Comfortably Numb

-intuition-helga-sigurdardottirIn this follow-up dream to yesterday’s post, Apart and Together, Jeane receives further guidance on how to bring the different inner parts of herself, which she has separated out, back together. In fact, this second dream actually shows her an example of what is preventing her, through the scenario of not listening to her intuition, or inner guidance. And we all are guilty of this: we don’t trust our intuition because it seems “mysterious.” Yet it works much faster than our brains do, and it takes into account signals and energies that we haven’t begun to sort out. Yet it does so in an instant and offers us guidance. It’s a type of knowing we should reward and be conscious of, not dismiss. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the next dream I’ve traveled to New York, and I’m going to be staying there maybe for about a year, and I don’t have a place to stay yet and it can be hard finding a place in New York.

And I seem to have stopped at the house of these people, I’ve gone into their living room and apparently they’re going to have a room to rent. And I get this sense of the family and I just really like their energy. So then I ask to see the room but they haven’t quite finished the room and they want me to rent it without having seen it. And I feel like I can’t do that.

I walk out the door and I see these other people coming running with the paper in their hand to rent the room, and what they’ve done is they’ve gone down to the basement area, or the bottom level of the house, and they’re peeking in a window that has plastic or something covering up the windows because the room’s being finished.

And they’re going over to peek in, but I decide not to do that because I feel like I know myself well enough to know that if I’m going to live in a room I need to see it. And I also realize that I’m not sure yet where this place is in relationship to what I’ll be doing in the city, because that’s unclear yet.

So I travel on to where I’m staying in the city and I pick up a newspaper and I start looking for where they’re doing rentals, and then I realize there are so many different sections of New York that I used to know exactly where to go to rent in New York, but something has changed on the dream level in that sense, so those places seem to not be where I go anymore.

And so I’ve kind of gotten the newspaper and I’ve mapped out some areas where I would go look, but it’s like I don’t have my glasses on and it’s not really clear yet so I just notice them generally.

Then I put down the newspaper. I walk over to a different area of the house where I’m staying and I realize there is someone I could even room with, but I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do right now, either, so I just kind of let go of it.

And I turn around and then I go over and I see some kids have come in and are playing, and they’ve come back from swimming, so I walk over to them and one of them has set down some goggles and nose plugs and stuff that I’ve just ordered that they use on their swim team or whatever.

So I go over to ask them: I said, “I’ve ordered those, but how do they work for you?”, because I want to hear how they work. They seem to work fine, so that’s when I wake up.

John: Well, we’ll have to see if I can figure out the last part, but the first part has to do with you in response or in answer to how to pull those other parts of yourself together.

It’s like there is a missing piece that keeps those from coming together. And the missing piece has to do with a pattern, and the pattern is that you have to look before you can do anything. In other words, if you’d have followed your instinct you could have gotten the room. Some part of you just knows whether that makes sense or not. Somehow you can detect this energetically, but if you have to look you weaken yourself.

And the propensity of thinking that one has to look because that’s common sense, and that’s what everybody does, and this is how the world works, and this is how you’ve gotten adjusted and adapted to having to function in a world that’s like that – where everyone takes a look at things before they make decisions. You have numbed yourself.

That process may seem like it gives you a certain degree of balance or something, or seems to relieve an edge or something, but what it does is it holds you back. You have a part of yourself that can just naturally access, that can just naturally know.

Now, that’s interesting because that part of you that can just naturally know, you don’t describe it as something in your bones, you describe it as it lies within the hiddenness – because it doesn’t involve anything to wake it up. It’s something that you can access in this way without any information.

So where the dichotomy exists is there is a knowingness, there is an attention which is important for you to catch up with, but in the malaise of all things that are presented for you to look at, you have yet to figure out precisely what not to look at, and what you have to look at.

In other words, you’re still covering too big of a gamut, and when you cover too big of a gamut you’re keeping yourself checked out and weakened. So that the elements and aspects in the first dream don’t get properly pulled together, in terms of a greater wholeness that you are able to carry.

Now, what was the last part of your dream? I haven’t figured how that fits.

Jeane: Well, in the last part I’ve gone over to some little girls who’ve come back from swim team and they’ve laid some goggles and nose clips and stuff on the ground, and so I’m asking them how they work for them because I’m getting some for my swimming and I want to know how they work.

John: This seems to be a kind of inquiry, or a hint at a type of inquiry, that is something that is important to do. So it’s a contrast sense, is what it is. You’re contrasting vibrationally what it feels like to be able to get an answer in this way to something that is important, that serves a need that is essential in some capacity with how you are.

And you’re meant to be able to feel that vibration versus the vibration that has to do with being able to make a decision, or a determination, or to be able to act in a way without having to rely upon lesser-self characteristics and creature-comfort habituations, or something like that. Or, in other words, having to look.

So, you have the two opposing energies. What the other felt like in terms of looking and then not looking, and what this feels like in terms of getting the information you need in order to make and do something in an informed way – and how that feels as it is necessary and as it’s important.

In other words, you revealed these various parts of yourself that create the whole sense of travel and motion and action, and such, that can come together in a deep quietness that can shift you into a natural knowingness.

But in order for this to occur, the second dream lays out the conundrum or the predicament that you are subjecting yourself to, that you feel that you have to do, that is kind of a reverb quality in your nature thinking you have to do this. And what this does is this holds you back from your hiddenness, holds you back from being able to properly identify where that is important in terms of actual need, rather than perceptions that involve a lot of unnecessary doingness. Complicated dreaming.

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