Apart and Together

imgresWe have spoken before about the concept that all the characters in our dreams are aspects of us – young and old, male and female, friend or foe. Here is a great example of that, as John shows how the people in Jeane’s dream are different sides of her inner self. By splitting them into specific attributes, it can be seen more clearly where help is, and where resistance is. And it also allows our different parts to communicate with one another in a way that is most conducive to everyone getting the message. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it feels like I’m someplace where there’s a series of islands connected by water and it feels like I’m traveling from one to the other, or to some of the other islands, to hide certain people or something. The way I travel and not get caught is that there are these little discs that almost have a little jet energy that comes out of them somewhere, and it’s like if I stand in the energy field of them they can take me very fast from one place to the other.

I just seem to be taking people that are hiding a bit from the authorities. And there’s someone that’s helping me, that’s never very clear to me exactly what form he has, and at one point I want to come back and I’m still trying to stay out of the circle of the authorities who seem to be portrayed in black, although I don’t see them as negative, it’s almost like they’re just the authorities.

And I want to connect with you, but the problem I have is that you’re more connected with the police or the authorities than you are with what I’m doing, and the only reason I can figure that out is that the person who’s helping me comes from a tradition that not only has a background in our tradition but, like me, also has some background in A Course in Miracles.

So that’s the only distinction I can really seem to make and, because of that, it feels like that when I transport these people and kind of hide them around the islands a little bit, that again I’m doing it in a way where I have to stay kind of hidden.

John: You’re jambling all the parts.

You have the part that needs to stay hidden, you have the part that has to connect with a particular kind of energy that you feel is important for whatever your needs are, you have the part of you that is being helped by something that seems to have a deeper agenda of its own, and then you have this whole thing in a scenario in which all of these parts are at play – but not necessarily do they yet work cohesively together, but they are all at play.

And, as a consequence, this creates a sense of traveling. If they were all in a fullness, or naturalness, in your nature, you wouldn’t have the sense of traveling. You create the sense of traveling because there’s the part that you’re having to help, that is helping you in other words, that you don’t necessarily know what that is but you accept that help.

There’s a part of you that’s looking for me, that’s traveling trying to find me, and then there’s the part of yourself that has to remain hidden in order to help something further – so that it can get transported along.

So, you take these various parts and the part that needs to remain hidden so that something can be further transported along, so that it can find a safety, so that it can evolve as it needs to evolve.

The higher octave of that, in terms of a greater completeness of your being, is the idea of being able to love without leaving traces. In other words, if what you did was right out in the open then, because everything is at its depth just energetic, then it would have an element or a substance or it would have a type of identification that would undermine its ability to free flow in a way that enhances this part that needs to awaken.

And it awakens best by the fact that it can take in something that kind of comes through a blindside of its nature, or a backdoor or something, that wouldn’t be possible if you pushed it in the person’s face, or in your own face, in the same way everything else is pushed in your face -having to ponder it in an up and down fashion of some sort, because that kind of approach would have you formulating decisions that are based upon perceptions, instead of decisions that are based upon an inner knowingness that you’re catching up with.

In a sense some of that is also true in terms of the fact that you’re being helped, that you yourself are being helped, that you’re part of a connective lineage and connective flow, that you know that about the way life is. And that this has something to do with how it is that you’re able to be able to, as we call it, love without leaving traces, something about that is helping you, like it’s a lineage, or a force, or an energetic that you have some sort of indirect understanding or relationship with.

Simultaneously, the connection to something where you’re trying to find or catch up with me, each of these things create this quality of traveling. That higher octave is representing the basis, or the means, by which a certain insight is able to open up in relationship to how it is that you’re meant to be.

So it’s a kind of unusual dream in that you have taken and scattered yourself, in a few ways, in order to pull it together.

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