way with things in life, you realize and recognize that in the loudness of your outrage you’re able to disturb that casual acquiescence on its part that it can do what it pleases.

And so in acting up, what you do is you are causing it to be exposed, in terms of its mannerisms, in terms of how it is affecting or treating creation. You cause it to be exposed. In other words, this is a type of reporting, this is a type of energetic, connective linkage kind of as a rising up from the outer towards the inner. That’s the vibrational flow. That’s the effect of the feminine.

It’s kind of like a rising up. It’s odd in that everything kind of goes to the inner but there’s the illusion, in terms of how to describe it, in terms of how it’s done. It almost seems like the effect upon the outer is such that you can take and, somehow or another, in a type of reaction, cause it to be noted, hold it accountable, not allow it to be swept under the rug, make it a loudness that the masculine, or the powers and controls of an imbalance, will find that it’s impossible to think that they can exist in a state of peace and calm acting like that.

So that’s an interesting way of registering a complaint. It’s a good one. It seems to work. It’s not like you have the answer, yourself, but you know how to register the complaint.

Jeane: Yes, I do.

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