Limiting the Condition

David Linn 4In John’s meditation dream, he’s given another view, or two views actually, on what happens when we are disconnected from the flow of life. And we disconnect when we become reactive to, or focused on, the external conditions we are in. That cuts us off from our ability to respond from an inner place. And really, everything we do should be a response to the present energetic moment because, even though day to day things may appear very similar, the truth is that energies are constantly changing and what is possible in one moment becomes unlikely or impossible the next. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with characteristics, that weren’t clearly defined, of how something gets off, or can be off, in terms of how it effectuates itself.

This has been kind of sitting there in the background because there’s always a clear knowing that can come through. There’s always a more direct and louder scene that can just naturally be there and with that, then, what unfolds around you just tends to make sense. You just tend to be in sync with that, and there seems to be a synchronicity or whatever when it’s like that. And I guess there’s just no way of explaining rationally why it’s like that, it just is like that.

And so in the meditation dream, I’m having to address, or learn to appreciate, a result that isn’t anticipated. In other words, the masculine can get so set in kind of a focus and intention that it tends to shut down something, or is indulged in something, in such a way that it constricts a flow. And if you can move away from that you have a result that leads to an influence effect upon one’s intention that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

So what works out is kind of like a windfall, but it comes with a price. In other words, whenever you have these deviations or mannerisms in your nature, and if there is an intended unfoldment that is there and you’re not totally connected to it, it can have these flickered flash effect in which you have to contend with a condition that leads to an influence which defines itself in terms of how you’re able to see yourself and see others.

So essentially what I’m doing is I’m struggling with pulling the clarity in and that, as a consequence of an imbalance in the outer, the clarity that I’m pulling in can also tend then to be linear, or off to one side, as opposed to able to take in a bigger picture of an overallness that it is meant to serve.

So this is what I’m struggling with, and this is like a sense of the masculine on a bit of an imbalanced nature.

So in the meditation dream I see myself as catering to a net overall effect as if I am beholden in some way. The result is not a healthy image with regard to that part of myself that would have been reflecting a demeanor corresponding to limited outer conditions. It’s not a healthy image because I am responding, or I am taking on a mannerism or demeanor that corresponds to what I’ve come to realize are limited outer conditions.

In other words, even though I know somewhere that there is a bigger picture that is unfolding that is out of my grasp. And so, as a kind of understanding of what’s going on here, I’m actually kind of shown two outcomes within.

In other words, there’s the outcome of my being confined or constricted and therefore not having a broad enough grasp of the overall state of things in the outer. And then there’s something that has created strict delineations. So, I’m shown two outcomes within and, in so doing, I’m noticing how I am inclined to carry myself in each instance. I am able to see that I have a particular mannerism that would come over me when the net effect is one way, versus how it is that I would be responding, or able to see, or feel, or carry myself if there’s an entirely different external attention, or sense of the external.

So this dream is proving that I am kind of a victim of my own environment, and if you go around in a dense or shut off way that’s definitely the case – the slight difference is that you can have a flow in the environment and not be embarrassed as a result that you were just merely hearkening to triteness, or reactivities of things, and having that as an effect upon your soul nature.

Because such an appearance, if that is the situation, you get left like in the meditation dream as having to see and feel what it is like to be out of touch with an imperative type of heartfulness that sweeps over everything and, thus, is free of outer delusion conditions. Otherwise what you hold, or bring down, or see inside of yourself has a set way that is tangentially not necessarily as grounded as it can be.

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