A Moment of Reprieve

54nosIn Jeane’s final dream (see Back to the Flow) she is attacked by Dracula and his zombie-like followers. Which is good news in the dream world, because we can see that she doesn’t run from her attackers, instead she stands her ground and, with the help of the masculine, defends herself from her attackers. As John notes, even when we make the connections that get us into the flow of life, we will always be confronted with the dead (zombie) aspects that try to throw us off on a personal tangent – disconnected from the flow. Fortunately, our defenses become stronger and stronger. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, it’s like I’ve gone to this cabin with a young woman friend of mine, and I’m setting the cabin up to use magic. And there’s even a device that you plug into the wall – it’s kind of very thin and has a certain pattern to it that will magnify the energy of magic – but, as we’re setting up and stuff, that young man that was in the other dream and some of his buddies come in the cabin.

They’re really up to no good. I feel like they even are going to assault us or something. On the other hand, they have a couple of disadvantages, one of which is they don’t know that we can do magic – and I don’t want them to stumble and do things that actually magnify that. But also I don’t seem to really see them as bad guys, but I do feel like I have to handle the situation.

Well, in the process of that, of course, this is kind of this dancing around the room and kind of shifting things, myself with the other woman or even this thing that magnifies the magic such that as you keep this dance going and things it’s like they don’t quite get on with any intent that they had that wasn’t good. But then the problem that emerges is I suddenly see down to this next level and the really bad guys have arrived.

And the really head bad guy looks kind of like Dracula but with an orange cape, and he’s bent over actually the body of a woman I think is dressed in red. And then lined up to come into the place are a whole bunch of minions of his, that just are kind of like soulless, I mean they’re zombie-like.

Now I have to get really focused because these guys have to be stopped. But when I try to first stop him and he starts coming up the wall, because he’s on a level below, at me it’s like I’m able to use my hand to direct some kind of energy that knocks him down at first, but then he gets back up. And I realize in order to really stop him I have to use magic that the young man has but he doesn’t know he has.

I have to put my hand over his and then when we direct the energy we kind of really vaporize the Dracula. And then I do something that cuts off the head of the first person on the line, of that kind of soulless line, because that will make them all go away.

So it accomplishes the goal, but then it wakes the person that had come in to magic they didn’t know they had – but that was just how it had to be done.

John: In the final image you have caught up with things so that, based upon what is flowing around you, have an insight or perspective in terms of the whole. And, as a consequence, you’re not now affected or noodled by distractions that compromise this kind of sense of body clarity.

In other words, you’ve gotten the input, or connected to the input, of what is coming into life from the masculine perspective. You have the physical embodiment of yourself in a state of balance again. And so, when it’s like that, you carry a power about yourself that lends itself to being able to do magic or, in other words, to change, or shape, or direct something in terms of how it unfolds – to know that that is the best way of proceeding, or the best way something should be.

However, there’s still going to be things that act up around you, or that cause agitation, or counterbalance that quality of a flow. But they counterbalance it only because there are certain focused clarity ideas that are awry, that don’t necessarily comport or fit with the designed flow.

And that is an image that shows the degree to which you are still reactive towards things in terms of the masculine that you have to deal with in some fashion, only this time it is showing you that you are able to just contend with that in terms of how it is, and it’s not going to affect the way that you have pulled yourself together in an overall context.

In other words, what you’ve done is you’ve gone from initial set of dreaming in which you have cut yourself off and therefore can’t find what is taking place as far as a flow goes, and seem to be left in kind of an emptiness or vacuum in which not much is going on. And that is not in character with how you’re meant to be.

Then you proceed into kind of a middle zone in which what is going on is affected by the input of things coming in that create a counterbalance that kind of mixes things up to such a degree that it’s hard to maintain a sense of knowingness through this because, even though it awakens a flow to some degree, it will also, with the inflection of what is awoken, there is a vibratory imbalance that is fairly disconcerting that can get in the way and obliterate the overall flow understanding that you’re meant to be able to naturally maintain.

In the third dream, you get a moment of reprieve where you recognize the input as it’s coming in and enough of it comes in that coincides with a connection that you have in terms of yourself so that you immediately know what can take place, and what can be done, and how to do it, in terms of rearranging, or adjusting, or shaping something in the outer.

And to do that is deemed magic because you are working with characteristics in the outer that, in one way of looking at it, when you’re disconcerted from it, is veils of illusion, but when you are in touch with the flow coming through and inside of you from somewhere else, those so-called outer images or reflections can be utilized or played with accordingly because you are able to comport everything to that inner flow.

Also in that image, however, is even though you got back on track and you have this whole sense that you’re able to sustain and maintain, that there is always going to be something, in the outer, that tends to compromise, question, or challenge this way of being, in terms of yourself.

But you have awakened and embodied enough of the flow connection of the clarity and the subjective spatial overallness of yourself that that sort of thing kind of bounces around, but doesn’t divert you off of the prime objective of how you are able to live and carry yourself.

See how that was? That’s quite a dream.

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