Out of Touch

wellness-chakrabalance1We have all felt the pressure of time in a dream, and in Jeane’s imagery she finds herself involved in making changes, but the timings aren’t working. This throws her further off balance as the dream progresses. She is trying to make an inner connection that isn’t quite coming through. But this isn’t only important for the dream, that missed connection can have an effect in missed timings or an imbalance in waking life as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I really felt like I struggled in my dream last night, and a lot of it came out more as impressions.

It’s like I’ve been involved in some change. I was involved in something that helped change maybe a young man or two. And I’m feeling pressure from my friend and from other people maybe to make the person or people change back.

I actually know that there’s some shift that needs to be made, but I don’t identify it as a shift that other people want to see made. I just know that there is some shift that needs to be made.

I know it has something to do with timing. It feels like I’m continually trying to listen or see what that’s about, and then it’s like there’s some deadline that comes up and I feel pressured. When I feel pressure I go into this bathroom, and it feels like I go to the bathroom in the bidet instead of the toilet.

When I look in the bidet I see something that has newsprint and something else. There are about three things in there, and it seems to flush just like the toilet does. And in having looked at that and going out, and it feels like the person where I was focusing the change has shown up in maybe a suit and a top hat, and I’m looking at all of this and I’m still feeling like the timing and the change hasn’t quite occurred right.

It’s just like it’s occurred within what was available as far as a window of time, but I still am not satisfied at all with what’s going on.

John: That’s a good dream that’s portraying what it is that’s keeping you agitated and frustrated.

What the dream is doing is it’s showing that there is a part of you that’s caught. In other words, you’re not quite bringing, or shaking out, or something, that is moving around inside of you – at a depth inside – something that’s ancient and has a quality to it that, if it comes through, if you were to catch up with it would be a manner in which you live.

Because it hasn’t come through, and you haven’t caught up with it, the uneasiness that exists, because it resonates in some fashion with you, causes you to pick and poke and have an awkwardness in terms of where you’re at.

In other words, you walk around in a present time, so to speak, that isn’t actually in connection with the time of your deeper meaningfulness of who you are, and the uneasiness you feel about that, which can come off as a type of insecurity or something, but it has nothing to do really with that, it has more to do with the fact that you have this natural state of being of which there is a way of seeing yourself in something that carries this old rooted way of being, that is natural, that is the depth of a place that you haven’t quite shaken through.

And because it sits there in the background somehow, inside of yourself, it’s as if what does leak through and is coming through is causing you to be hypertensive and reactive about things. And that hyperactivity or the reaction, the mannerisms that you kick out, are because you’re not quite catching up with and grasping what it is that is trying to come through.

So then the dream kind of repeats by showing how when one is disconcerted from a part of themselves that is meant to come through and be lived, and be part of one’s self where you have the timing and the sequence of everything in flow, the dream then jokes in terms of in a general motif this causes in the outer, if you were able to see it, causes the pattern to reflect by the fact that instead of recognizing a toilet for a toilet you have the bidet that you’re using out of a type of amnesia.

And in the bidet there is something there that hearkens to something else, you’re not in the state of mind to have the foggiest idea what that is, and yet that’s another little tease of this something more that’s sitting there to awaken. Isn’t that interesting?

You have to hear what you have to hear, and you’re getting infinitesimal glimpses, but you’re not getting the full memo. It just crazes you when it’s like that because you’re not meant to live like that. You’re meant to pull it together.

The dreaming last night had to do with being able to come to grips with, and own, a depth of one’s self that, for various reasons, is slightly out of touch, or ungrounded, and the dreams are attempting to point out reasons for that.

So we just described your dream in terms of its reasons, and the reason, when described in terms of a feminine imbalance, has to do with just somehow or another being at the spot or the place that is appropriate or right for how one is in which everything then just opens up accordingly.

To describe that in terms of the masculine involves having to get into nuances and details and idiosyncrasies and agitations, and the masculine quality of it has that as its conundrum that makes what is possible seem out of touch and out of reach.

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