Lifting the Burden

follow_Often times the drama we see in our dreams is a way for our unconscious to call attention to things that we are being blind to. In a sense, the images are trying to shake us awake to a certain issue that we are ignoring. In these dream scenarios, John is getting the urgency of the message, but only his mother, i.e., the feminine responds. The father, the masculine energy, is still missing, so there is more to resolve in the dreams to come. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream that corresponds to that, you’re doing it by way of a presence that rises up from the scenario. I mean you’re doing it being stirred by it. So you’re stirred up by it, and so the reaction is coming from being stirred up by what is taking place.

My reaction comes from seeing the way it’s coming down, or the way it’s coming into the way something is unfolding into life – and being somewhat shocked by it. It happened in two dreams. The first one I tell later, and I may have just ignored it except this second one was so loud that it caused me to go back and look at the first one.

And so, where I’m at is I’m sitting in a deck area of the house of my family, kind of an L-shaped house. And the part where I’m sitting in is kind of a covered, enclosed deck, and then from there you could see in through sliding glass doors or whatever. You could see the living room and then the house tends to veer off from there to maybe back bedrooms, and kitchen, and whatnot that are out of sight.

And it’s been raining a lot and suddenly, just right near where I am sitting, it starts to drip and it just drips really, really fast. And when I look up I can see the ceiling starting to separate, to heave, and I figure, oh boy, it’s really built up all kinds of water that has broken free, but it’s not relieving itself fast enough and the ceiling’s going to collapse.

And, like I say, from where I’m sitting I could see into the living room, and it’s in the living room that I see my brother and sister kind of playing as if nothing is wrong. I get the impression that it might even be starting to drip there, but they seem to be impervious to that.

And Dad, who had been around, has gone around the corner in this L-shaped house. I know he’s somewhere in the house, but I can’t see him. So I yell to him to come. No response. I say to him that, if there was ever a time he needed to come, it is now. The place is about to cave in. We need to flee now, we need to do something.

He never comes. I sit in a state of shock. My mother all of a sudden, I don’t know where she comes from but suddenly springs into action. She grabs rugs, like some of them are rolled up and whatnot, and she even takes the rolls and stands them on end and she throws rugs on top of those. She makes this huge pile where the water is dripping. And she says, that for our friends, our family, this is what you do until dad has time to fix it.

It seems the water that was pouring in a moment before is even subsiding to some degree and as I look at the rugs they do not appear to be getting all that wet. Still I can’t move from where I’m sitting. I am in a state of numb frozen-ness and shock, not knowing what to make out of the situation or what to do about it.

So that’s that dream, but it comes off of the following, the prior. And the prior scenario, even though I say that I woke up, I didn’t, I just woke up in a different level inside myself.

The prior scenario I go somewhere within that is so intense and austere that my focus inside of myself has gotten transfixed into a condition of sober seriousness. As I go through the sober seriousness, suddenly something snaps out of it, or I wake up or something, and I find myself in my sleep describing it as having been taken into five levels that go into a steadily deeper and deeper stupor.

I then added: and this was just the beginning. My sense was it got better, but I had no way of proving that so I stated this like this in kind of a melodramatic way. It seems that in describing this condition I realized I relieved myself of the sober intensity and the weight lifted.

I awoke from the zone and went into the prior dream. Now I never really woke up, in other words. I was still dreaming this whole time, and then this prior dream, the one I just told, started coming through that was so wild that I had to report both of them. All of this experience was part of the effect I experienced. I never actually woke up to describe this to others. I simply dreamed that I did this as the intensity lifted and, as I communicated this, the burden lifted.

Significance: what these two dreams have in common is that once the attention is gotten the intensity is relieved. The last dream indicates that the net effect result is a process that lends to doing something for our friends and family until the underlying problem is dealt with by the father.

In each dream I am like a reporter who is able to denote the issue energetically, but I am not able to do anything more. Somehow the denoting of this is important. I am not able to take the seeing state into an answer, however, on that level. I am like an elder child in that regard.

My mother can ameliorate the situation, so we get by. That is a big help. The trauma I sense subsides. My father can now deal with it in his own time now that we have figured out how to cope in the interim.

But when I take and I look at that in relationship to your dream, you could see that it has kind of a different sense about it. It has kind of a seeing sense that’s involved there. There’s no action. I’m kind of frozen. I mean, I don’t move from where I’m sitting when all of these rugs get piled up, and they get piled up so fast I’m actually surprised.

And, had I thought about it, I suppose I’d feel guilty that I didn’t help. How did my mother get all of these big heavy rugs all in the place where it was dripping? And then how come they’re not soaked up? And how come it doesn’t seem to be caving in anymore, or about to cave in, or whatever? How come that seems to have gotten us by in the interim?

In other words, it’s kind of like a seeing kind of reporting. And the feminine is portrayed as doing something in a cause and effect way. In other words, when something is stirred up the feminine comes into action, so the question that remains is, where’s the father in all of this?

Which is another octave of the masculine, right? Somehow the response has to come from somewhere like that. I mean, you’re exposing something about the masculine that is haywire as if it helps it get its attention. I’m reporting the problem so that something in terms of a care-taking can happen on the interim level, in the so-called outer, but all of it has to do with something haywire in terms of the scenario.

The one thing that’s checked out in your dream, or not there in mine, is the father, is the masculine in that sense. Isn’t that interesting? Golly knows what that all means. It’s sure stirring up a lot of goofy stuff.

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