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cdr-fa1201To spiritually develop, there’s a struggle that will be with us for as long as we live, and that’s our efforts to let go of our personal reactivities and be in the energetic flow of the universe. It may become more and more subtle with time, but we will never completely be free of it. So it is a great service of our dream life to tell us during our unconcious hours where we are struggling during our waking hours. It can help speed up the process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my first dream from last night, it feels like I’m at a party and I don’t think there are a lot of people there yet. And I’ve gone over to where there’s like a disc jockey sorting through CDs that he’s going to play.

It’s kind of like they’re sitting in a box on the floor and I go over and, lo and behold, the disc jockey is Willie Nelson. And he kind of looks at me and it’s like he’s willing to give me a CD of his and I can’t think of the name of his CD right away, so he hands me a new CD that I didn’t know that he had out.

And while I like that I also like something about his old music, and then I remember the name of one of his really old discs, which was one of his first theme songs, maybe it’s the Red Headed Stranger or something, which is almost like a western. Or the whole album was one of the first albums that he did that just had a theme to it, so he’s looking through that to give me his second CD.

That is all I really remember from that first dream.

John: That was one of the issues last night is that there seems to be a way that one has to exist, or carry themselves, in the world in which if you’re fighting something, or you’re reacting to something, and you’re closing off an access to some part of yourself, it becomes like you’re in a place in which nothing is able to be noted as going on.

However, you’re coming out of this in this dream image, in other words starting to recognize and see again that there is more going on. And you realize this by allowing yourself to be receptive and open up to the surroundings on an energetic level.

In other words, what this is really looking at is, it’s looking at this characteristic where one repeats this pattern over and over again where they do something that cuts themselves off from a sense of access. And when it comes to the feminine, it’s the feminine’s ability to simply be perceiving things going on around in its environment in a general overall context way. It just sits there in the midst of it all.

And in the case of the masculine it involves being able to pull down the flow, or energetic dynamic, from somewhere else into life that when there’s a distango of the masculine in relationship to the feminine then the flow of the information coming through tends to be affected as well.

And when there’s an imbalance in terms of the feminine, in terms of how she is able to relate to the masculine effect in life because it’s a revolt or reaction against it, then everything tends to go blasé. Nothing much seems to happen.

In other words, it’s like you break a link to a flow and therefore things become stagnant or stale. What you’re dreaming is the sensation of something picking back up again, and you’re dreaming it in a way so that you can recognize and take note of what the difference between a state of being in a sequential, unfolding flow is like, versus being in a state in which you have, through some manner of reaction, shut yourself off from the connectivity.

Jeane: In the next dream I’m young and it’s like I’m going to be forced to go to some kind of like a, it’s almost like they have wilderness camps for adolescents, that they feel are rehabilitative. So I’m being forced to go to something like that except it seems to start out on the water, like on a log walkway on the water, and they’re rounding those of us up that are going to have to go through this whole process.

None of us of course are that happy. We’re not happy campers about all of this. But it’s like I’m walking along, I know that what’s going to be involved in terms of the tasks they will put to us on this initial log walkway on the lake, or wherever we are.

And then there’s a guy and his buddy that come along and it’s like we really didn’t even quite have an idea they’re being recruited for boot camp here, so they’re into all this resistance. And so I’m kind of observing that and half amused by it.

That’s all I remember from the middle dream.

John: So that’s like a dream where you’re placed into a situation in which there’s something unfolding, and you know that it’s unfolding, but it doesn’t click, or it doesn’t sequence, it doesn’t come together, it doesn’t reflect quite right because there’s a mannerism or something that is off.

What’s interesting is, even if there’s a mannerism that’s off, or if it’s not quite reflecting right, there is still something going on by which you can sort something out, or come to grips with something, or come to know, or realize, or recognize. And that’s what you’re doing in the dream.

You’re back into allowing a flow to occur and, as you allow a flow to occur, you have a reactive side inside of yourself that is still predominant over the situation – but at least hasn’t shut it off.

And so you’re able to formulate a recognition or perspective in relationship to what is taking place, in terms of whether it’s right or not right. In the middle dream here, you’re not really changing it because you’re still carrying something – but at least you’re allowing the flow to occur.

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